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In the past I have been accused of being somewhat misogynistic since in a kink where we enjoy woman receiving spankings for their misdeeds is in no way misogynistic in and of itself.   Of course if they would simply get back in the kitchen where they belonged there would of BChearingcourse be no need for spankings!  (I kid our females Dear Reader,  I swear).  But by even my standards Dear Reader I simply couldn’t believe what I saw this week.  You see the Republicans convened a hearing on women’s contraception since you know,  this really hasn’t been an issue since the 19 fucking 50’s.  This is what the panel looked like.  I mean are they even trying anymore?  A panel to tell women whether or not they should have easy access to not getting pregnant consists of a catholic bishop,  a Lutheran minister, a rabbi and two professors all of course men.  The one female who was considered was rejected by our conservative crazies since losing an ovary due to lack of coverage of course makes her unqualified. 

Now while I might be a liberal commie bastard I do know this country only works when there are at least two reasonable competent parties from which we can choose from.  The above picture just boggles even my mind at the level of stupidity.  Coupled with the suggestion that women should use the “Bayer aspirin” technique for birth control.  (Holding a Bayer aspirin between their knees) by one of Rick Santorum’s backers just simply makes me believe they are simply not even trying to win anymore. 

You would think that a panel like this would come up with the most effective way to solve this controversy that was more or less settled 60 years ago.  Simply subject our ladies to harsh bare bottoms spankings whenever they might have the urge to do the dirty deed.  Now lets see some examples of this with the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We begin today with our friend Dallas re-mastered and additional scenes of the very first disciplinarian spanking that the incredible Amelia Jane Rutherford ever received.  Made to strip down to her birthday suit he takes her over his knee to deliver a spanking she of course never forgot since she was indeed reduced to tears for her misdeeds.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
amelia_imp_02 amelia_imp_07 amelia_imp_10 amelia_imp_11 amelia_imp_14 amelia_imp_15

One of the things that Republicans love are Girl Scouts.  Errr,  oh they don’t like them either since they started allowing “transgender” children into their little club.  They want to boycott their delicious addictive cookies!  Where indeed will I satisfying my craving for thin mints!  Of course referring to a 7 year old as “it” is indeed classy but hey whatever floats your boat.  I indeed like the scouts since when older girls don’t the uniform they indeed look quite spankable,  a statement with  which our friend Cake boy apparently agrees.  From Triple A Spanking
Image11 Image12 Image22 Image24 Image48 Image56

One of the questions that is always up for debate is how indeed does one know that you has spanked an naughty girl enough.  My personal feeling on this is when real tears are produced.  Now again not all girls cry when spanked and you don’t want to take the chance of hurting them trying to get tears produced but generally its a good indication that they have indeed learned their lesson.  Kelly Morgan apparently really doesn’t like the wooden paddle.  They used it on her in school!  Well she gets 10 licks of it over her tight jeans and after only 5 tears stream from her pretty little eyes.  I indeed think she has been spanked properly.  From Firm Hand Spanking
intern_bf002 intern_bf005 intern_bf008 intern_bf013 intern_bf015 intern_bf021

Now if I had a younger sister such as Sarah Gregory I indeed would be protective of her too.  But what indeed is a brother to do when his sister is found at a party with no one sober to drive her home.  Of course you go pick her up.  But indeed bad choices have consequences.  What better way than giving her a good hard spanking!  Though in this particular case I would suggest keeping the panties firmly on lest you are from Kentucky or some such place where that is perfectly acceptable.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking.
0073_good_old_fashioned_brotherly_love_gal1-005 0073_good_old_fashioned_brotherly_love_gal1-015 0073_good_old_fashioned_brotherly_love_gal1-017 0073_good_old_fashioned_brotherly_love_gal1-027 0073_good_old_fashioned_brotherly_love_gal1-032 0073_good_old_fashioned_brotherly_love_gal1-034

I guess technically I am a webmaster.  On Spanking Teen Brandi the webmaster gets to spank her.  Why the hell doesn’t someone invite me to spank them.  This is totally unfair.  Someone needs to do something about this!  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
728_007 728_020 728_054 728_046 728_178 728_191

One of the problems with castings is that girls who think they can take a spanking sometimes cannot.  This girl obviously driven by the money finds that the cane is agonizingly painful which of course why it is used to persuade our naughty girls.  From Mood Casting
aneliadean_001 vlcsnap-2012-02-17-12h07m07s242 vlcsnap-2012-02-17-12h07m50s155 vlcsnap-2012-02-17-12h07m29s202 aneliadean_005 aneliadean_009 

Finally for this week it seems that our lovely little Sinn Sage has turned to a life of crime.  Unfortunately her first victim is the famed zombie survivalist Chelsea Pfeiffer.  Knowing how to protect herself from the walking dead has lessons to protect us from those of us that are not flesh eating monsters.   Of course Sinn soon finds herself firmly restrained and facing a very painful spanking.  From Spank Sinn
013 015 007 014 011 004 


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