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Spanking Movie Review: Brazilian Discipline


Title: Brazilian Discipline

Starring: Hot Brazilian Girls

Produced By: Xerotics

Distributed by:

Runtime:  61:55

Price: $13:95 Full Download



Ah August Dear Readers, time to take a vacation.  And why not since half of Europe shuts down for the dog days of summer.  Unfortunately for Your Humble Narrator I happen to reside in the good old USofA.  Where of course we don’t take any vacations since we indeed must work hard for that shiny bauble at Wal-Mart that we so covet.  brazil_otk16

Knowing this that sly dog Chief over at the Spankingblogg, emailed me telling me he is indeed launching a new site and asked if I would review one or two of his movies he has for sale.  I of course said why not!  The Spanking Spot is indeed not about selling you things Dear Reader for my own gain,  but spreading the Gospel of Spanking!  And that is what we shall do today. 

Now if I were to go on vacation, I would of course want to go to Brazil.  A land of very hot women in tiny bikini’s who seem (at least though this movie) quite oblivious that ladies indeed need a good Spanking now and then!  These series of movies chronicles one of the trips the folks at Xerotics made with never before footage. 

The movie pack is divided up into 4 separate movies that runs a total of about an hour of these four girls getting their incredible asses spanked.  The first one entitled Brazilian OTK is basically 3 girls getting a pretty good OTK spanking.  Now judging by their reactions to the spanking (particularly the blonde) it seems the getting Spanked is quite foreign to these Brazilian Beauties.  They look utterly confused that a male would want to put them over their knee and give them a good hard Spanking on their hard wonderful Bottoms. 

Well I looked it up,  and as I suspected there is indeed a word for Spanking in Portuguese.  palmadas no traseiro, which seems to me a rather long winded way to say they are going to get their bare bottoms beaten But what does  your language deficient Narrator.  Hell I can hardly speak English! 

OTK Spanking brazil_otk15 Hot girl gets a spanking

In our second bare bottom punishment of these unfortunate ladies they import the time honored tradition of the cane at school.  Much to the chagrin of these lovely ladies hair now done in pigtails and wearing cutie little outfits they are caned and strapped quite harshly.  Not something they are obviously used to!  Thankfully the torrential downpour masked their cries as the rod comes into contact with their firm bottoms.  Should their cries of agony have drawn the attention of the authorities they would of course have some splainin to do.  From what I hear Brazilian Prisons are indeed not the place one wants to be!

brazil_biblerod03 Caned at school brazil_biblerod59 brazil_biblerod83

The next one called No English, starts out with a photo shoot of one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on.  Inexplicably she is not Spanked in this film.  But the other girls are subject to OTK Spanking and bent over and strapped in a kind of Spanking Gonzo production.  It looks more like outtakes than a put together film but it is entertaining none the less as the girls wiggle and squirm as the blows reign down upon their bare and beautiful bottoms.
brazil_noenglish02brazil_biblerod27 brazil_biblerod30  brazil_noenglish18brazil_noenglish43 Bare Ass Spanking

For the great Finale the last film is Brazilian Discipline we find out girls back in their tiny bikini’s and  which features another round of Hard OTK Spanking and the application of the strap to not only the three girls but the incredibly hot one that in the white shirt and the green schoolgirl skirt.  I can indeed tell you Dear Reader that she as the others have an incredible ass which is left red and stinging after the Spanking she is given. 
over the knee Spanking brazil_discipline03 Bikini Spanking brazil_discipline59 brazil_discipline66 brazil_discipline58

So in the end the question becomes did I enjoy it.  I would have to say YES!  While all the girls are quite attractive with impossibly firm buttocks I think I would have enjoyed it more if the super hot schoolgirl got an OTK spanking.  But of course it is a rather small thing.  The one thing I did notice about this whole series is I suspect the girls in this movie did not really understand what they signed up for.  The looks on their faces were amazing when they felt the sting of the Spanking.  But not so much that they didn’t stick around for harder strokes with the strap and rod.  All and all it is indeed a good solid Spanking film that many would indeed enjoy

If your interested you can find it at Naughty Bottoms


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