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Shameful Spankings and Pandora Gets the Wooden Spoon

Bioethics experts this week claimed that shaming fat people will eventually get them to lose weight.  Which of course I thought was the whole purpose of making fun of the fat kid at lunch.  Obviously we have come full circle Dear Reader. 

But perhaps my liberal brethren should indeed take another look at shame.  Now given as they have demonstrated most of our conservative crazies and business leaders lack any form of it.  But shame until recently has been used or eons to get people to behave without having to kill them. 

Let us take welfare that our conservative crazies like to scream about.  Now being the liberal commie bastard I am,  I believe that everyone,  and I mean everyone should be afforded a roof over their heads,  medical care, food to eat, and opportunity to better themselves.  That to me as the horrible atheist that is going to hell is a basic human right, even if I have to pay more taxes. 

However,  what it should be is shameful to live on the public dole.  You see one of the things that absolutely annoyed me while living in my beloved city is the fact that most stores readily had a EBIT machine yet somehow refused to take debit or credit cards.  If you are taking money NOT from the government but from you and I,  you should be ashamed and do everything you can to get off of it. You should have to stand in a special line to use food stamps.  Your children should be made fun of at school.  In fact not a dime should be spent without a more responsible person (aka someone not on welfare) saying that you can.  People have hard times Dear Reader,  me included.  But until you make it unpleasant you will always have an element of the population that refuses to work.  Make it unpleasant enough and guess what!!! they will work!  You can do it without throwing people on the street and starving their children like our conservative crazies seem to want. 

The same concept of course goes with spanking.  What many of the anti-spankers among us don’t realize is the punishment is not about the pain (though it does help) but the same of being spanked in the first place!  But my liberal brethren like to point out that it might “stigmatize” the poor which is indeed the whole purpose in the first place!  After all how many of our titans of government and business came from nothing.  Quite a few,  why?  Being poor sucks when people taunt you constantly.  As does getting spanked like our girls on the Spanking Updates of the Week. 

We begin today with one of my favorite spankee’s who apparently knows no shame.  You see Kami Robertson instead of calling Your Humble Narrator keeps finding things for her landlord to be fixed.  Annoying,  yes I know,  but perhaps an opportunity.  Fortunately for us her landlord is a no nonsense individual that does not indeed enjoy having his time wasted since it could be better used to continue to dye his hair purple.  Thus as a deterrent he decides to use the paddle on her perfect bottom,  however the look on her face is not pain but pleasure.  From Northern Spanking.
NSI069-KB042 NSI069-KB052 NSI069-KB092 NSI069-KB103 NSI069-KB126 NSI069-KB129 

When I was young,  My Dear Friend’s father ran a bakery in the South Bronx.  Now as many of you might remember that area was feared back in the 70’s and looked much like parts of Detroit does now,  or Afghanistan.  I asked him about this once and he told me one of the most intelligent things I have ever heard.  He said if you want to make money,  don’t open a business in a rich area but a poor area.  When my lesser intellect queried him why,  he responded by asking how they got poor in the first place.  They simply were never taught to manage money!  As I looked around my simplistic view of the world at the time.  I realized he was right.  Thus education for the less fortunate should be first and foremost.  Nothing teaches even the most uninterested student than making them spank each other like Layden Sinn and Alyssa Branch are doing now.  From Girl Spanks Girl or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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You know in the far future where like Gene Rodenberry imagined where humankind has done away with money, disease, blight and war.  You would think they would have a more effective means of disciplining their hot little ensigns upon their starships then spanking them.  Then again if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.  From Spanked In Uniform
ep4_11 ep4_12 ep4_14 ep4_15 ep4_18 ep4_21 

You know Dear Reader,  If I wasn’t known as Brushstrokes after my favorite implement I would probably have chose Spooner after my second favorite implement.  Nothing in my opinion delivers a spine numbing sting and crescent bruise than a spanking with a well weighted wooden spoon.  Now I am not talking about the crap you buy at bed bath and beyond but a hardwood spoon that has spent a decade or so stirring Sunday gravy.  The spoon used on young Pandora Blake is one of those spoons,  though it must have been imported since a wooden spoon is kinda useless making fish and chips.  From Dreams of Spanking
Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen007 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen015 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen018 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen026 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen028 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen047

So the satire site,  The onion ran a story “America loses interest with McKayla Maroney when they learn that she is only 16” Well I guess it will be a few more years before its ok to fantasize about spanking her,  Which I hear from her trainer is not an uncommon experience. But her disappointment is considerably less than Chelsea Pfeiffer has on poor Stevie Rose when she is quite the sore looser.  From Good Spanking
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Dear Reader Meet Maxine,  Spanking Glamour's new naughty girl.  Interestingly she has never indeed been spanked which is quite unfortunate.  But there is a first time for everything,  and when asked to describe what it is like she quips “My ass is on fire”.  As it should young lady,  as it should be. 
vlcsnap-2013-01-26-19h41m21s50 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-19h41m37s220 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-19h42m38s62 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-19h43m09s115 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-19h43m26s37 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-19h44m01s113

Now Dear Reader,  I would not in fact consider myself rich.  I am well off, but by no means rich.  Fortunately though the location of my birth and school I attended,  I know some pretty wealthy individuals.  Interacting with these guys I have known for close to 40 years,  I realize just how out of touch our gilded corporate masters are.  Take for example my friend  We shall call him R.  Now R came to my neighborhood about 7th grade or so.  A son of a foreign diplomat from a Caribbean country he was by our standards not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  But what I realized later compared to his countrymen, was rich beyond all belief.  Now R always had a air of theocracy to him, not that it was so much that it was annoying.  Generally he was a good and smart guy.  He went on to become a currency trader.  I keep in touch with him via Facebook and we generally have a laugh,  at least until he spouts his banking nonsense.  The other day he was extolling the virtues of Augusto Pinochet the Argentinean dictator who incidentally killed lots of people by dumping off a plane deep in the ocean but seemed to have a knack for economics.  His argument is that the people of this fine country were better off under him because a reasonable number of people got rich,  despite the risk of getting killed if they should have the gall to disagree with the military junta.  Now as I pointed out under the same logic,  Hitler was great for Germany,  after all he got them out of the great depression,  hell he was great for our economy!  But there is more to life than making money which of course seemed to be lost on my royal friend.  He seemed to lack the understanding that mass murdering dictator=bad.  Not indeed that Mass Murdering Dictator with sound economic policies = not so bad.  It was a completely foreign concept to him.  I mention this because lovely little Elizabeth Baxter has attempted her own coup.  Only to be thwarted by a hard painful bare bottom spanking. From Sound Punishments
_DSC0925 _DSC0935 _DSC0960 _DSC0964 _DSC0979 _DSC1004

Part of the problem with our health care system as you can imagine are doctors.  Now don’t get me wrong it takes a obscene amount of money to be trained as a health care professional.  But being that we are a country of absolutes we do not of course utilize our resources properly.  Take the example of a patient with a fever and coughing.  It does not indeed take a rocket scientist to determine that this person has the flu.  nor does it take a 1/2 million education to set a broken pinkie.  Such things could be done by someone with perhaps a 4 year degree and maybe a extra 2 years of training.  I would like to believe that most people have the brains to understand when something is seriously wrong with them.  But we have no such confidence in our population.  What should be occurring is that a doctor should be overseeing a number of nurse practitioners and of course if they make a mistake and kill someone.  Well that is an excellent excuse for a spanking.  From English Spankers
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So our favorite Dirty old man is up in arms.  It seems the state of Nebraska wants to make old people take a test every year or so to make sure they don’t have any murderous thoughts of plowing into a farmers market.  This of course has the AARP outraged!  Taking away their ability to drive 15 miles under the speed limit in the left lane with their blinker on infringes on their ability to get around!  To hell with the needs of us whippersnappers.  Like the young Mila who’s mere mention that our DOM perhaps should not be driving after that incident with mistaking the school bus full of children for a parking garage gets her a good hard bare bottom spanking.  From Spanking Coeds
vlcsnap-2013-01-26-20h30m15s217 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-20h30m31s123 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-20h30m42s235 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-20h30m55s98 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-20h31m52s164 vlcsnap-2013-01-26-20h32m13s125


6 comments to Shameful Spankings and Pandora Gets the Wooden Spoon

  • Whiteout

    "…you should be ashamed and do everything you can to get off of it. You should have to stand in a special line to use food stamps. Your children should be made fun of at school. In fact not a dime should be spent without a more responsible person (aka someone not on welfare) saying that you can. People have hard times Dear Reader, me included. But until you make it unpleasant you will always have an element of the population that refuses to work. Make it unpleasant enough and guess what!!! they will work! You can do it without throwing people on the street and starving their children like our conservative crazies seem to want. "

    I swear, just when I think you have said the dumbest, most illogical thing ever…you prove to me that you still have a few brain cells to lose!

  • iwasrobert

    I was going to say that Gene Roddenberry would probably be horrified at spanking in his utopian vision, but then I remembered that he had no problem with Counsellor Troy being psy-raped and forcibly impregnated by aliens – so now I'm not so sure…

  • Tim

    Lovey little Layden and Allysia give each other big spanks as they are ordered to ,best,Tim.

  • Tom

    "Augusto Pinochet the Argentinean dictator"

    Augusto Pinochet was the Chilean dictator btw… The Argentinean dictators were Jorge Rafael Videla (1976-81) and Leopoldo Galtieri (1981-82). These gentlemen tend to have political opponents dumped from a plane over the ocean. Mr.Pinochet's torturers used more old-fashioned ways to get rid of critics.

  • Brushstrokes

    ok I am an idiot

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    Currently about 1/4 of the total indeeds on the front page are from this post alone. Maybe you should worry less about shaming others in need (indeed) and more about shaming yourself into being less of a blowhard.

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