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Spanking Model Spotlight: Amy Denison

Age: 23
Height: 5ft 11in

Bust: 34B
Waist: 25
Hips : 36

Weight: 135lbs
Hair color : Brunette
Eye color : Blue/Green

Hometown : Dallas TX
Relationship Status: Single

Being of a little less then average height and slightly funny looking I never tried much with the taller ladies
(well there were a couple of one night stands, drenched in an alcholic haze) . I did, however have a good friend when I was in school (we'll call him Fred) who absolutely adored them. When we chose to imbibe, his nose would get bright red and he would hit on the tallest girl in the room.

There were two problems with this! First, by most counts he was slightly funnier looking then I. The second was he was only 5'1". Much to the testament to his charm, he struck out less then you would think.

I have no doubts that Fred would be absolutely infatuated with our next guest on The Spanking Spot. Our next Stratopheric Spankee is known for her Beauty, wicked sence of humor and a rear of iron. Please welcome Amy Denison from Firm Hand Spanking.

Amy, Can you tell me the story on how you got into the business and decided to become a Spanking Model?
I was at college an
d modeling a bit, and I got an email through my model agency asking if I’d be interested in working for Firm Hand. Like why me? I talked to them about what they needed and thought ‘I can do that’. Spanking? No problem. Can’t be so bad, right? They said I’d be paddled and I had that at school so I wasn’t worried about it really. I said I wanted to wear a thong and they respected that which I liked. I mean I didn’t want to be bent right over showing everything! I made a feature movie called No Option about a bratty schoolgirl, then a double-bill called Back on Track. They asked me to do the Amy Denison Collection and I carried on working for them for quite a while, on and off. I never thought I’d be earning big bucks getting SPANKED! I don’t think I ever decided to “become a spanking model”, it sort of happened!

All of your work I have seen is with Firmhand, Have you worked for any other production houses?
No. I got asked, but I was happy working with Firm Hand.

How old were you when you did your first scene? What was it? Had you ever been spanked before?
19. It was No Option. I got spanked bare bo
ttom, first time for that! I got like 200 or more spanks. Then paddled with this leather paddle thing that really stung, like 50 swats. I remember I got the strap, which was about 20 or 25. They were all bare bottom and given by a woman. But a guy did five with the board at the end and they were HARD! I had to bend down and grab my ankles and I only had my thong underneath the jeans and that paddle STUNG. Worse than at school, except when I got swats in volleyball shorts.

In your profile on Firmhand it says you got the paddle in High School, Can you tell us a little about that?
They gave swats for more serious offenses or you could trade a detention for swats. I think it was 3 instead of going to Dhall. It was done in the office, bent over a desk. Or if coach did it, he had students grab their ankles. An assistant principal
paddled me in volleyball shorts and that was SERIOUSLY hurting.

Amy, you have the reputation of being able to take a hard paddle and hardly flinch. In your most recent clip on firm hand you are spanked with a hairbrush (your first I think and from my name you can tell I have an affinity for). It caught you in mid sentence. It looked like it hurt more then you were expecting, could you tell us about it?
I know the clip you mean.
Yes, it caught me off-guard. I try to put myself “in the zone” before a spanking so I’m ready for it. Bu the intensity of that hairbrush was a lot worse than I expected and I like JUMPED and it took my breath away. Bit like the paddle takes my breath away, it’s such an allover deep smarting. People have asked don’t I feel the paddle? My butt’s no different, it’s just I “zone out” the sting. Still hurts like hell! And when I’m paddled on bare skin that is AWESOME. But I can handle that, for some reason. People have said I’m very stoic, I think it’s because I don’t want to show how much it’s stinging! Like the paddling in The Bottom Line, which left instant marks on both cheeks, but I didn’t yell or anything, I managed to stay bent over.

Has there ever been a time you had to stop the
shooting because of the intensity of the spanking? Can you tell me about it?
Not actuall
y stop the shooting, but I’ve had to ask for breaks. With the cane, paddle and hairbrush, they’re the worst. They’re very good at a shoot, they’re always looking out for me. So if I need a break I get it. Safer that way. Then they carry on just as hard!

Is there anything you do to prepare yourself before a scene?

Arnica! I take tablets to reduce bruising. I like to know exactly what’s needed so I’m prepared for it. Dialogue AND
the spanking or swats, so I know how many smacks and am ready for it. Not like that hairbrush! If I have to bend over, I do some stretches to loosen up, like before a game, I also clench up and relax my butt muscles a few times and give them a work out or a little massage! I’ve been told I have a “bubble butt” and I’m happy with the shape, but it still looks huge when the camera gets it in closeup! I’ve done track and have long legs which they seem to like when I’m bent over, I try to keep myself in shape!!

Is there any one movie or scene you are particularly proud of, can you tell me about it
I’ve been paddled and caned so many times I can’t really remember. I think th
e paddling in The Bottom Line was pretty spectacular. It was seriously hard and I was in this school uniform bent over holding my ankles. The marks like come up right away, and when I held my bottom as I walked off, that was for real, it went on smarting for AGES.

Have you ever done a top scene? What was the transition like?
Never done it. Don’t think I could. Shannon Carson has but she’s so nice as a person she doesn’t like to hurt anyone!

What is your favorite implement?
strap. It gives a good sting but doesn’t have that sharp kick of wood or the bite of a cane.

What is your least favorite implement?
The school paddle. No contest. That is such a wicked implement. It’s that deep THUMP as it hits and the allover sting. Ouch!! And when you see it on video as it hits my bare butt guys think it’s pretty impressive, it like drives all the flesh out and sinks right in, then my whole butt is jiggling. In slow-motion it’s amazing. I hate watching that!

Who is your favorite Spanker ? Are there any that hit harder then others?
Don’t have a favorite. The English guy is good. They ALL hit quite hard. Him harder than most I think.

Do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings and why?
M/f. N
ot sure why, it’s more “real” I guess in a punishment scene I don’t mind being spanked by a woman for a scene but it seems more realistic with a guy.

What is your favorite spanking position and least if you have one.
I prefer being bent over feet apart holding ankles, that’s
an easy position for me but I know other models HATE it! I don’t like being put over someone’s knee, too childish for me. I look ridiculous I’m so tall!

Believe it or not I do have some female readers, Can you give any advice to any women thinking about getting into the industry?
Be careful who you work with. There are lots of good producers but some of them are eager to show what’s between your legs and thar’s nothing to do with spanking. Only do shoots where you’re comfortable with what’s going on. If you’re not, don’t do it. Check out a site first and talk to a model, not just the producer. See what it’s like working for that company.

Do you have any special projects in the works?
No. Not spanking ones!

Do you watch any other spanking models? Do you admire one in particular?
Shannon of course, Samantha Woodley is brilliant and SO beautiful, I like an English model called Amelia-Jane Rutherford, she’s awesome. Don’t see that much content though so I’m out of date.

Most people in the business say that their interest in spanking started at a very early age. Is this true for you as well?
No, I was never interested as a kid or at school. Only when I got to college and started shooting!

On your off time, what do you like to do?
I’m big into sports. And movies. And travel.

So what’s in the future Amy Denison?
Who can tell? I’d love to know myself!

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?
Thanks for saying nice things on Forums and keep watching because there’s more to come!

See Her Here at FirmHandSpanking

"font-size: 85%">ext guest on The Spanking Spot. Our next Stratopheric Spankee is known for her Beauty, wicked sence of humor and a rear of iron. Please welcome Amy Denison from Firm Hand Spanking.

Amy, Can you tell me the story on how you got into the business and decided to become a Spanking Model?
I was at college an
d modeling a bit, and I got an email through my model agency asking if I

7 comments to Spanking Model Spotlight: Amy Denison

  • Aunty Agony

    What a great interview! I really enjoyed reading it and learning more about a model I've seen a lot of. I really admire people who are willing to put their bottoms on the line for our enjoyment. I look forward to more interviews.

  • paqster

    A1 Interview. Amy denison was the first girl i've ever seen that made every hair on my head stand up. She is the epitome of the hot girl in trouble.

    Thanks soo much for the interview.

  • Anonymous

    please reduce the size just a bit of the OTK photo of Amy Denison. Thanks.

  • fran

    Thanks for a great interview and thanks to 'paqster' for your comment. Amy Denison is the only one to match Kiri Kelly's natural spirit of having fun when not having it. Who's able to combine an intelligent ironic attitude (at one's own expense) with pain and pleasure? Natural talents like Amy Denison and Kiri K. She's gorgeous, I really would like to know her.

  • Dan N.

    Haven't met Amy D., but I have played with Kiri K., and agree she is a "natural talent." Don't think I've ever met a girl who is so INTO spanking! Is Kiri still active in the scene? I'd love to look in on her if it's true.


  • billy

    Would you Amy,ever go back for a reunion school paddling. Please lol

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