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Spanked To Tears



Title: Spanked to Tears

Starring: Unknown

Produced By:

Distributed by: Video Spanking

Runtime: 29.58

Price: $4.33 for a single rental,  $5.95 for a 7 day rental Protected WMV Format




I decided to take a little break from reviewing Shadowlane movies this week and take a chance on a Spanking House that is indeed vlcsnap-7917067 unknown to Your Humble Narrator.  The thing is with Shadowlane you can pretty much expect that you will enjoy the spankings in their movie.  When picking from other publishers many times it is indeed a hit or miss, and while this is indeed only a review,  hey can I help it if I want to see some beautiful women spanked hard while I do my review?  Ah, but I am indeed a reviewer and taking a chance so you Dear Reader do not have to is indeed my job.  So join me for the next Spanking Spot Review, Spanked to Tears.

Well Dear Reader for the back story there is really not much to it.  We begin with a rather pretty young schoolgirl taking a test under the watchful eye of a rather large and intimidating teacher.  Now why indeed she has annoyed him so is indeed a mystery that one can only assume is her complete lack of knowledge in the subject she is testing on. 

vlcsnap-7917365 After a few frustrated pounds on the table our teacher, Well call him Vlad (he looks like a Vlad).  Takes this pretty young thing and bends her over her desk for a few over the skirt swats.  She is indeed dressed in a schoolgirl uniform,Americanized than we are used to, with a longer plaid skirt and a rather tight top. 

After a few whacks she indeed sits down again to finish her work,  and after yet another problem wrong she indeed gets a few more harder swats.  These are no love swats Dear Reader,  they are firm and hard, with our young schoolgirl letting out a little yelp even over her skirt. 

This goes on once or twice more until our hero Vlad finally has enough,  Now although he is indeed a hard spanker he has a bit of diffculty getting his ward into the proper position over her chair.  Now whether this is due to spanking inexperience or just poor choreographing we do not know.  But once he gets her situated (quite roughly might I add) and a few more hard whacks over her lovely plaid skirt, it indeed comes up for some spanking over the panties. 
vlcsnap-7919656 vlcsnap-7919742 vlcsnap-7925615

Our young student seems quite unfamiliar with what is about to happen to her.  yelping at some hand swats that come hard across her thin white panties.  But Vlad has no mercy and grabs a large strap to teach this girl a lesson.  The spanking begins in earnest which our schoolgirl learns the first rule of being spanked.  Putting your hands back to protect ones bottom results in your hands getting whacked which perhaps hurts more than the spanking itself.  vlcsnap-7929317

Vlad alternates with the strap and very hard hand spanks with our spankee already beginning to blubber a bit.  He tries to spank her with a rolled up magazine but that is quite ineffective and he quickly abandon’s it for his hard hitting hand. And since the proper way to spank a young lady is indeed on the bare ass, the panties come down much to our spankee’s chagrin.  With her head shoved down on the seat of a chair he spanks her harder with our young schoolgirl quite visibly in tears now. 

Thinking indeed of other diabolical ways to teach this girl a lesson she is made (with her panties down, to continue her schoolwork getting a couple of hard whacks with the strap and hand every time she gets the problem wrong.  Calmed now now and her bottom glowing red she is quite distracted by the looming teacher and the large strap he is holding. 

vlcsnap-7932847 At this point the movie alternates between a bit of psychological torture with Vlad poking and feigning with his strap and honest to goodness hard spanking.  Honestly Dear Reader I have never seen a Spanking movie like this, and to tell you the truth in a perverted kind of way I indeed enjoyed seeing this girl flinching ever time she thought she was going to get smacked. 

Now most spanking movies start indeed with an OTK and then move on to harder forms of punishment.  But like the rest of this surprising movie they do indeed do not follow the formula.  After Vlad gets bored of the strap he puts his ward over his knee,  her bottom quite red and gives her of course a old fashion OTK spanking. 

But our Vlad seems confused, while he seems quite good at glaring, and looking rather menacing he seems unsure of what position he wants to spank her in.  Changing position every 10 whacks or so is actually quite annoying after a while.  This results in alot more manhandling and getting his young schoolgirl in position than it does in actually spanking her. 
vlcsnap-7932847 vlcsnap-7933299 vlcsnap-7940612 vlcsnap-7938297 vlcsnap-7939778 vlcsnap-7939923

The glaring, psychological torture and even a bit of spanking continues in a few more positions with our young schoolgirl crying and vlcsnap-7939116 whining with each smack.  As we reach the finale, Vlad administers a quite brutal hand spanking to her already stinging and red bottom. 

So did I like it Dear Reader,  I will say it was well.. interesting.   First of all there is no dialog,  just alot of leering and spanking.  While there was enough hard spanking to keep my interest the whole start and stop thing grew slightly irritating after a while.  Vlad has this mean kind of clueless look on his face like he is not quite sure what to do with this naughty girl.  On a positive note,  the spanking was quite hard and the schoolgirl quite pretty.  Its definitely a different type of spanking vlcsnap-7941287 movie and for 4 bucks you can’t beat the price

If your interested you can see it here at Spanked to Tears


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