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Sierra Salem Gets her First Spanking in A Long Time and Lilly Page gets Spanked by a New Spanker

Sometimes Dear Reader, I wish I was into spanking men rather than women.  I would make writing The Spanking Spot so much easier.  Take for example the idiot of the week of the republican party Joe Wilson.  Now as you know Your Humble Narrator is not much for protocol.  But there is indeed some things one does not do, namely heckling the President of the United States in a joint address to congress.  I remember in probably one of the best WW2 miniseries Band of Brothers,  One of the lower officers was told,  you don’t salute the man,  you salute the rank.  This of course should be explained to our shit kicking congressman from South Carolina.  Even as much as I hated King George there is indeed some respect one must pay toward the office he held no matter what kind of moron holds it.  So while it does not delight me in the least our classless Joe should indeed be brought behind the woodshed and given a whooping as my southern friends call it. 

But now on to more delightful matters,  Naughty woman and the rest of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Lets begin tonight with our friends over at Spanking Server and the Spanking Maestro Peter Schoober taking the cane to the lovely Sandra Sanchez and a rather pretty golden haired Oktoberfest girl.  And its only September Dear Reader! Now indeed leave it up to the Germans for this wonderful celebration featuring beer and beautiful busty women in outfits that indeed show off their curves.  The only thing that it indeed lacks is spanking!  I mean there are indeed brats of another kind and while they taste quite good it a quite poor replacement for the other type. Particularly in those dresses
snapshot20090911105011 snapshot20090911105130 snapshot20090911105225 snapshot20090911105327 snapshot20090911105342 snapshot20090911105402

It looks like Punished Brats has a new spanker, by the name of Rad Finch.  And he has quite the debut having the beautiful bubble butt  (and I mean that in the most flattering way) Lilly Page over his knee with her pants down.  But as much as a wonderful bottom Lilly has she is not much of a receptionist, which is indeed unfortunate for her, since Rad is an able and hard spanker. 
IMG_7626 IMG_7633 IMG_7634 IMG_7646 IMG_7661 IMG_7670

Monica has been acting up at the Real Spanking Institute earning her a good caning on some rather unflattering panties.  I must talk with Mr M about getting some panties that are more fitting for our quite attractive Schoolgirl.  (also available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass)
9124_003 9124_010 9124_016 9124_023 9124_026 9124_043

While I don’t speak Russian the premise of this hard caning from Lupus Spanking is simple enough.  There is a butcher, he has a very attractive daughter and she indeed gets caned quite hard, hard enough to be spanked to tears.  Seems reasonable enough for me. 
snapshot20090911115005 snapshot20090911115034 snapshot20090911115105 snapshot20090911115125 snapshot20090911115142 snapshot20090911115207

We haven’t seen much of the lovely Sierra Salem as of late,  A spanked bottom well missed.  Well Firm Hand Spanking indeed corrects this for us Dear Reader.  Though I suspect this was shot some months ago since while summer has ended it is a little too early for snow.  (ugg I am thinking about snow already).  But Sierra’s bottom is welcome in all seasons Dear Reader,  and perhaps it is good she is getting spanked in the winter since the heat coming of her spanked bare bottom can heat the house. 
tutor_l004 tutor_l006 tutor_l012 tutor_l017 tutor_l021 tutor_l018

While I do prefer OTK there is nothing wrong with a good strapping right before bed to persuade a naughty girl to behave.  The strap in this case is a heavy leather one that is applied progressively harder to this poor girls bare bottom.  And while the name of the site does not suggest its a spanking site, I can assure you indeed that it is Dear Reader.  From Fetish Flixx
vlcsnap-736204 vlcsnap-736668 vlcsnap-736813 vlcsnap-737070 vlcsnap-736729 vlcsnap-737250

Dallas continues to give Audrey Knight her spanking in his website release of his incredible spanking movie Rawhide.  Using Your Humble Narrator’s namesake on her very red bottom of course delights me!  Plus none of this plastic hairbrush nonsense, If one is going to spank with a hairbrush then there is nothing like a good old fashion wooden one.  Now I am sure Audrey would much prefer a plastic one considering she is the one getting spanked with it.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
rawhide4_03 rawhide4_04 rawhide4_05 rawhide4_10 rawhide4_11 rawhide4_14

Ah the very naked Brandi gets a good OTK from the webmaster over at Spanking Teen Brandy.  That would definitely be a job perk that would keep Yours Truly on the Job.  This is also available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass
198_002 198_018 198_025 198_027 198_035 198_040

Judging from the hand print in this next update from OTK Spank one does not question that this girl is getting spanked hard.  However when someone you are indeed spanking is smiling this can be problematic! This is of course since the spanking should be painful enough to thwart such an inappropriate reaction.  I would suggest that it is indeed implement time for this bare bottomed girl.
IMG_1474 IMG_1480 IMG_1489 IMG_1497 IMG_1502 IMG_1506 IMG_1508

And Finally for tonight we have some finger pointing at Girls Boarding School, which appropriately results in both girls getting a spanking.  The first to get her bottom beating is the cute and quite unique looking Simone who is put over the knee and spanked appropriately on the bare bottom while her partner in crime the new soon to be spanked Carol watches.
prod0567_pic11 prod0567_pic12 prod0567_pic15 prod0567_pic19 prod0567_pic30 prod0567_pic25 prod0567_pic28 prod0567_pic26


3 comments to Sierra Salem Gets her First Spanking in A Long Time and Lilly Page gets Spanked by a New Spanker

  • Spankfun

    I'm sure you are going to mention Republican Mike Duvall and his talking about spanking a lobbyist in your next entry, and I'm looking forward to your remarks about that double-standard guy :-)

    Sierra Salem seems to have retired, as we say. Her blog has been silent for about one year now. Probably it's time to wish her all the best in her offline life.

  • Spankfun

    Niki Flynn is leaving the scene; it's time to say goodbye to a star, to an intellectual, to one of the (not too many) spankees who have great abilitity to create "chemistry" with the spanker – and it's time to say goodbye to her wonderful blog which will surely win the nomination as "best spanking blog closed in 2009".

  • Sfan

    Any new mention on BadTushy's video download policies?

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