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Spanking A Chinese Girl, Amelia Jane Rutherford over the knee of Chelsea Pfeiffer And Spanked by The Dentist. That and More on The Spanking Updates of the Week!

Well Dear Reader I guess Summer is officially over since our hard working website owners have been releasing many of their new girls getting spanked.  This indeed makes for a good post for you Dear Reader.  First we have a Chinese National who gets the first spanking of her life.  Second we have a rather big girl getting spanked by someone somewhat shorter.  Sadly Tom has lost his hair in some bizarre accident and Naked Southerners find out what its like to sit on sandpaper for an hour.  This and more my friends on The Spanking Spot’s Spankings of the Week!

Knowing next to nothing about  Chinese culture Your Humble Narrator wonders  Dear Reader if girls are spanked as a practice when growing up.  I ask this Dear Reader because rarely does one find any spanking in the Far East other than F/f Spanking.  Well for those of us who are intrigued about spanking in this mysterious part of the world Real Life Spanking brings us 22 year old Lin.  Working at her uncle’s Chinese restaurant she tends to listen rather poorly to her uncle’s instruction.  So rather then sending her back to the home country she takes her to see our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian. Having never been spanked as an adult Lin definitely appears rather surprised about how much spanking hurts hanging upon the leg of our Able Authoritarian for dear life as her bare ass is spanked soundly. 
Chinese Spanking Chinese girl gets spanked Spanking a Chinese Girl American Spanks Chinese Girl Real Life Spanking

I’m indeed insulted Dear Reader.  The Beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford came to the States to visit (and be spanked by) the lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer.  Not once did she call me to tell Your Humble Narrator that she was giving up men for the short fat balding Yours Truly!  The Nerve!  From Good Spanking
Amelia Jane Rutherford Chelsea Spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford Amelia Rutherford spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer Good Spanking The Spanking Spot

Fe Fi Fo Fum,  I shall not be spanked by a midget.  well maybe…  As much as I like to see a big (not fat mind you) girl taken over the knee and spanked.  Somehow I would find it slightly more believable if Alyssa Dior spanked Kay Richards rather then the other way around.  From Girl Spanks Girl
Tall Girl about to get a spanking Girl Spanks Girl Female Spanking Female Bare Bottom Spanking Spanked

What the HELL happened to Tom’s Hair!  Has the stress of running Girls Boarding School led to his follicle deficiency!  Has shouting at these “Stupid Girls” caused premature pain in the ass girls baldness?  Or perhaps his hair has been permanently damaged by the radioactive glow from naughty girls behinds!  Well Dear Reader, Tom might have lost his mane but his hand is still functioning quite well when he spanks his new resident Kathrin.
Waiting for a spanking Spanked over the jeans Tom from Girls Boarding School Spanking at Girls Boarding School Girl gets a spanking

Now what do we have here Dear Reader?  The quite spankable Kali (as opposed to Kailee) in a school uniform and glasses!  Now personally Dear Reader Yours Truly thinks that even nerdy girls need a spanking from time to time.  Just because your valedictorian doesn’t mean you need your bottom spanked to keep you in line.  In fact they should be spanked more,  what the hell are they doing studying all the time.  Go out and have fun dammit! Just make sure you get home by your curfew or another spanking will be awaiting you.  From Sound Punishment
Schoolgirl  Schoolgirl about to get a spanking Mother Spanks Schoolgirl Mother Spanks Daughter Bare Bottom Spanking

What possibly could be better than one schoolgirl getting caned on the bare?  Two Schoolgirls getting caned on the bare ass of course.  On Spanked Schoolgirl we have the concoction of getting spanked with a funny hat,  with a second naughty girl entrance left and spanked right.  From Spanked Schoolgirls
Caned at School Panty Spanking Caned over the Panties Caned on the bare ass Spanked SchoolgirlsPainful Spanking 

Your Humble Narrator last week mistakenly referred to this next girl as Lauren Langley.  For once Dear Reader is was simply not my in-attention.  It is indeed because it was simply mislabeled on English Spankers. Although I am thrilled that I did not make a mistake for once that was solely my fault.  It makes this spanking no less worthy to you Dear Readers.  This is Amber whom started with English Spankers last week.  She has a very unique look which I can neither describe as attractive or not.  Somewhat odd I agree but that adds to the uniqueness about her. Regardless of my opinion Dear Reader she is indeed quite spankable. 
English Spankers Girl Paddled  Spanked by a Paddle Stop Spanking Me Spanking

Ok Dear Reader,  this is punishment redneck style!  sitting bare ass on sandpaper!  Man I wish I thought of that!  Apparently this configuration is not all that comfortable for out trailer trash beauty Saidy since despite her man’s wishes she gets up.  I’ll have to say about Saidy,  even when faced with a spanking she is quite a bitch.  Mouthing off in such a way once could do no less than spanked the hell out of her naked butt.  But Dear Reader, her sassiness is cut short from a well placed hand moving at high speed toward her bottom.   From Redneck Spanking
Redneck Spanking Naked Trailer Trash Naked Spanking Southern Spanking Wife Spanked by Husband

Oral Hygiene is important Dear Reader.  So much so that if one does not brush one’s teeth properly one will be getting a lecture from the dental hygienist.  (God I hate that).  While I appreciate their caring sometimes they need to STFU and clean my teeth.  Well This dentist takes his job considerably more seriously.  How you might ask?  Well what better way to make sure his patients listen to his advice then giving them a bare bottom spanking.  From Fetish Flixx.  (yes its a spanking site. Just a bad name)
Fetish Flixx Spanked by the Dentist Hard Spanking Spanked in the doctors office Red Bottom Spanking

And Finally for tonight we have a foolhardy and irritating Japanese teen that simply does not know the ramifications for pissing off adults.  Well as they say with experience comes wisdom.  and this girl gets a huge dose of wisdom.  From HandSpanking
Handspanking Japanese Spanking Spanked over the panties Mother Spanking Daughter Tomboy Spanked


Until Tomorrow


5 comments to Spanking A Chinese Girl, Amelia Jane Rutherford over the knee of Chelsea Pfeiffer And Spanked by The Dentist. That and More on The Spanking Updates of the Week!

  • About the photos from Girl Spanks Girl – OK you don't see it very often in F/f scenes but the ability of a woman to psychologically tower above someone who they are physically shorter than, is a very appreciated and admirable quality.


  • That is a bit different, but, hey, variety is the spice of life, and big girls need spanked too. I've known a few big teenaged girls in real life who found they weren't too big to be spanked by their physically smaller mothers (or, in one case, smaller father). In my first adult novel, CANRIFAX, I describe just such a situation, where a beautiful, six-foot brunette student is spanked by a female teacher who is almost a foot shorter.

    Still, I'd like to see this the other way around too…just for comparison purposes, you know!

  • The annoying teen in the pictures from HandSpanking is supposed to be a teenage boy in the storyline, hence the ball cap and the strange choice of underwear. Although why you'd want a lovely lady like the spankee playing a boy is beyond me….

    Dr. Ken

  • eric

    Yeah, who was the casting director on that Girl Spanks Girl? The definition of ass backwards. BTW, Kay Richards always looks hot. Even better when she's getting a spanking.

  • Bottom Spanker

    For those of us who like to see tall young ladies with a well rounded bum on the receiving end, (porn queen) Alyssa Dior is nice to watch, IF she gets a hiding. BUT within this scenario Kay Richards – who also does a variety of softcore adult and glamour work all over the web – it does not look like that serious spanking was in the centre of their attention!

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