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Spanked in Suspenders and a OTK Spanking in a Little Red Dress

You know Dear Reader, I just don’t get the obsession of some people about preventing other people from looking at naughty bits online.  Aside from the problems we have in the USA it seems that the world is getting in on it as well.  This week a man in Somalia was sentenced to 40 lashes for looking at porn online.  Now this is a country where hundreds if not thousands die of starvation and war every week yet they are very focused on people looking at naughty pictures.  I do hope it was not my site since then he would be getting a spanking for looking at spanking.  That indeed would suck. 


In fact when I tell some of my more conservative friends what I do as a hobby they seem appalled that they are indeed in the company of someone so immoral for showing naughty pictures online.  Yet they will happily go to work for a company that takes billions from the tax payers and yet continue to enrich themselves.  I am not killing anyone,  I am not stealing from anyone,  I am simply showing some wonderful spankings!  where indeed is the immortality in that!


Ah but enough of my ravings since we can all be immoral together Dear Reader.  Welcome to the Spanking Updates of the Week!



I’ll begin with one of the most fantastic spankings I have ever seen Peter Schoober give.  Its not particularly hard but it is indeed still fantastic.  Oddly Your humble narrator has a thing for overalls and while this cute little number that Cabriria has on are not traditionally overalls she does sport suspenders the Peter makes good use of while he gives her a spanking.  In addition this girl is simply gorgeous and her ass looks fantastic in those little shorts.  From Spanking Server
snapshot20091202135149 snapshot20091202135223 snapshot20091202135230 snapshot20091202135311 snapshot20091202135333 snapshot20091202135749


Continuing her USA tour the Amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford meets our Dear Clare Fonda’s very fortunate cameraman.  Recovering from Spanking our cute Chloe Elise a couple of weeks ago he finds enough stamina to give AJR a good bare bottom OTK Spanking on Spanked Callgirls.  What a man will do in the name of spanking! Also available though Clare’s 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
010 013 004 007


Its amazing what a little change in Hairstyle will do in terms of making an already attractive girl simply irresistible.  Julie from Real Life Spanking has let her hair grow out a little.  I was never to fond of the short hair look for her.  And indeed it makes a huge difference!  Thankfully it is the same beautiful bottom we are used to over our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian knee. Quite a cute little dress as well! 
julie_spanked_drinking_P1010171 julie_spanked_drinking_P1010178 julie_spanked_drinking_P1010183 julie_spanked_drinking_P1010189


I think I have figured out the secret of Chelsea Pfeiffer’s success at convincing girls to come over to be spanked.  You see she starts out light and playfully.  And then once the girl to be spanked is comfortably over her knee, bottom exposed she brings out the big guns.  In this case the wooden paddle, which the very naked Dia Zerva decides its not a playful little spanking anymore!  From Good Spanking
001 015 018 013a


Why is it Dear Reader whenever I walk into the room there is not a hot bare bottom girl getting spanked!  When I walk into a room its usually either empty or full of people who want to shout at me!  Just once do I wish to be pleasantly surprised, particularly if the spankers hand is tired and he wants me to finish up.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9246_002 9246_011 9246_020 9246_033 9246_024 9246_047


Your Humble Narrator was never one for Autographs.  I could never understand the lengths people would go for a scribble on a piece of paper.  Particularly since most celebrities now days probably can’t even write!  But our dear Maggie is indeed a fan of such things,  and while cooking dinner her friend Tina comes over to inform her of a popular band in the area which causes her to rush out leaving dinner cooking without anyone to watch it.  This of course results in a good bare bottom spanking in front of her friend.  I wonder if we will indeed see her friend over the knee sometime soon.  From Spanked at Home
mov097_still12  mov097_still48 mov097_pic01 mov097_pic06


Maria here on Rough Man Spank this weeks looks genuinely overjoyed that she is getting caned in her birthday suit!  How odd Dear Reader since as we all know it is usually quite the opposite. Of course the issue is if they are enjoying it so much it is quite difficult to really teach them a lesson to avoid behavior that got them spanked in the first place. 
40019 40055 40083 40094


Apparently the spanking our young Rachel got last week was quite ineffective.  This of course was pointed out by your Humble Narrator since she was mouthing off throughout getting her ass spanked.  But English Spankers corrects this!  Since the hand wasn’t effective she feels the sting of the strap and the cane which makes a considerable harder impression on her. 
npp1023001 npp1023026 npp1023029 npp1023036 npp1023043 npp1023075


We get not one but TWO updates from Spanking Casting this week Dear Reader!  The tall dark beauty Monique gets spanked in various ways rather stoically might I add.  But she indeed looks fantastic in her birthday suit. 
CAS-055_1 CAS-056_10 CAS-056_28 CAS-056_50


Ah the lovely Rosaleen Young.  This of course is not something new but a high quality remaster of the original spanking movie Brats.  And what could be better than seeing her fine bottom in high quality getting a spanking from yesteryear.  From Spank My Bottom or the better option the 4 site Spank Pass
Image1 Image37 Image42 Image45


On Spanking University this week we have a young scantily clad gal , which is another thing that seems to be lacking when I walk into a room.  Particularly one that needs a good hard OTK spanking like this young lass. 
Trinity_spanking  003 Trinity_spanking  011 Trinity_spanking  026 Trinity_spanking  049


And Finally for today we have a simple good hard Mother daughter spanking from Handspanking.  No getting spanked by sisters cousins grandfathers aunt, nothing to do with tentacles or strongly attractive large eyed cartoon women.  Just a good spanking.
k3-03 k3-15 k3-20 k3-26


Don’t forget to vote for your favorite site in the 2009 spanking awards that I posted yesterday! And if your not satisfied with the spanking you see here I have a review of Kailee’s first Hard core spanking and sex movie on Spanked and Fucked



3 comments to Spanked in Suspenders and a OTK Spanking in a Little Red Dress

  • iwasrobert

    Leaving aside the religious crazies, the surprising fact is that there is a legitimate argument against selling pornography. Not that I agree with the argument, but it isn't totally wacko.

    It goes something like: porn is degrading to the women involved, and they either (1) use it either to facilitate drug use or similar problems, or (2) do it because they are forced to (think sex trafficking etc.).

    Although a goodly number of the models do it as part of a broader lifestyle choice, and actually enjoy it – you only have to read the models' blogs to see this – how much can we really know about, say, the girls who work for Her First Punishment and Russian Discipline?

    On balance, my belief that chances are nothing untoward is going on outweighs my concerns, such as they are. However, these are legitimate concerns and shouldn't be scoffed at.

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