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As some of you might have noticed, Your Humble Narrator has become plagued with the Indeed Nazi.  This of course is engaged Dear Reader that insists on pointing out my overuse of the word indeed.  Some of you have even attempted to defend Yours Truly and while your concern is appreciated I would remind you that I do not in any way shape or form take myself seriously nor of course should you. 

In fact I kind of like having him around.  After all who else will count up all my indeed’s!  That is a worthy goal as any other.  Some people like spanking,  some people like counting words that are purposely overused since I indeed enjoy it. 

So be kind to my Indeed Nazi,  he is as welcome here as any of you.  Free to berate Yours Truly in my over use of adverbs or any other reason anyone would like to berate me.  Perhaps I will berate myself after all it is time to continue the Spanking Updates of the week!

We shall begin Dear Reader with one of my favorite naughty girls.  The beautiful, the stunning, the unique Kami Robertson.  Now it seems that she was acting up in school,  this of course is not a surprise.  But rather than getting her tight little hiney spanked when she got home from school our friend Cakeboy had other ideas. Namely making her wait that arduous wait for the dreaded bedtime spanking.  From Triple A Spanking
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There are times in ones life where one simply drops one’s jaw, with just a hint of drool creeping out of the side of one’s mouth only to think to yourself “WOW”.  This Dear Reader is one of those times.  It seems that our famed cameraman has convinced a stunning soft-porn actress to take a spanking.  Now why he did not want the honor himself is puzzling, particularly that Alyssa Reece standing 5’4” this 24 year old is a perfect specimen to put over ones knee.  Well Melissa Jacobs is not afraid to take her even though when Alyssa gets up she might just do something about the fact that she just got spanked.  From Spanked Call Girls or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
002 012 015 019 021 024

Bad: You miss your Christmas post like Chelsea Pfeiffer did because she took the week off.  She probably could use a spanking.  Even worse.  You peek at your present like the adorable Mei Mara does.  Really bad: its a paddle.  Worse than that?  It is to be used on your bare bottom.  From Good Spanking
011 004 007 008 009 019a

Game of Thrones should be starting in a few short months which got me thinking about the lovely little Masie Dee who got spanked quite hard last season on set much to all of ours surprise.  It got me thinking that she is probably due for another one.  I am indeed glad to see that our friends at Northern Spanking thought the same. 
NSI110-SM071 NSI110-SM077 NSI110-SM080 NSI110-SM086 NSI110-SM090 NSI110-SM093

Ah my lovely Muse Leia Ann Woods.  I was enamored with her the first time I saw her oh so many years ago.  She is as beautiful now as she was then.  And apparently just as naughty.  From Spanking Sarah
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You know,  I consider myself somewhat learned in geography.  Although they did not teach it in my youth I was always fascinated with it.  Thus unlike most American’s I can actually point out Europe on a map.  Now of course I might not be able to pick out where those strange people who speak Hollish like where my friend the Able Amsterdam Authoritarian live but at the very least I can tell you its someplace off the coast of Australia.  So it has always bothered me that many of my countryman like my significant other simply have no understanding of the world outside of where they live.  Quite literally my significant other can not pick out Great Britain on a map and this is someone who scored an astronomical sum on the SAT’s in her youth!  After all we all know how simple it is to find it,  just look off the coast of China!  None the less it seems that my friend Triple A is having the exact same problem with his schoolgirls.  As it turns out the B in Britain stands for bare bottoms and the C in Cambridge stands for cane.  From Spanked In Uniform
episode55_3 episode55_4 episode55_7 episode55_12 episode55_14 episode55_17

Finally for today,  The Dirty Old Man and I have become quite good friends over the past few weeks.  He calls me up and insists that us liberals are ruining the country and that Obama is a secret Muslim.  I of course agree with him and ask him if he would like the conservative crazies cut his social security which would make him have to spank more girls.  But despite our differences we can agree that girls indeed need a spanking.  Unlike our congress who can’t agree on anything.  But this Dear Reader is the art of compromise which I actually feel bad about since it gets poor Mila spanked harder due to his frustration with me.  From Spanked Coeds
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3 comments to Spanking Indeed!

  • Indeed Count: 8
    Current Front Page Indeed Count: 38

    There is even an "indeed" in the title. This is the worst yet.

  • Anonymous

    "hint of drool creeping out of the side of one’s mouth only to think to yourself “WOW”.

    A little over the top. Sadly, you detract from the extremely beautiful women who routinely grace the spanking community web-sites. Alyssa Reece is 'indeed' very attractive, but if she didn't do soft porn, would that make her any less "WOW"?

  • iwasrobert

    Brushstrokes sounds like he's getting Stockholm Syndrome :-o (Mind you, I suspect I've been coming down with it too, what with the paragraph suggestion and all…)

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