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Sarah Gregory Gets a Spanking for Stealing and Lots of Girls Red Bottoms

Well Dear Reader the weekend is here and Your humble Narrator has a busy weekend ahead.  You see Dear Reader, aside from a ridiculously large television and surround sound that will shatter windows if turned up too high.  I have purchased the final two items that every domesticated male with a home absolutely must have.  A lawn mower and a grill.  While they are presently sitting idle in their large cardboard boxes they whisper softly to your Humble Narrator to please come assemble them so they can get busy finely manicuring my overgrown grass and burning dead animals with flame!  I may not get any spanking in this weekend and my significant others beautiful bottom is indeed in need of it.

But alas Dear Reader work indeed comes before play.  So my exuberance over my new toys must indeed wait for it is time to finish up the Spanking Updates of the Week!

I find that as the years go by I tend to obsess about the green carpet that surrounds my house and shout at the youngins that dare tread on my lawn.  The more I think about it the more Yours Truly believes that it is a perfect excuse to spank a few young ladies.  Unfortunately non have wandered onto my beloved lawn.  But indeed the girl that we begin with today, our lovely Sarah Gregory will always be invited to feel the green delight beneath her feet.  But on Clare Fonda’s My Spanking Roommate we have yet another issue at hand.  It seems that our little Sarah has gotten into some trouble with a rather stern police officer named Miss Chris.  Attempting to steal the evidence located strangely in her hotel room she is caught but the copper only to be given a long hard Spanking that I am sure makes her wish she never attempted her folly.
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I am delighted to hear that my friend Dallas does not consider any over the knee spanking complete without the use of my beloved namesake.  I am further delighted by her own admission that Crash really really hates getting a hairbrush spanking on her already very red bare bottom.  Getting Spanked for some unnamed “personal” issues which she feels she indeed deserves such a hard punishment hopefully will keep this gorgeous redhead on the straight and narrow.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.
crash_burn3_01 crash_burn3_02 crash_burn3_06 crash_burn3_08 crash_burn3_10 crash_burn3_12

I had a friend of mine once who’s mother used to keep a big wooden paddle hanging on the wall to remind her what exactly would happen to her if she misbehaved.  Now I never saw it in use but I know she and her sisters hated the thing with a passion.  One day one of them got the bright idea to destroy the thing of their loathing.  Thus they stole it one day, smashed it into little itty bitty bits and set the remains on fire.  If one watches NCIS or other like show you will know this act of violence was indeed personal.  But unfortunately what they failed to realize is that there are many other things that one can use to spank a girls bottom.  Which of course she learned when her mother found out what she and her sisters had done.  I assure you that this was considerably worse than a couple of swats with the paddle.  Well it seems that the leggy Adrienne Black seems to have fallen into the same trap.  Hiding Earl Grey’s implements of bare butt destruction she soon finds out she can be spanked quite effectively with any household item.  Like an old sneaker!  From Firm Hand Spanking
college_bf001 college_bf004 college_bf008 college_bf013 college_bf023 college_bf024

Not to be out done my Miss Chris the oracle of spanking,  the one and only Richard Windsor finally pulls our quintessential girl next door’s panties down to smack her beautiful bare bottom.  As you might remember from last week Sarah Gregory raided the in room refrigerator.  I do hope the $9 bottled water that got charged to Mr Windsor’s credit card was worth it.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
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What indeed should one do with an incorrigible girl who refuses to do as she is told.  Well as shown in Lupus Spanking’s adaptation of My Fair Lady you put the strap to the misbehaving girl!  After a couple of sessions with that and her bare ass she will indeed behave for your more gentile guests.
vlcsnap-2011-05-06-11h32m30s74 vlcsnap-2011-05-06-11h32m55s68 vlcsnap-2011-05-06-11h33m11s237 vlcsnap-2011-05-06-11h33m20s60 vlcsnap-2011-05-06-11h35m03s60 vlcsnap-2011-05-06-11h36m03s162

Imagine if you will Dear Reader the trepidation a girl would feel sitting just outside the door listening to the loud whacks of a paddle being applied to her friends bottom knowing that she would indeed be next.  This of course is the predicament that Frankie and Lila Night have this week on Real Spanking.  Sitting there with butterflies in their stomach listening as the other one gets punished is indeed cruel and unusual (and probably very effective).  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Finally for this week we have the classic spanking site from our lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer aptly named Good Spanking Classics.  With Nikki Darlin and Virginia Lewis spanking each others bare bottoms.
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