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Spanked in Leather Pants and Alannah Rae Gets a Spanking for Some Reason or Another

For a Dirty commie hippy liberal Your Humble Narrator is not much of an environmentalist.  You see Dear Reader,  while the environment is nice and all of that I think we need to be a bit more practical.  Now sure green energy is indeed a good thing,  its nice that it helps the environment, but more so the sooner we get ourselves off oil the sooner we can build a big wall around the middle east thwarting their desire to blow us up.  I do not however support the exhaustive studies to save the one eyed newt whenever one wants to widen the road. 

But I know many of you disagree,  so for you green spanko’s out there we now have an option to reduce our spanking carbon footprint.  No longer will paddles be made of old growth forests but of recycled tires!  Although I am sure it does the job effectively somehow I think it will just lacks the WHAP of the board when it meets a bare bottom. 

Lots in store for you Dear Reader today on the remainder of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Let us begin today with yet another spanking of the teen schoolgirl spanko wonder Kami Robertson on Northern Spanking.  Now as you might remember a couple of months ago Kami got herself suspended.  Returning home from her visit from her boarding school her father indeed gets wind of this fact.  Thus we are treated to our spankee sprite getting another round of bottom beating OTK style.
NSI071-VK001 NSI071-VK019 NSI071-VK026 NSI071-VK044 NSI071-VK052 NSI071-VK060

Whomever buys Peter Schoobers home after he sells it will be in for a pleasant surprise.  I can see the listing now. Lovely cottage in the German Countryside.   3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath in a lovely setting.  Bright airy and a well furnished dungeon in the finished basement.  Complete with a cell and stocks!  From Spanking Server.
snapshot20091022194356 snapshot20091022194413 snapshot20091022194447 snapshot20091022194507 snapshot20091022194527 snapshot20091022194537

I am more or less certain that my Dear Clare Fonda was either stoned or suffering from ugly couch withdrawal when she wrote the reason the Alannah Rae and her friends are getting spanked.  It has something to do with someone hiring someone to spank someone and getting spanked their selves or something like that.  But Clare is usually an excellent scene writer so we will indeed give her a break.  Plus it helps that this very hot porn star is getting her bare bottom spanked!  From My Spanking Roommate or her 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r37e03b r37e04b r37e09b r37e12b r37e13b r37e15b

So a couple of weeks ago I made fun of my friend David Pierson’s Tie.  Which of course got me a tongue and cheek email but I could clearly tell that he was indeed offended.  Now this week he has such a complex our usual dapper spanker is just not himself.  Luckily tie or no tie he can still spank naughty girls bottoms.  Your Humble Narrator feels bad however since Nyssa Nevers is getting a harder spanking than she is used to.  So in order to save our favorite girls bottoms at Punished Brats I promise I will never ever make another wardrobe comment about my friends neckwear.  But I will have to say its a damn good spanking
IMG_5875IMG_5854IMG_5859IMG_5838IMG_5833 IMG_5836    

Now what do we have here Dear Reader.  Another girl comes to meet the famous Dallas.  Now Eden Wells is a known bondage model and quite a beautiful one at that.  In addition our friend Dallas seems to enjoy the dying art of Burlesque.  Now I have not the notion if there was spanking going on in the glory days of Burlesque shows or not.  But now that I think of it I would have to say if there wasn’t there indeed should have been some!  I also like the name he has given himself in this scene.  Johnny Cockstrong.  heh heh heh… he said cock.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
eden1_01 eden1_07 eden1_11 eden1_15 eden1_17 eden1_18

Well I am indeed Happy to report that Monica is still getting spanked on Real Spanking Institute.  Perhaps not the most well known spanked girl she is one of Your Humble Narrators favorites.  Now coupled with Jade here getting caned and paddled is indeed a site for sore eyes.  Also available though the better valued Real Spanking Pass
9187_002 9187_019 9187_022 9187_049 9187_059 9187_065

It seems that Michaela McGowen is a bit of a slob.  Moving in with Cindy she doesn’t do dishes and leaves her room a mess. An I can indeed sympathize with this Dear Reader for Your Humble Narrator is a bit of a slob himself.  But then again my ass is simply not nearly as spankable as Michaela’s, and I would look quite ridiculous in that cute miniskirt.  From Firm Hand Spanking.
mic_cc003 mic_cc007 mic_cc016 mic_cc018 mic_cc022 mic_cc024

Xerotics has a new girl this week on Fetish Flixx. Now this is indeed something odd.  Spanking a girls bare bottom with a cupped hand.  Why in the name of Spanking would one do that?  If your going to give a bare bottom OTK spanking one of course should use a flat palm to deliver such punishment.  Well since she is indeed the new girl I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  Women whom one spanks too hard have a nasty habit of never coming back, so I can understand breaking them in slowly. 
vlcsnap-6349820 vlcsnap-6350871 vlcsnap-6351152 vlcsnap-6351242 vlcsnap-6351506vlcsnap-6351384 

Amy Hunter’s one girl crime spree has indeed come to an end.  But what she didn’t account for is that upon her return to the Women’s prison at Bars and Stripes is one hell of a spanking to welcome her back! 
amy_painfulreturn_107 amy_painfulreturn_114 amy_painfulreturn_117 amy_painfulreturn_118 amy_painfulreturn_120 amy_painfulreturn_139

Sinn Sage has taken out all of the library books out of the Library! or at least that is what we can assume Dear Reader from the empty shelves.  She indeed must be a voracious reader.  Unfortunately for her of course she is quite late at returning any of them.  And the librarian (how come librarians don’t look even remotely like Chelsea Pfeiffer) frustrated with the break down of the Dewey Decimal System when faced with the lack of books decides to give Sage a hard spanking.  From Spank Sinn
007 011 018013  021 017


2 comments to Spanked in Leather Pants and Alannah Rae Gets a Spanking for Some Reason or Another

  • jeremy

    Cupped hand spanking? C'mon already! What's next? Butt helmets and cheek guards? Let's put the hand back into barehand, over-the-knee, barebottom spanking. Pulleeeze.

  • David Pierson is rocking those silk suits, tie or sans tie–it's all good :-)

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