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Skinny Girls, A few Schoolgirls and a Japanese Spanking. Spanking Updates of the week

Well Dear Readers you have not heard from me in a couple of days. A bout of the flu has laid yours truly low coupled with the fact that I have contractors ripping apart my dining room and I am faced with the definite possibility that I may find my self single by years end so I will probably not be having a very merry Christmas. As you can probably guess domestic strife has somewhat suppressed my desire to write with my usual wit. But Dear Readers there is nothing in this world that alcohol and anti-depressants cannot cure. So off to The Spanking Updates of the Week!

My lovely Clare Fonda has found Fay who is in desperate need a sandwich. Which of course means that your humble narrator is indeed in love. Fay the skinny and very attractive goes over Clare's knee on Kara Prepare yourself.
Spanking Short Skirt Spanking Mother Spanking Daughter

My friend at Real Life Spankings has a new naughty girl named Dara. Quite attractive and she has that beautiful bitchy look to her which just goes perfect with the nice hard OTK she receives.
Real Life Spankings OTK Spanking Spanking dara_first_spanking_P4080406

Now you all know yours truly is a sucker for redheads. But aside from the famous firecrotches which would you enjoy spanking more. Blonde or Brunette. Now usually I am an equal opportunity spanker but in this case if presented with this blonde over my knee and forced to choose. Well what do you think it would be. From Good Spankings
Blonde Spanking OTK Spanking F/f Spanking

The first rule about Women's Prison is that we don't talk about womens prison. The second rule of Women's Prison is that you absolutely don't masturbate if you don't want a spanking. From Bars and Stripes
Prison Spanking Spanking in prison Womans Prison Spanking

Uhhh. Andy is back on Punished Brats. God she is beautiful. Those nice baby blue panties really make the scene. too bad your humble narrator cannot wait to those get pulled down.
Schoolgirl Schoolgirl Spanking Panties Spanking

Interesting. Can't say I love it but that is purely a personal opinion. But many of you might like this. From English Spankers.
English Spankers Caned Bottom Girl getting Caned

You know, As schoolgirls go I kinda like this Lucy from Sound Punishments. Not the typical "beauty" in the sense but is very convincing (and cute) as a schoolgirl and she gets one hell of a spanking. I am definitely going to download this one.
Over the Knee Spanking Bare Bottom Spanking Slipper Spanking

The other night I watched Grudge2. Between that movie and if this is what Japanese schoolgirls look like in general I'll cram myself in coach for 12 hours to get there. There has got to be some single women there that would like to don one of these uniforms for a drooling westerner.
Japanese Schoolgirl Japanese Spanking Asian Spanking

Until Tomorrow


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