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Spanking Machine Gets Tested On Lila’s Bottom

The neighborhood that I moved to is definitely mobbed up.  This of course is a good thing Dear Reader for while I am sure Joey Bag of Donuts disappears from time to time for a date with a shallow dug grave in jersey it keeps the neighborhood very very safe.  Now you can tell a neighborhood that is mobbed up in my beloved city by not only the safety aspect but lots of good food and the strange little store fronts that never seem to have any customers except for a few older Italian gentleman wearing sunglasses, sitting in the back and sipping espresso. 

Now these gentleman of course need to keep up appearances so in addition to our strange storefronts there are throngs of very blonde, very thin ladies with big hair, spoiled beyond belief and indeed in need of a rather hard Spanking.  Now although well deserved it is indeed not advisable to Spank these ladies being that they are inevitably related to these quiet yet rather dangerous gentlemen and one would probably quickly find himself meeting poor Joey sometime in the near future. 

But since those naughty ladies are quite off limits let us find a few that are indeed Spanked without such repercussions by our well meaning spankers on The Spanking Updates of the Week!

Let us begin once again with Wizard of Spanking, David Pierson who has the very naughty and very spankable Mischa over his knee in an adorable Cheerleading outfit.  Now she is not Spanked bare bottom (yet) but the little skirt and her light cotton panties offer no protection from the short wooden paddle that she is being punished with.  Jumping whenever the implement comes in contact with her delightful little bottom we can tell her bottom will be quite bruised when the WOS (Wizard of Spanking) takes down her panties and spanks her on her bare ass.  From Punished Brats

Cheerleader Spanked Spanked in a Cheerleader Uniform Cheerleader gets spanked by her father Mischa Spanked over the knee of David Pierson Naughty Cheerleaders Paddled over the panties

One of the best Spankings I think I ever gave, was not the hardest or to the prettiest girl.  But a girl that just got out of the shower.  It was indeed with a former girlfriend and upon exiting from the shower in just a towel she either did or said something that it was decided that she she needed to receive a Spanking for.  Now the beauty of spanking a girl in only a towel is that both hands are almost instinctively occupied in holding up the towel to cover up her nakedness.  During this time one has unfettered access to her bottom.  By the time the second reflex kicks in (trying to deflect the spanking) you have one well spanked and then naked girl!  Thus I must say I quite enjoy Kay Richards being spanked OTK in you guessed it…  a Towel.  From My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r38e04 Spanked in a towl Kay Richards bare bottom spanking r38e12 Kay spanked over the knee Naked Spanking

Now I gotta get me one of THESE!  You see Dear Reader with work, blogging and various other responsibilities I find I have very little time for the important act of spanking.  I could be spanking a naughty girl while blogging with the nifty time saver.  The RoboSpanker and it even has speed control!  Unfortunately the Spanker Union has contacted Mr M and demanded that he cease and desist using such a labor saving device.  It is a direct threat to its members and thousands of out of work Spankers would be a bad thing in these recessionary times.  So Mr M decides not to risk a strike and finish Lila’s spanking the old fashion way.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Spankpass
Teen waiting to be spanked at school Robo Spankier 9472_007 Spanking Machine Lila Spanked with a strap 9473_006

Well I think we can honestly say that Spanked at home has recovered.  Three weeks and three new spankings!  And a very pretty new naughty girl to boot!  Dear Reader meet Amelie who is apparently not a very good burglar.  Instead of calling the police and putting this lovely girl in jail Alex decides to dish out his own brand of justice.  But one spanking will not leave an impression on this pathetic pilferer and he decides to rehabilitate the girl during the next 3 months.  I would have to imagine before too long jail might be looking good. 
Amelie mov0103_still04 mov0103_pic25 Amelie first spanking Bare Ass Spanking Spanked girl

Stella Michaels is back on Real Life Spanking this week getting a good old fashion over the bed spanking for being late to the shoot.  Now as you might have remembered when our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian first spanked her.  He told us that she was actually a generally well known model in Holland.  So I enquired which he has yet to enlighten Your Humble Narrator.  Famous or not she has a wonderful bottom for spanking and triple A indulges with a strap. 
Stella Michaels Spanked Strapped on the bare ass Woman spanked on the bed  stella_bedroom_strapping_P1010059 Painful Spanking stella_bedroom_strapping_P1010064

There is so much to love about this spanking that Clover gets and one thing to hate.  First the bad,  I hate the angle.  Having a table in front limits the viewers perspective which could be so much better when seeing a girl like Clover get her beautiful supple bottom spanked.  Other than that I am not sure which outfit I like her in,  the short schoolgirl dress or the little slinky black dress with a hole in her stockings.  But just for good measure she is made to change so she is spanked in the proper outfit.  From Sound Punishments
vlcsnap-2010-04-14-16h43m28s46 Clover Rock Schoolgirl Spanked on her panties vlcsnap-2010-04-14-16h44m27s120 Bare bottom schoolgirl spanking Girl Spanked by the headmaster

What could be better than Spanking one pretty schoolgirl?  Why spanking two of them!  Now once again we are faced with a dilemma that as one of these schoolgirls would you want to go first, potentially getting a much harder spanking but getting it over with.  Or second which the spanker wielding the dreaded strap might tire but you have to listen to your friend’s cries of pain while you wait for your turn.  Well the rather pretty Jodie doesn’t have much of a choice and with her panties down she is spanked quite soundly as Lottie looks on.  On an added note I have never seen Jodie spanked to tears before.  That strap must pack a sting.  From Spanked Schoolgirls
Bent over and spanked Schoogirl slipperedvlcsnap-2010-04-14-16h59m25s140 vlcsnap-2010-04-14-17h01m04s107

Spanking Casting is well er…. Casting a new girl for a Spanking!  Lilly tries her bottom out for some punishing pain as they take a wooden spoon to her soon to be stinging bottom is a number of different positions with a variety of household Spanking implements 
CAS_076_1 CAS_076_8 Spanked with a wooden spoon Spanked with a ruler CAS_076_56 CAS_076_78

Before Brandi retired she was one of the hottest spankee’s there was in the business.  When she was spanked she was spanked HARD.  But like bright stars beautiful bottoms burn out quickly.  Thankfully we still have spanking footage that we have never seen before on Spanking Teen Brandi.  And I can never pass up one of her OTK spankings.  Also Available though the better valued 8 site Spankpass
132_005 Teen gets a bare bottom spanking Brandi is spanked by her boyfriend OTK Spanking Teen Spanking 132_056

And Finally for this lovely day we have a Japanese Schoolgirl Kurumi getting a spanking from her mother because she has broken 3 promises to her mother in a month.  For the third she was late but that was only because she was trying to save her lost grandfathers neighbors cousins friend from being kidnapped by a tentacle monster bent on destroying her family which killed its tentacle ancestor 700 years ago. On an added note this is a pretty damn hard F/f spanking. Very nice indeed From Hand Spanking.
Japanese Schoolgirl k5-05 Japanese Schoolgirl spanked by her mother Mother spanks daughter Japanese girl gets a bare bottom spanking from her mother k5-v18


2 comments to Spanking Machine Gets Tested On Lila’s Bottom

  • Jim

    Durn tootin' right about the danger of a Spanking machine to putting working folks out of jobs.

    Speaking of tootin', I was reminded of the Woodie Guthrie standard "John Henry, Steel Driving Man", with John Henry pitting himself against the newly-invented steam hammer.

    I could envision a re-make w/ someone (Dallas-??) crooning the lines:
    "You are nothing but a common man,
    Before that steam drill shall beat me down
    I'll die with a paddle in my hand."

  • a

    nobody cares about these comments

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