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Being American,  I belong to a nation of people not known to be cultured and sophisticated.  Yes we indeed are entertained by the simple things in life.  Tractor Pulls, Nascar and our politicians driving us off the fiscal cliff in an attempt to broaden purchases of cat food by old people.  Far be it for us to enjoy art or classic architecture that does not resemble a McMansion.  To do so would be well…..  European!  We would all be wind swilling socialists that drink with their pinky in the air!  Instead of course beer swilling capitalists giving all our money to rich people. 

But this week I decided to bring just a bit of culture into my home.  You see upon querying my significant other on what she indeed wanted for Christmas, she retorted quite romantically that she wanted a new toilet seat.  I am not entirely sure why but as anyone who has lived with a woman for any length of time when they ask for something like a toilet seat you would be better off not knowing.  But of course I am Brushstrokes,  I am called her little troll for a reason.  It is not in fact that I drive a lime green car (I do),  nor that I admire the new bridge they are building at the end of the road for me to live under. (I do).  It is not even because I am green (I am not).  But it is because I cannot honor a simple request without infinitely complicating it. 

Hence I bought a Bidet. 

Now I have never actually used one of these rather interesting devices but being that it seems to be a rather common device throughout the world while we barbarians continue to wipe our bottoms with wads of paper leading to all sorts of unpleasant things and arguments about sitting down and standing up,  that I shall not mention here (there are other sites for that yuck).  I figured I would give it a try.  Of course being that my significant other like “regular” things like boiled meat and potato’s she will of course be displeased.  But I hope the sensation of soothing jet of water cleaning ones wazoo will be enough to escape the worst of her wrath on Christmas day.  If not,  well it will be amusing none the less. 

Perhaps indeed it might even making spanking her more pleasant (Not that it isn’t anyway).  Thus bringing us to the next installment of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

So,  Imagine that you are a handyman.  Summoned repeatedly by a girl as gorgeous as Kami Robertson.  Simply so she can tempt you in a cute revealing little dress.  Do you A) take her up on her offer?  or B) Spank her!  Well now that I think about it either outcome isn’t all that bad of an idea.  From Northern Spanking
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Well Dear Reader we get an early Christmas present this year from none other than Spanked Sweeties.  Their newest naughty girl goes by the name of Ginger S.  Our SoCal girl being the girl next door type got spanked growing up by both her mother and her fearsome aunt.  In addition this lovely thing now enjoys getting spanked in her personal life, and now for our entertainment.  So welcome her Dear Reader for you can also find her on the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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So I am kinda amused Dear Reader.  while my state is considered quite well off there are area’s that are not so well off which Your Humble narrator has to traverse though during his newfound commute.  One of the area’s contains a rather large strip mall which apparently sprung up around a rather explicit adult store.  Right next to “FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY” sign is the “ADULT SUPERSTORE” which being how uptight we are about sex in this country makes me giggle like a schoolgirl every time I pass it.  Now strangely the part of New England I live and the area I grew up in,  were completely devoid of any kind of shop like this.  The most risqué would be a head shop with some dirty magazines.  Thus I have been tempted to stop in just for the hell of it.  Perhaps indeed find some good spanking magazines like Danielle Hunt found resulting of course in life imitating art.  From Triple A Spanking
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Your Humble Narrator has a thing about Clover Rock.  A thing he indeed cannot quite figure out.  Now due to my preference to very very, unnaturally slight girls this is indeed odd.  Not to say Clover is anything but incredibly cute but someone of my tastes that finds this girl incredibly desirable is well… interesting. Before I get yelled at please understand I do indeed understand that my ideal body type is indeed somewhat unattainable and perhaps unhealthy for most naughty girls.  One of these days I need to do an interview with her but that is indeed when I get off my lazy ass.  for now we will just have to enjoy her getting spanked in tight little jeans.  From Spanking Sarah
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So one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a young lady is to be spanked with an implement that belongs to her.  Perhaps that is why we don’t see many of them asking for wooden spoons, canes or indeed wooden hairbrushes.  But as Teen Brandi finds out there is always their stylish footwear that can be used on their bare bottoms.  Also available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
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Well Chelsea Pfeiffer didn’t appreciate getting spanked by Starry Knight because Chelsea Spanked her so once again she ends up over the knee.  Will this circular spanking madness stop?  I hope not.  From Good Spanking. 
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I was interested in how hard Elli Harrison gets spanked this week in Firm Hand Spanking’s series Military Discipline since the past spankings no matter how unnaturally slight she might be were….  well… pathetic.  And I can proudly declare the spanking she gets this week is slightly less pathetic than she got on her first spanking. No offence guys but you need to put FHS, but you need to put substance over a very pretty face.  My advice to you is go back to your roots. 
military_bf001 military_bf007 military_bf010 military_bf014 military_bf018 military_bf019

Finally for today we have the case of the Dirty Old Man vs young Sadie.  Still upset at the loss of his beloved Republicans who want to cancel his Social Security Check and then wonder why he might be in poverty.  Instead he spanks the hell out of young Sadie transforming her from a beautiful slight girl into a blubbering mess.  From Spanking Coeds.
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