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Spanking for a 18 and 19 Year Old, Sarah Gregory gets it with a Hairbrush and Dueling Spankings.

So Dear Reader, I was spanking my significant other when a knock came at my door.  It seems I was spanking a bit harder than usual and one of my neighbors called the police thinking it was a domestic disturbance!  Now the logical thing to do would be to call my red bottomed girl and explain to the officer that it was all in good fun.  But this is America Dear Reader, and I have a god given right to be a complete asshole!  So I began to scream at the officer that he was engaging in spanking profiling and accused him of bias!  After all I said,  I am the great Brushstrokes.  Does he not know who I am!  Well Dear Reader I can tell you he stupidly arrested Your Humble Narrator.  Now I have contacted all the news channels to discuss this horrible act of spanking profiling although the officer had no idea that was going on.  And I completely expect to be invited for a beer at the White House.

Ok enough of my little social commentary.  Off to the Spanking Updates of the Week.

So lets being this week with a lovely 18 year old Cali Couture, an adult star who is getting her first spanking on film by Clare Fonda’s very very lucky camera man on Spanked Sweeties.  Now she is no stranger to spanking Dear Reader as her rather strict grandfather spanked her well into her teens.  So she is really not that far removed from the real discipline spankings she used to recieve.  I just wonder if her grandfather spanked her as hard as the cameraman.  Also available though Clare’s 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
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Peter Schoober must indeed be in a foul mood this week Dear Reader, since this lovely girl Karin gets probably the hardest strapping I have ever seen him give one of his girls.  To make matters worse when he pulls down her dress she her bottom is quite lean making being spanked by the heavy strap considerably more painful.  Meanwhile his lovely assistant Heidi  (I wonder if he has spanked her in the past,  perhaps its time to).  Dishes out a caning to the unfortunate Dianna’s bare bottom.  From Spanking Server
snapshot20090729121133 snapshot20090729121151 snapshot20090729121208 snapshot20090729121223 snapshot20090729121249 snapshot20090729121335

Being that a bare bottom OTK Hand Spanking is probably not enough to teach a girl that has been spanked as much as Sarah Gregory a lesson our lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer decides that bending her over the desk and giving her a number of good smacks with Your Humble Narrator’s namesake.  might finally make getting to work on time to sink in.  From Good Spanking
001a 004 005 003 006 008a 007

When Older men marry much younger women keeping them inline can be quite problematic.  Being quite old myself I find my self drawn inexplicably to Madlock reruns and driving in the left lane with my blinker on.  Being young it is quite forgivable that they want to go out and have some fun, rather than sitting around with their husband.  Now she might feel sexy in those satin pajama’s that you bought her, but as we all know they are indeed to spank her in when she comes home late.  From Punished Girls
vlcsnap-330105 vlcsnap-330294 vlcsnap-330469 vlcsnap-330630 vlcsnap-330759 vlcsnap-330902

Now what do we have here Dear Reader?  Another new spanking Model?  This is 19 year old Heather getting her very first spanking.  Actually I think English Spankers might have come up with an interesting way to fix our credit crisis. You See Heather needs to borrow money.  The bank has begun to protect its interest by giving a good spanking should they default.  Now Dear Reader for the young 19 year olds the idea of a spanking is indeed not effective as if they have received one and know what they are in for.  So part of the loan process is to spank Heather firmly as to make sure she never wants another spanking again. 
npp981007 npp981014 npp981027 npp981030 npp981053npp981064 npp981038 

It looks indeed that our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian has a new toy.  The punishment stool.  A rather uncomfortable device that a spanked girl is made to sit on after her punishment.  While I am not quite sure what the surface is, it appears to irritate a already stinging and bruised bottom.  Upon testing it after Felicia’s spanking the word has it that she did indeed not enjoy it,  Which Dear Reader I believe is the whole Point.  From Real Life Spanking
felicia_late_for_appointment_P1010261 felicia_late_for_appointment_P1010265 felicia_late_for_appointment_P1010270 felicia_late_for_appointment_P1010279 felicia_late_for_appointment_P1010280 felicia_late_for_appointment_P1010260

Monica is indeed an troublesome teen.  Once again she gets a spanking this time rather than over the knee of the Coach,  she is put on the punishment bench quite naked and spanked with all sorts of implements.  From Real Spanking or the 8 Site Real Spanking Pass
7648_002 7648_023 7648_040 7648_063 7648_070 7648_081

Well Bryanna’s visit to her aunt’s house has indeed not been going well.  Already spanked a couple of times already, her aunt catches her sleeping until 3 in the afternoon!  So Dear Reader she decides to give her a wake up call with a large leather belt.  From Spanking Bare Butts
6 18 29 33 34 36

Spanking Teen Brandy has a new update out double the spanking fun. You realize Dear Reader if you have two naughty girls on your hand one of them inevitably gets a lighter spanking since one’s arm does tend to get tired.  So why not call a friend to help!   The better option is to join this site though the 8 site Real spanking Pass since they only update ever two weeks.
207_005 207_020 207_027 207_036 207_072 207_073

Amelia Jane Rutherford finishes up her punishment at the woman’s prison at Bars and Stripes
amelia_solitary_day2_044 amelia_solitary_day2_050 amelia_solitary_day2_051 amelia_solitary_day2_052 amelia_solitary_day2_054 amelia_solitary_day2_074

I am not completely sure what an “announcer” is in Japan.  I suspect it is someone that reads stuff over a pa system.  Apparently they take their announcing quite seriously in the land of the rising sun since this lovely trainee gets spanked quite severely for mistakes.  From Handspanking
e6-02 e6-08 e6-15 e6-18 e6-24 e6-25


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  • Raymond

    I'm just going to have to visit Japan one day. All those cutie-pies spanking each other at the drop of a hat.

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