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Two of the granddaughters of Fred Phelps (you know the God Hate Fags Guy) have left the Westboro Baptist church apparently because they began to think for themselves!  Of course the oldest is 27 Dear Reader,  far behind her peers who usually begin to have original thoughts at around 15 and suddenly believing that despite their youth anyone older around them are complete and utter idiots.  But hey,  better late than never. 

She made the mental leap reasoning (which mind you occurs rarely in a state like Kansas) that if God was all forgiving how then could being gay be an unforgivable sin!  Genius!  Now of course we shouldn’t be too harsh on young Megan and her 19 year old sister.  After all they are not hard on the eyes when they are not damming your immortal soul to hell.  And of course realizing that your family is batshit crazy should of course count for something.  Even if it took 10 years of just about everybody else trying to explain to them. 

So perhaps a spanking is not in order for them.  At least not yet.  Let them get their bearings in this sane new world.  After all there will be plenty of time for spanking them. 

What indeed to do with your cousin who happens to attend the same school as you who has caught downloading pirated content.  Well if you were the music and motion picture industry they would of course sue you into oblivion.  But it seems our famed Cameraman has found a more effective and entertaining way of dealing with such transgressions.  Logically of course one should strip naked and spank an equally naked girl over ones knee using a wooden bath brush which from the looks of it, makes her bottom bruised and beaten.  From Spanking Sorority Girls.  or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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Well apparently there is a blizzard heading Your Humble Narrator’s way that will kill us all.  At least if you believe what says who incidentally still has one of the worst websites on the web.  With autostart streaming video and links that go nowhere one would think they would have fired their web team long ago.  I for one intend on spending this national disaster much like I do all natural disasters,  quite inebriated and blogging about spanking until the lights go out and I am buried under mounds of snow.  Meanwhile while we wait for snow apocalypse  #2 we can take the time to enjoy the lovely Aleesha Fox with her bare bottom anything but cold while a strap smacks against it on Spanked In Uniform.  
episode21_1 ep21_11 ep21_17 episode21_3 episode21_12 episode21_13 

It seems that some of our Conservative Crazies have learned their lesson.  Karl Rove (whom I never thought I would be referring to as not crazy, but hey its all relative) has launched a SuperPac to oppose those conservative candidates who are of course crazy.  Which considering the source suggest that they are really really crazy. So out of their mind they don’t want to give all our money to rich people and start unnecessary wars rather than instead legislate lots of rape babies and hate brown people.  It is quite a mystery that you have people squabbling over such sillyness when you have the likes of Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone in red hot tight volleyball shorts getting their asses smacked.  From Triple A Spanking.
Image03 Image13 Image21 Image35 Image44 Image53

It seems Dear Reader that the cute little Stevie Rose has not indeed learned her lesson.  At least the one that Chelsea Pfeiffer gave her last week.  But happily Chelsea is undeterred and equally happily she shows up in a short black dress!  From Good Spanking
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Despite being long retired I will admit to having a slight obsession with Teen Brandi.  Honestly I really enjoy her spankings.  I found myself wondering what indeed outfit I would enjoy spanking her in if I could move back in time.  Of course my first reaction was a schoolgirl outfit, but if that was unavailable it certainly would be this negligee which means her bottom doesn’t even mean baring to spank her.  From Spanking Teen Brandi or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
7540_006 7540_008 7540_012 7540_019 7540_030 7540_038 

There has been quite a bit of news on drone used in this wonderful country.  Lots of outrage by my liberal brethren.  But I kinda wonder since there are indeed not any laws prohibiting blowing the damn things out of the sky should they cross your property what is the big deal!  A simple shotgun blast should of course deal with any encroaching flying robot or should they be too high,  well it is time for target practice on a moving target with a harmless 22.  Its kinda like getting an incredibly hot maid and not spanking her!  From English Spankers
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Mindy is in trouble.  Mindy also apparently hasn’t been spanked before.  Next time those tight little panties need to come down.  From Spanking Glamour
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Finally for tonight the long suffering Mila is spanked by our favorite Dirty Old Man for suggesting the Onion on his belt is a bit outdated.  From Spanked Coeds.
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