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Spanked Ballerina and Schoolgirls in Pigtails

One of the things that one has to get used to when one moves back to his beloved city is the noise.  You see Dear Reader when I left it took me months before I could sleep since the silence was well… deafening.  Upon returning of course is quite the opposite.  So much so you find yourself what in the hell people are doing to make such a racket. 

Now I am not talking about the wayward slap you hear though the walls of your neighbor.  Spanking of course has a distinctive sound which is indeed hard to miss.  I am talking of more bizarre noise.  For example Easter Evening I started to hear the booms of fireworks.  Now thinking this was some strange Easter celebration  I thought nothing of it.  But now every day I hear firecrackers go off morning and evening.  Now if this around the 4th of July I can indeed understand it.  But somehow it never occurred to me upon waking and think to myself “Hey I think I’ll light off a gross of firecrackers!”. 

But enough about my ranting about the racket.  Lets make some more pleasurable noise of our own with our hands coming in contact with naughty girls bottom on the second of three Spanking Updates of the Week!

Not to be stereotypical as you might have guessed there are groups of females that Your Humble Narrator enjoys spanking considerably more than others.  First of course is as one Dear Reader put it.  “The tired old cliché of spanking cheerleaders".  It might be tired and it might be cliché but it can never get old.  The second tier is dancers and ice skaters neither of which I have ever had the pleasure to spank.  But Happily David Pierson indeed has many of the same interests and Angelina looks fine in those leotards.  From Punished Brats
IMG_8632 IMG_8597 IMG_8630 IMG_8596 IMG_8612 IMG_8615 IMG_8619

The Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is on Holiday this week.  But true to his dedication to give his customers the spanking they crave he put up two updates last week.  Had I actually noticed I would have probably run the lovely Amelia Jane Rutherford who looks incredible in that maids outfit (why oh why didn’t I ask her if her significant other makes her wear this around the house).  From Spanked In Uniform
birchrod_ep8_3 birchrod_ep8_6 birchrod_ep8_7 birchrod_ep8_9 birchrod_ep8_12 birchrod_ep8_13

Many of you have suggested I enjoy spanking the rather thin girls and this indeed is true.  With a few exceptions of course.  I find myself at a loss of words for Charlotte Vale body type but it is none the less impressive.  While not super thin she has the curves exactly where they need to be and she appears quite fit!  Thus revealing a bottom that is fit to be spanked in all manner of ways. Our Dear Chelsea Pfeiffer sees to that.  From Good Spanking.
001 009 020 006

I am kinda digging these new shoots Xerotics has come out with as of late.  Particularly the rather pretty tart on the left who incidentally gets her first spanking while the other two wait for their turn over the knee of the matronly house mother.  Being her first time she doesn’t get her pretty little bottom spanked hard but with time and luck the intensity will increase.  From Slut Spanking
vlcsnap-2010-04-08-15h41m46s115 vlcsnap-2010-04-08-15h42m11s106 vlcsnap-2010-04-08-15h42m22s216 vlcsnap-2010-04-08-15h43m05s134

Could it be?  Girls Boarding School is on a tear since I complained about taking forever for new updates.  This of course is good for us and probably very bad for the residence.  Which is quite graphically illustrated here as Maggie gets the strap on the supple bottom of hers in the kitchen. 
prod086_pic13 prod086_pic20 prod086_pic21 prod086_pic07 prod086_pic10

I love girls in pigtails.  Hence it is quite frustrating when they come back in vogue every couple of years or so yet it never quite catches on.  Aside from the spanking aspect of the whole thing you must admit that they are quite functional.  They keep a female’s hair out of their face, and they are quite low maintenance if the female indeed knows how to braid (hey even I learned!).  Finally they look quite good when they are on the head of a schoolgirl bent over Lana’s knee.  From Girl Spanks Girl or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
b01l b06l b07l b08l b17l b19l

This next update from Spanking Family is entitled Vicky’s life in the Brown House and I have absolutely no idea what the hell it is about.  Apparently it revolves around men wandering into a presumably brown house and spanking any occupants in short skirts at random intervals.  On the upside it seems that this spanking house is introducing considerably more OTK spanking which is excellent! 
FAM0032-056 FAM0032-058 FAM0032-064 FAM0032-065 FAM0032-084 FAM0032-090

And finally (for today of course, remember yet another spanking update will occur tomorrow) we have a story by the wonderful strange world of Rough Man Spank.  A rather strict tutor has two of her wards hold down a third for a bare bottom lashing that the other two girls are quite thankful they are not getting.  yet….

08031 08052 08059 08088


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