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Spanker of the Year for 2012 Winner

Well Dear Reader as our spanking awards wind down there are only two left to announce.  Many a storied and famous spanker has this honor been bestowed upon them.  This year of course is not any different.  The Spanker of the year is judged on his or her dedication to our craft.  I can think of none others deserving than this years nominee’s  Hence I will dispense with the niceties  and announce what I know you are indeed waiting with bated breath Dear Reader. 

And the 2012 Spanker of the Year is


There is none other that I can indeed think of with the staying power and dedication to our craft.  He is perhaps synonymous with the development of spanking on the internet and not a few of us got our first glimpse of grainy video with a very loud girl over his knee in storied Nuwest Videos.  But that was a long time ago,  and he has successfully merged his talent of dishing out some of the hardest spankings on the internet with his interest in music and humor.  We will indeed be looking for great things from him in 2013.  Image courtesy of Dallas Spanks Hard



And the runner up is……

Zoe Page

This is a bit of a surprise to me Dear Reader.  Not that I have anything against Ms Zoe,  quite the contrary!  She is as gorgeous as she is cruel.  She does have a commanding presence in presence of even the most headstrong girls.  Her hard hand does indeed punish them with zeal making her quite fearsome.  Image courtesy of Bars and Stripes.


Congratulations to all 


4 comments to Spanker of the Year for 2012 Winner

  • Zoe is no surprise to me at all, I know I was the 1st to nominate her and have worked with her a lot this past year so know just how hard she can be with the girls… and she is totally EVIL with the fellas (what you see here is toned down!)

    She is also a very funny girl, I shall never forget going into Sainsburys deli counter before a film shoot for an order and she left the name of "Mistress Zoe" much to the bemused face of the assistant… all good fun!

    & of course well done to Dallas (again) :)

  • Thanks Chief… appreciate it.

  • iwasrobert

    Congratulations to both of these worthy contenders.

  • Thanks iwasrobert. I and I am sure Zoe as well appreciate anyone who finds time to post a congratulatory response. Much Aloha D.

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