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Sex, Violence and Spanking

So in my absence one of the things that got my liberal commie brethren and like politicians is that some brilliant and perhaps the best real life troll the world has ever seen has come up with a 3D printable gun.  This of course have got my fellow liberals panties in a bunch and quite predictably they are demanding a ban on them because much like our Conservative Crazies obsession with the war on everything they love and worship.  We liberals are intent on banning dangerous things and anything that might be offensive to someone somewhere. 

But this,  this was an outrage!  Clearly something must be done about a person printing out a perfectly legal weapon protected by our second amendment!  Of course my liberal brothers and sisters not being the brightest in the lot are ignorant of the fact that any hillbilly halfwit can (and probably knows) how to craft a perfectly good shotgun out of $5 of piping and a nail.  But this was more dangerous because…..  Well just because!  These things should not be allowed!

Of course our Government,  being either Liberal or Conservative just really doesn’t get the whole internet thing.  The Department of Defense took time out from blowing up terrorists with drones to counter this threat by sending a strongly worded letter to our favorite super troll claiming ownership of the CAD files citing dubious rules about export of weapons. Ironic since the design was essentially based upon the “liberator” design which during WWII was designed to be dropped over foreign countries so people could shoot Nazi’s with one shot pistols. 

Of course that wasn’t before every cyber anarchist started seeding it on torrent files making it rather a rather convenient one stop shop for all your pirated porn needs and of course weapons giving a new meaning to sex and violence. 

Which of course brings me to the bastion of Sex and Violence,  The Spanking Updates of Last Week.  Which if you think about it,  no on really has sex and only to my other liberal brethren is spanking considered violence. 

Now my friend Dallas is a no nonsense guy.  He likes fluffy dogs,  dolls and of course spanking.  Thus it is not all surprising he usually forgoes the customary warm up spanking over clothes and starts off spanking girls bare bottoms.  But on occasion,  (rare one of course) I wish he wasn’t so eager to bare their bottoms,  particularly when you have Amy Aveline in a skin tight racing outfit that all women should be made to wear when caressing fast cars and perhaps facing a spanking.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.
amy_09 amy_23 amy_26 amy_29 amy_32 amy_34

You know Dear Reader,  I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for Badminton.    Its one of those games that even grey haireds can play without breaking a hip and occupying enough time to keep them off the roads while driving in the left lane, 10 miles below the speed limit with their blinker on, looking only for a farmers market to mistake for a parking spot and plowing into a dozen people.  Yes old people are indeed a menace.  But I never really thought about it in the sense of an excuse for spanking naughty girls.  Oddly it is quite refreshing despite the lack of a dose of bare bottom spanking.  From Real Life Spanking.
ep1_1 ep1_7 episode1_7 episode1_14 episode1_16 episode1_19

Minnesota is the latest state to recognize gay marriage this week proving that you can be freezing cold and gay in the same state without fire and brimstone falling upon you (mainly because its so cold).  Now if they would only legalize spanking of ones wayward girls like in the mythical home country of Karl,  our manliest spanker.  From Spanking Server
vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h20m38s29 vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h21m46s209 vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h22m22s54 vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h22m57s141 vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h23m46s130 vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h24m21s217

There is nothing worse than hiring a smoking hot model to spank you who turns out not very good at spanking hence needing one herself.  This is of course known as First World Sarah Gregory Problems.  I have an idea to combat such irritating things in life.  Hire Your Humble Narrator for nothing and I will come up there and spank you both!  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0117_incompetent_model_gal1-006 0117_incompetent_model_gal1-011 0117_incompetent_model_gal1-021 0117_incompetent_model_gal2-003 0117_incompetent_model_gal2-007 0117_incompetent_model_gal2-013

You know Dear Reader,  I almost feel sorry for little Kiki.  I mean the girl is just so tiny.  I might hesitate to bend her over and apply a hard wooden paddle to such a tiny and delicate bottom when simply putting her over your knee and apply a hard hand would probably do the trick.  Then again I am not Mr M at Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass


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  • Franklin

    Did Dallas retire? Big fan of his, but all updates seem to be old material. Hope he comes back.

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