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Christmas week is upon us Dear Reader and your Humble Narrator is done with his shopping 4 days early!  I am indeed proud of myself and am looking forward to not running around like a lunatic Christmas eve.  In fact I might actually enjoy the Spanking I intend on giving my significant other after the presents are wrapped!

Just a bit of housekeeping before we go take a look at some of my fellow brother and sister bloggers are doing this week.  First with Christmas being on Saturday there will of course be no Post.  Depending on what our Fine Spanking Houses update this rather slow week, the final Spanking update of the week will be on Sunday or not at all!  Also don’t forget to vote for the Hardest M/f Spanking scene of 2010. 

So without further ado lets see what my other Spanking Blogger Friends have had to say this week.

Your Grandfathers Spanking Movie


Spanking Spot Movie Theater

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Spanking Art by Veralsi


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