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Spanked Schoolgirl Galore, A bunch of New Spanked Women and Tall and Tiny Spanked Girls. This and More On The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week!

BALLS!  Giant, no Humongous BALLS! There I said it Dear Reader.  but to what does Your Humble Narrator refer to when invoking the name of large male reproductive organs.  Well Dear Reader,  there is an update on the Max Mosley case and yes he indeed has them.  As you might recall a rather unscrupulous female Dom in the English scene filmed him with a number of other girls engaging in a private spanking party.  A rather unscrupulous newspaper called News of the World paid for said video and released it claiming (as we know now) falsely that this was an our president of motorsports engaging in  Nazi  theme Porn. 

Now as I suspect most of us would probably lock ourselves in our houses and curl up underneath the bed for the next year or two.  But what does Mr Mosley do?  He tells the world,  Just because a few words were uttered in German does NOT mean it was "Nazi" theme and yea he was into spanking, and WTF were they going to do about it!  Then Dear Reader he goes and litigates against newspaper for violation of privacy!  Yes Dear Reader Mr Mosley has a couple of big ones and if by any chance he is a reader I salute him!

But on the chance I might offend  There are 4 others with possibly bigger balls then he.  You see Mr Mosley has quite a bit of money backing him so he can afford to tell the world to go fuck itself.  But the 4  women who were so brutally exposed engaging in a private consensual play have no such cushion. In fact a few of these girls are seen regularly on the Spanking Spot.  So what do these "timid" girls do?  They testify for him and quite eloquently (so I have read) explaining to the judge the fun they enjoy in our little scene! Good show ladies!  While I would love to congratulate these brave women by name but they testified with the understanding they would remain anonymous.  I know I am honored with a few that read my blog,  You know who you are girls and although a few of you are subs,  I bow down not worthy to lick the dirt off your shoes for the guts you have shown. 

Ok Lets get started with The Spanking Updates of the Week! And thank you to all that left comments

It is indeed a lovely day Dear Reader for the beautiful, precious and incredibly cute Kami is back for yet another spanking on English Spankers.  Brought of course in all her glory in High definition.  Yes Dear Reader I will fully admit I am thoroughly obsessed with this girl.  Put her in pigtails, Schoolgirl outfit, shiny white panties and put her over your knee is enough to make one swoon.  While I didn't plan it this way this is definitely The Spanking Of the Week!  From English Spankers.
Kami Robertson Teen Schoolgirl Teen Gets Spanked Teenager spanked at school Panty spanking Naughty Teen gets a spanking

One of the premiere scouts for spanking talent has waved his magic wand and found a new girl who could perhaps be the next big thing in spanking.  The famous David Pierson of Punished Brats has dug up this Asian (or half asian hard to tell) beauty named Helen Lei.  Oddly as much as a demand exists for spanked asian girls (particularly in M/f genre) there are scant few willing to get a good spanking on film.  I salute you David for another great find.  I look forward to seeing more of Helen.
Asian Spanking Spanked over the jeans OTK Spanking Spanked over the panties Asian girl gets OTK Spanking

My Dear Clare Fonda,  The other venerable Spanking talent scout has found a girl who has never been spanked!  And I think I know why Dear Reader.  Alyssa while very attractive is well… big.  Not fat mind you but big.  she has to be at least 6 feet tall with a beautiful but muscular body.  And while she might have been naughty in the past and deserved a good spanking she looks as if there are a scant few men or women out there that wouldn't end up with a black eye and perhaps a concussion should they try to put her over the knee without her utmost approval. Oh by the way her ass looks fantastic in those short shorts  From Spanked Sweeties
Spanked in Short Shorts Spanked in daisy dukes Female spanking Female Girl Spanking girl Spanked Naked by Boyfirend

Looks like this is the week for new girls.  Jasmine Johnson straight from a girls school don's the outfit once again for our enjoyment.  With that very very blonde hair she is a bit of a toehead and at the risk of sounding like a pervert she kinds of reminds me of the flaky girl from Harry Potter and the Order the Phoenix.  Oh while we are on that subject Emma Watson turned legal in the spring,  so we can now be guilt free thinking unclean thoughts about spanking Hermione.  From Spanking Online (or via SpankPass)
Hot Schoolgirl Scholgirl waiting for a spankingSchoolgirl taking down her panties Schoolgirl upskirt  Mom spanking teen daughter after school spanking Bare Ass Spanking

Dara has been slacking off from work.  She look to Your Humble Narrator that she is very very tired.  In fact she is quite attractive without those bags under her eyes.  Hence for her good fortune and ours our hero from Real Life Spanking paid a visit to her house to give her a good old fashion bare butt OTK.  And from the looks of it she did not enjoy it.  Perhaps now she will be going to bed earlier. 
scared girl waiting to get spanked Over the knee Spanking Painful Spanking Girl Spanked on the Bare ass by her father Hard Spanking

God this girl is tiny,  I guess this is also the week for juxtaposition.  to complement our big spankee we have a very little one.  I wonder if the lovely Chelsea worried about hurting the very frail and thin Mina Meow when she smacked her naked butt with that paddle.  I think I would be afraid of bruising or fracturing her pelvis,  she doesn't have alot of padding.  From Good Spanking
Chelsea Pfeiffer Paddled Naked Naked SpankingSpanking Action Shot Spanked Bottom 

It takes a particular type of girl to visit Dallas more then once.  She is either a complete masochist, or she has a Teflon tush.  Pixie as she shows from her body of work is the latter.  Dallas as usual gives her the spanking of a lifetime but as an added bonus in a nice baby blue bikini.  From Dallas Spanks Hard.
Pixie Amber Wells Pixie waiting for a spanking Dallas Spanking Pixie Painful Spanking Spanked to tears

Spanked Schoolgirls has posted a tremendous amount of "behind the scenes" Spanking.  I usually don't run this but it features one of my favorite bottoms Johanna.  She has such a pure almost angelic look and while I think she is out of the business one can always hope she will come back. 
Johanna in a schoolgirl outfit Schoolgirl getting caned Spanked over pants Pants down spankingTeen gets a bare ass spanking spanking shoot 

Girls in Eastern Europe have it tough.  Unlike in the western world if your Daddy is wealthy and you misbehave,  you still get the cane!  Perhaps some of us annoying over-privileged over-indulged brats in the US could learn from such a treatment.  No your teenager does not have ADHD,  she is a Spoiled Brat!  Then call in Lupus Spanking to take care of it for you. 
Lupus Spanking spanking in the old days Fetch the cane A note for absence Lupus Spanking A note for absence

Finally for tonight Ayaka another new girl makes her first appearance on  Now that I am single I think I will travel a bit.  I also happen to be a sushi freak.  Perhaps Japan is the place to go first. 
Japanese girl about to get spanked by mom Japanese girl spanked on her pantiesJapanese girl getting a bare bottom spanking Japanese Mother spanking her daughter   After the spanking


5 comments to Spanked Schoolgirl Galore, A bunch of New Spanked Women and Tall and Tiny Spanked Girls. This and More On The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week!

  • Pancakes


    I won't lie and say that I just stumbled on your blog – I've been an avid reader for a good while now. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I truly appreciate being able to read quality spanking content everyday. It gives me much needed breaks from the monotony of dissertation writing and your choice of images continually gives my husband a wealth of ideas (which generally don't turn out so well for me…)

    Thank you for putting so much effort into this blog, it is my favorite by far.

  • jeremy

    Hope to see more of Mina Meowyeeoouuchh!

  • Kami just gets cuter and cuter.

  • About the pre-amble to this post, well said. It is important for the community to show support for these ladies at this time.


  • Bottom Spanker

    Alyssa Dior is a porn starlet and was born and raised ind Oregon. She is 5'10" tall and positively Amazonian for a porn chick.

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