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Spanking Movie Review: County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings


Title: County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings

Starring: 3 Naughty Girls

Produced By: Raven Hill Studios

Distributed by: Spanking Spot Movie Theater

Runtime:  00:29:17

Price: Viewable though Purchase of minutes (20 free) or
7 day rental: $3.95 Lifetime Rental: $9.99


If there was ever such thing as a legal kingdom in this country it would exist as the domain of the County Sheriff of the less populated areas of what we on the coasts call flyover country.  Much vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h23m55s125 celebrated and maligned the county Sheriff over history was granted wide and sweeping powers to govern his fiefdom.  There of course was a good reason for this for back in the days of the wild west one needed a autonomous law bringer to tame the back country.  However in the days of high speed internet and instant communication this policy seems more of a relic to feed the ego’s of small men.  This indeed is the reason we have people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  While making inmates wear pink underwear and live in tent cities in the desert was at first amusing, his abuses of power hopefully will get him incarcerated along with his inmates at some point.  But indeed there are perks to the job,  namely the punishment of wayward young girls though any means one sees fit.  As with our next title County Sheriff’s Bad Girls  Spankings. 

vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h26m37s203Our tale opens up with 3 rather hot girls by the names of Kelly, Tiffany and Britney.  It seems these girls have been a bit of trouble lately!  One for underage drinking, one for vandalism and one for driving without a licenses.  It seems our county sheriff Collins takes care of petty crime rather expeditiously with pretty young girls.  Namely  with a good hard bare bottom spanking.  The nervous girls wait while Tiffany tells them of a friend of hers that went though the ordeal telling them she indeed could not sit down for 2 days! 

But the girls wait is not long as our spanking sheriff opens the door.  After confronting the girls about their wayward ways he first chooses lovely little Britney the vandal to be punished first as the others nervously wait their turn.  In tight jeans and her midriff bare she is told to pull down her pants to reveal blue pretty polka-dot panties and told in a quite administrative way to get over the sheriff’s knee. 

vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h33m19s158 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h31m38s173 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h36m28s253 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h36m52s238 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h37m08s141 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h38m07s221

The spanking is begun right on the bare bottom,  the sounds of a hard hand smacking bare flesh echo beyond the door along with the girls cries making the other girls wait that much more unbearable.  To tell you the truth this indeed is what a hard bare bottom spanking should be!  Little talking and a long hard spanking as the girl weeps from her stinging bottom.  The smacks come quick and hard. 

But the administrative punishment is not limited to an over the knee spanking.  There is also the prospect of a cold hard wooden paddle to be felt on her already red bottom.  She is bent over the spanking bench and 15 of them are laid on her with the other girls hearing every bottom searing smack and her cries of pain.

 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h39m13s113 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h40m57s127 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h41m39s34

In the same matter of fact voice the Sheriff tells the now crying girl that the punishment is done.  She raises her pants and walks out with tears in here eyes and rubbing her sore bottom to the horror of the other girls.  The next girl selected is the rather pretty Kelly who is guilty of driving without a license. 

Kelly a hot blonde with 80’s hair and a nice little pair of tight little shorts is given the same administrative tone and told to get into position for her spanking.  Her little white panties are lowered and the spanking begins on her hot bare bottom.  Her cries once again are heard by the other girl awaiting her turn who grows more and more nervous since she didn’t even expect to get spanked today!  As the intensity increases so does her cries of pain until the Sheriff feels that she has been spanked enough!

vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h55m53s126 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h50m08s13 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h51m52s30 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h52m27s121 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h53m03s219 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h55m38s238

With her bottom burning brightly she is let up and instructed to get over the spanking bench where once again she will recieve 15 painful swats with the dreaded wooden paddle on the bare bottom.  Her shouts of pain once again rattle the third girl who is still under the delusion she is simply there to get a date to come back and not getting spanked!

vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h57m41s184 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h58m15s19 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-08h58m23s92


But her delusions are soon dissolved as Kelly comes hopping out rubbing her painful bottom.  Tiffany the one who was caught drinking underage attempts to talk her way out of it but is abruptly told to come with the Sheriff.  After all he hears this kind of thing all the time! 

Wearing a hot little pair of ripped Daisy Dukes Tiffany’s ruse is in vain.  Finally accepting her fate she lowers her shorts and positions herself over the very lucky Sheriff’s knee.  Her panties are lowered to reveal a hot little bubble butt and the spanking begins.  She grimaces in pain as the hard smacks reign down upon her bottom only to be heard by the well spanked girls still rubbing their sore bottoms waiting for her. 

vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h02m35s23 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h05m35s61 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h06m34s144 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h08m59s56 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h09m38s189 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h10m00s157 

With her bottom noticeably redder than the others she is then sent to the spanking bench where another 15 swats of the wooden paddle is administered ending her painful punishment.

vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h12m54s102 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h13m04s203 vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h13m36s8

The sore bottomed girls are sent on their way still rubbing their sore behinds.  But they may not have learned their lesson for they swear they will simply not get caught the next time.  Somehow I think they will be back to see the Sheriff sometime soon.  vlcsnap-2012-02-21-09h14m24s235

So the question is did I like it.  Now this might seem strange to you Dear Reader but I loved it, but I  am not sure you will. Normally I am typically confident that if I indeed enjoyed it you will at the very least be satisfied with my assessment.  But in this case I am not so sure.  You see I have always advocated spankings for petty offences rather than the current trend of sending young people off to jail and ruining their lives because they drank underage or some such minor thing.  Now obviously this will not happen until of course I become the ruler of the free world which will happen sometime after the zombie apocalypse.  But in the unlikely event something like this happens I can imagine that administrative court ordered spankings would be conducted exactly this way!  Very matter a fact which I found quite hot.  Perhaps you will too Dear Reader.

If your interested you can find it at County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spanking


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