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Should Sabrina Scott Get a Spanking and Other Questions to Ponder

After two months of lounging around the house and getting considerably out of shape Your Humble Narrator decided a couple of weeks ago to start taking my newly acquired Greyhound to the dog park since while I have never actually seen a fat Greyhound before I suspect they would look rather comical.

Now I did this with great trepidation since one of the quirks of adopting a retired athlete is that they have always kept with their kind.  Thus they don’t really consider other breeds of dog,  well… a dog!  In addition another rather interesting quirk is that over 4000 years of selective breeding they have been bred to do one thing very well.  Chase small fluffy creatures and kill them!  Thus their play style is rather rough with lots of play nipping at the base of the neck which some of the other dogs don’t particularly appreciate.  So until he learns the rules his muzzle stays firmly on.

Now the park which I frequent has a separate area for ankle biters and one for dogs that don’t resemble rats and with larger dogs he seems to enjoy running with and chasing them though he still seems rather confused at all the play biting and jumping on one another. None the less the fact he drags me to the car on a daily basis suggests he does indeed enjoy it.

Rules,  Dear Reader are there for a reason.  Particularly the one that says keep the rat dogs in the rat dog area which is more or less heeded at least until yesterday when two rather clueless women decided that it would indeed a good idea to bring theirs into the big dog area.  One of which quite resembled a big fluffy bunny which he has been bred since the Egyptians to eat.  Now thankfully one of the park regulars warned me as I was vainly looking for the poop that just came from my gentle giant and incident was adverted.  But as I suggested to the ladies that perhaps their dogs should be in the area specifically cordon off for them.  They of course replied that oh little fluffy LOVES to play with the big dogs.  Your Humble Narrator responded to this with the fact that perhaps my dog doesn’t particularly enjoy the company of the ankle biters and sees them rather as something to eat. Particularly as the little white one decided to try to hump him as we are having this conversation.  This incensed our clueless canine owners who felt since Ace was already muzzled what indeed would be the harm?  Now if you have ever seen a Greyhound chase something they do two things.  A quick bite to the neck or should that not be possible they will insert their nose under whatever fluffy thing it wants to eat, hind quarters and flip them in the air like a rag doll,  all traveling at 40 some odd miles an hour which of course tends to ruin the day of fluffy.  With larger dogs this of course is not a problem.  This further inflamed these owners (one of which was quite spankable and indeed was in need of one).  Who then firmly insisted that aggressive dogs are indeed not allowed in the park to which I pointed out he wouldn’t be if their oversized rats were where they were supposed to be.

Rather than argue further and risk injury or worse to the rats.  I promptly left Dear Reader.  Other than the women arguing with me needing one this of course has nothing to do with spanking. I simply needed to vent.  Now of course on to the Spanking Updates of the week.

We begin this week with the lovely Mary Jane returning the favor of a hard spanking to Madison Martin’s beautiful butt.  It seems she did not particularly enjoy being spanked by her last week thus Mary Jane decides to give her a taste of her own medicine.  Side effects include not being able to sit down,  stinging red bottom and lots of wide eyes behind keyboards enjoying this whole thing.  From My Spanking Roommate or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r90e40l r90e57l r90e59l r90e64l r90e66l r90e68l

I am going to do a little something different today.  First I want you all to enjoy Amelia Jane Rutherford’s belting wearing nothing but a thin pair of panties covering her incredible bottom.  But I was over on the forums at Firm Hand Spanking today and there seems to be a debate raging over there.  Sabrina Scott,  the long running moderator and rather cute employee of Firm Hand has been asked to do a Spanking Shoot which she is indeed unsure.  As you might have already guessed there is a considerable enthusiasm of the idea from the members (including myself).  Why not head over there and encourage the young lass to have her nice rump ready for a good spanking.
marriage_c003 marriage_c007 marriage_c010 marriage_c012 marriage_c013 marriage_c018

And of course a few of Sabrina herself.
Sabrina_school_01_FH Sabrina_school_02_FH sabrina_scott Sabrina_shorts_FH

I have become convinced that the worst thing to ever happen to our girls bottoms are not all the wonderful painful implements we have invented to spank them with.  But the simple cell phone.  Nothing Dear Reader has gotten more females spanked then this pervasive device wroth with danger.  Talking on it,  texting on it during inappropriate times and of course going over their limit has all gotten them a painful behind.  Of course this is no comfort to our little Monica who is in desperate need of a last name as she finds herself over Danny Chrighton’s knee getting yet another bare bottom spanking that she will not forget.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.

I am quite enthused by this new girl David Pierson has brought to us on Punished Brats.  Making her debut last week Taylor Rayne is quite cute.  In reviewing the final film this week she takes one hell of a spanking for a newcomer.  Its actually probably one of the hardest I have seen our friend David give in a long while.
taylor224 IMG_6978 IMG_7002 IMG_7014 IMG_7017 IMG_7061

It looks like our favorite girl who really really really needs a spanking might indeed end up back in jail.  Lindsay Lohan looks like she is indeed heading back to jail after missing her community service 9 or 10 times.  It seems that the probation department has been quite forgiving of her absents.  If there were only a way to get a headstrong girl to go to work!  Perhaps she would benefit from a little stay at the women’s prison at Bars and Stripes where as Pretty Pandora Blake finds out that the warden is not so forgiving of transgressions
pandora_insulttoinjury - 009 pandora_insulttoinjury - 039 pandora_insulttoinjury - 047 pandora_insulttoinjury - 076 pandora_insulttoinjury - 091 pandora_insulttoinjury - 136 pandora_insulttoinjury - 146

While our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is busy Spanking Stacy and Monique’s hot little bottoms on Real Life Spanking I have a question I am hoping one of my Dear Friends from the UK could answer for me.  I came across an article about evicting “Travelers” off of their own land in something called a “Greenbelt”  I know not what a traveler is nor a greenbelt but it seems to me that if someone owns land they can indeed live on it.  Here in the states while there are reasonable restrictions with what one can do with property I have yet to hear of someone being evicted off their own land.  Even if they have a silly name that no one has heard of.  So indeed Dear Reader can someone shed some light on this incident and explain to your humble narrator what indeed is going on?
vlcsnap-2011-10-19-12h43m34s29 punishment_day2_P1010440 punishment_day2_P1010441 punishment_day2_P1010444 vlcsnap-2011-10-19-12h44m09s118 vlcsnap-2011-10-19-12h44m32s87

And finally for today we have a rather domestic scene that could happen anywhere across the globe.  On Handspanking this week we are posed with a question what indeed should this pretty schoolgirl’s mother do about her constant lying.  Well I think the answer is quite self evident.
z6-15 z6-21 z6-27 z6-31 z6-32 z6-33


9 comments to Should Sabrina Scott Get a Spanking and Other Questions to Ponder

  • "Our favorite girl who really really really needs a spanking"

    Aw, after glancing at the pictures I thought you were talking about me for a second…! ;)

  • Brushstrokes

    You are indeed one our favorite girls Pandora. But you definitely get spanked enough! :)

  • Bexxie


    Long time follower of your blog, I love it so much. Which is why I thought I'd tell you that Taylor Rayne is from Fetlife and is no stranger to spanking. She's one of Niko's bottoms, if you're familiar with him. If you're not he is on spankingtube.



  • Brushstrokes

    Thank you Bexxie, I will have to check it out

  • Love to see that paddle applied to Sabrina's pert posterior.

  • morbius

    apologies if this is boring, but hopefully enlightens Brushstrokes poor knowledge of UK law/society :)
    The mentioned Travellers & Green belt
    2 seperate entities really,
    Green belt is land around cities particularly London that is designated as Not for building on. you can own it and put up temporary structures blah blah but no dwellings or "housing". this was to stop the "urban sprawl" ie a city engulfing all of its cheap green borders rather than develope numerous less lucrative sites within the city.
    Travellers are modern day Gypsies that "travel" around europe, (the vast majority in britain being of Irish origin). they have a mixed reputation unfortunately, and are not that welcome in any area. this has led to them staying at dale farm quite a long while.
    To summarise, Travellers bought some land on the greenbelt and stayed there, Without planning permission.the council will be popular for chucking them out (voters have homes and poll tax! to pay)

    I suppose America being so large these problems become less acute. but ther must be similar disputes?

    and i dont think in this case a Good Spanking is the answer :(

  • morbius

    why the hell am i explaining planning laws and there effect on on different parts of are society?

    perhaps i should ask my elected representative about their views on Spanking!

  • Brushstrokes

    Thank you Morbius, I can always count on you to explain to me the quirks of UK society.

    We have similar "zoning" laws that go from town to town. For example I cannot build a skyscraper on my land because its a residential neighborhood. That being said regardless of the zoning, if you have a piece of land and for whatever reason cannot build upon it. Nothing stops you from dropping a mobile home (which it seems these travelers did) and living in it. You might not have running water or electricity but you are free to do it.

  • You are indeed one our favorite girls Pandora. But you definitely get spanked enough!

    Brushstrokes – Hahahaha! I beg to differ (I could ALWAYS get spanked more) but that is a fair point. I certainly get spanked a lot more than Ms Lohan!

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