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Spanking In Suspenders

Welcome Back Dear Reader,  Now I have a confession to make.  After a mere year I am once again in the job market.  Now I know what you are thinking….  “Brushstrokes went and got himself fired again for spanking his secretary”.  While that would be of course amusing,  it is nothing of the sort, I am happily to report I am still gainfully employed but have come to the conclusion that some organization’s culture is well….. toxic.  Now I don’t think its any particular persons fault  its more the industry and the type of people it attracts.  Unlike many people however, I am fortunate enough to be good enough at what I do in a profession that has quite a bit of demand.  Thus I am not faced with the prospect of having to tolerate a crappy corporation. 

I mention this because now that I am on the Job Hunt once again I once again realize how much of a pain in the ass it is.  Is it so much to ask prospective employers to know what they are looking for before you place an ad and completely waste my time?  Must you really have me retype my resume into that silly little web form after I just attached it and sent it to you?  Can you accept the fact if you cannot fill a position in this economy perhaps, just perhaps your compensation just might be too low? no matter what the idiot in HR might say.  Finally it would really really help to know in what ballpark you want to pay so I can avoid wasting your time, and you mine. 

After all in any other situation you know what one is willing to pay.  If for example want to spank one of our lovely models for a spanking shoot.  I shall call them up and ask what they charge,  I don’t call them up and tell them “well,  we really don’t know what we want to pay so why don’t you come in and I can hem and haw for a month while I think about it”.  It seems the world of employment could learn quite a bit from the spanking world. 

Now I shall stop whining and off to more Spanking Updates of the week. 

You all know I have this odd thing for girls in overalls.  While I never would ask someone to explain their kink,  I do honestly wonder where the hell I got that from.  I mean overalls?  How in hell did my brain wire that as a turn on?  In any case,  this extends to girls in suspenders which considering considering I am a child of the 80’s might explain it.  But put Amelia Jane Rutherford in tight pants,  with suspenders and then paddle her perfect bottom.  Well I think I am in heaven.  From Northern Spanking

NSI113-SAC002 NSI113-SAC023 NSI113-SAC026 NSI113-SAC040 NSI113-SAC043 NSI113-SAC032 

Casey Calvert decided to go see our beloved Chelsea Pfeiffer this weekend.  Now I know,  considering some of the rather large things I have seen placed in her lovely bottom the pain from a spanking might pale in comparison.  But you would think she would wear something that offers better protection  than Daisy Dukes.  From Good Spanking
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In other news,  a Japanese company is trying to buy the iconic Bourbon Maker,  Jim Bean!  Somehow, it really doesn’t seem like bourbon is going to replace Sake for the Japanese Salaryman with his tie wrapped around his head.  But hey,  stranger things have happened.  Particularly in Japan.  From Handspanking
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  • smuccatelli

    I thought a spanking in "suspenders" meant a garter belt, as this is what our British cousins are referring to when they say suspenders. But then I realized you're a "colonial" as well…

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