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Sophie Nova Gets her First Spanking And Spanked Schoolgirls Delight

Imagine if you will Dear Reader that you are attending a Spanking convention.  You are enjoying yourself and suddenly a beautiful woman,  Even better a beautiful spanking model,  one that you have wanted to tan her tush since the day you laid eyes on her.  Comes up to you and tells you for $50 you can spank her as hard as you can for a 30 Minutes right in front of everyone.  The only caveat is that you must use her own paddle. 
So faced with an opportunity to fulfill a life long dream you part with your $50 and being a rather large and strong person you gleefully look forward to the challenge and wonder if this naughty nymph could take such a spanking for such a length.  So you begin your scene, her little dress comes up and at that point she hands you her special paddle which you discover is made of feathers and pillow stuffing. 

What you also don't know is that she bet the bartender $500 that she could take a 30 minute spanking from the biggest guy in the room!  Now what indeed is the point of this story you ask?  This apparently is how our fraudulent financiers have been operating over the past couple of years.  And indeed they seem to think this is perfectly ethical as well! Hence the reason why they have all the money and we indeed are broke and out of work.  Unfortunately even though the authorities are now going after them I will assume we will be hearing a new term "To Big to Jail" 

But enough Dear Reader,  You have come to forget the stresses in life.  So welcome to the next installment of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Let us begin with someone who I would have to assume have no idea what derivatives are (do any of us?) .  But he does know how to deliver a good hard spanking to a line brats he hires for lingerie modeling. Yes indeed Dear Reader our Mystery Spanker is back with a brand new installment of his bad luck with fashion models.   Our on camera pool of spanked girls is considerably small.  I think in the 3 years I have been writing this blog we have seen perhaps 100 different women spanked.  And indeed there is a reason of this, Spanking Hurts!  Our Faceless chastiser however specialized in females who are known in more adult roles than getting their Bare Bottoms Spanked and he spanks them surprisingly hard.  Now I have often wondered particularly with new models how often they find themselves over the knee partway though the spanking and think to themselves “This hurts considerably more than I thought”   Now faced with the prospect of partial payment (or none, I don’t know how that works) or finishing the spanking.  This leaves them in quite a bit of distress trying to decide as their bottom stings more and more.  Well Brianna Beauty fits this description.  The lanky and almost impossibly thin mouths off to our mystery spanker.  As the spring air is filled with gleeful cry’s of “BAAAAD GIRL” and the musical sound of hands Spanking a bare bottom.  We can see her as the spanking gets harder wondering what indeed she got herself into.  From Bun Beating Fun

Brianna Beauty Ear Pull Spanked Fashion Model Painful Spanking Bare Bottom Spanking Well Spanked Girl

How indeed did I miss this on Northern Spanking!  Two very cute schoolgirls getting Spanked, with a slipper no less!  Nicole Reina and Katja Krasivaya, do not look forward to being sent to the Headmasters study,  for good reason.  Now I do wonder where the English got their fondness for using a slipper as a spanking implement.  It seems a bit odd to me.  If I am looking for something to spank someone I usually pick something hard and flat.  It would never think to take my shoe off to spank them with.  While rather handy since its quite likely you have a shoe on when the need for a spanking arises but more often than not you also have a belt on which seems to me Dear Reader the more logical choice.
Schoolgirl gets a spanking NSI088-NSK018 Schoolgirl spanked NSI088-NSK040Spanked on the panties Diaper Position Spanking 

Whenever our Dear Chelsea Pfeiffer brings in a new girl to spank I always run a search on her since Chelsea is quite talented in bringing ladies in the more mainstream adult industry to recieve their very first Spanking.  At first I was distressed since I could not  find anything on this pretty little redhead named Sophie Nova other than a rather pretentious store selling knick knacks made of organic material.   But alas digging deeper I found she is indeed a fetish model who these pictures do not do her justice.  The girl is gorgeous!  From Good Spanking
Sophie Nova Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanks Sophie Nova 003 Girl Spanked on the couch 015a Crying girl spanked

Vanessa is having a bad day,  And for all the heaps of criticism that Michael, the not Tom, spanker on Girls Boarding School has gotten,  he is actually doing quite well as of late.  This is probably one of the hardest spankings I have seen him give!  The Hairbrush does indeed not react well with our naughty Teen’s bottom but then again does it ever when used correctly? 
Teen Spanking Brutal Spanking vlcsnap-2010-04-22-19h19m36s120 Teenager Spanked

For some reason I have gotten more dates with Nurses then any other profession.  I suspect the reason is whenever I end up in the hospital I am quite drunk.  There was the time that friends and I wisely decided that drinking a keg of beer on a stump stuck at the top of a 50 foot waterfall was a good idea and indeed the other time were my friend dented a rock with his head and we ended up racing wheelchairs around the hospital.  But strangely I have never spanked one of them.  On the other hand I have never had a nurse that was drinking on duty!  Such as the case with our Young Donna here.  Upon discovery our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is incensed as he should be!  From the spanking he gave her I suspect she will not be making the same mistake twice.  From Spanked In Uniform
ep8_3 Nurse Spanked ep8_8 ep8_14 Naughty Nurse ep8_17

The first time I ever heard of writing lines as a punishment, believe it or not , was in a Harry Potter movie.  And I thought to myself that is an incredibly stupid punishment!  But add some spanking into the mix and Jodie’s incredible ass into the mix,  and now you have some entertainment  Too bad no one took Hermione (Hey she is 18 now!) over their knee.  From OTK Spank
Disrup_Beha_03 Spanked over the knee OTK Spanking Disrup_Beha_15 Jodie Gets a Bare Bottom Spanking Disrup_Beha_24

In the US Spanking is still permitted in schools.  This of course is more or less limited to our southern brothering but then again they don’t believe in evolution and keep voting for Republicans which would suggest their education system is less than par for the course.  But here in the states the preferred implement is the wooden paddle as opposed to the English favored cane.  Well our little Teen Jessica who is no stranger to the board feels how her peers across the pond were punished on Spanking Teen Jessica or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
660_004 Teen Jessica Spanking Caned Schoolgirl Bare Ass Caning Girl Caned at School 660_134

Our trio of ungovernable girls is in its finale this week on Rough Man Spank with the final girl being held down on the bench of pain to get a caning that she will not forget anytime in the near future.  I am surprised from the intensity of their spankings the girls holding her down are not sobbing in the corner.
02 08 32 37

Finally for tonight we have a schoolgirl with a dunce cap On Caned Schoolgirls.  Now I actually read a rather fascinating article on the origins of the ultimate in schoolgirls humiliation.  The origin is named after Duns Scotus who opposed the King of France efforts to tax the biggest scam going at the time.  The Catholic Church.  When they were not busy buggaring underage boys they apparently made quite a bit of money.  As a result in France he was derided and his followers were called Dunces, which today holds the derogatory meaning of the word.  Perhaps our congress will name it Freedom Dunces the next time France tries to keep the half wit we elected from going to war.
File0547 File0564 File0582 Bent over and caned Naked Caning File0613


1 comment to Sophie Nova Gets her First Spanking And Spanked Schoolgirls Delight

  • "tells you for $50 you can spank her as hard as you can for a 30 Minutes right in front of everyone."

    Well the alarm bells should have been ringing when you heard her rate. Professional spankees charge far more than that for their services.


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