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The Spanking Spot Movie Review: OTK Punishments II



Title: OTK Punishments II

Starring: Nikki, Jasmine, Donna, Claire, Kathy, Heidi, Jennifer, Chloe, Holly, Sarah, Lady D, Miss J., Coach, Mr… M. 

Studio: Real Spanking Films

Distributed By: SpankingVOD

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Price: $5.95 7 day rental,





Well Dear Reader this is a bit new for me.  I have been struggling on how to review this site.  You see the folks from SpankingVOD contacted me a week or so ago and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their myriads of spanking content they offer.  Now

as you might guess VOD stands for Video On Demand.  Now I know Dear Reader there are mixed feeling about VOD rather than the all you can eat model.  But to tell you the gods honest truth I believe that eventually that is where the industry is going.  It might take a very long time or I could be indeed wrong. But at minimum VOD is here to stay. 

So how does one review such a site?  Well Dear Reader you don’t But you can review their content and that is exactly what I will do for you today and weeks to come.   Today The Spanking Spot Brings You OTK Punishments II.

Now in full disclosure my benefactor from SpankingVOD Adam, allowed Your Humble Narrator to select the movie I would review.  My first thought was to do a review on one of the Raven Hill Studio’s movies.  (Sadly no Beach Bunny Spankings).  But Dear Reader I really wanted to try out this VOD Technology for you and I was afraid if I picked a particularly older movie I would not be giving the technology a fair shake.  So Dear Reader,  I searched and searched.  and agonized about my decision and finally settled on OTK Punishment’s II from Real Spanking Films.  Why might you ask?  Well, for starters their quality is known.  and well I like OTK!  So I guess Your Humble Narrator is not completely unbiased. 

OTK Punishments is a compilation of various OTK spankings given to the girls at Real Life Spankings and their sister sites.  Usually RLS issues unique content for their movies but for this one it is unknown.  I have not personally seen any of these spankings but then again I am indeed not a member and as you might have noticed over the years I don’t usually run their spankings on The Spanking Spot.  There indeed is a reason for that, but for now I will keep that to myself.  As for full length movies I see no harm in it. 

We begin with Kathy the cute redhead that has received many a spanking.  In a silk red chemise there is little left to the imagination.  Lady D who is arguably one of the hardest female spankers around delivers a great OTK spanking with Kathy’s panties pulled up.  Kathy’s objections are quite evident with her reduced to tears.  Lady D brings a finale to the spanking with her best effort leaving poor Kathy’s Bottom quite red and weeping. 

Since there is little or no plot in this movie our next girl up for a spanking is a girl named Chloe.  Spanking VOD has her listed erroneously as THE Chloe (A pornstar from the 80’s who I have always been smitten with).  This time our blonde pretty Chloe goes over a male’s knee for a hard and no nonsense OTK spanking for 2 full minutes. One of the things I have always enjoyed about Real Spankings is that they increase the temp (and the severity) of the spanking as time goes on.  Ending up with a few tears in her eyes and a red bottom I thoroughly enjoyed this one. 

For our next scene we have two lovely girls.  Heidi and Claire.  Claire a cute dirty blonde with a hair Bob and Heidi a very proper looking young gal.  Heidi is quite nervous since she has been watching Clare getting a spanking for most of the day and the fact that Heidi has never actually gotten a spanking.  After Heidi stands up one can see why she has never gotten a spanking.  She is large 6’1” so pretty much anyone who spanks her, she allows it unless one wants to get  a severe beating.  Seeing her over Clare’s knee is a bit ridiculous since she might be 5’1” with this giant of a girl over her knee.  But she delivers a pretty stinging naked spanking so Dear Readers Even Big Girls don’t like spankings. 

vlcsnap-1408232 vlcsnap-1410289 vlcsnap-1410915 vlcsnap-1418285 vlcsnap-1418653

To even things out they decide to allow Heidi to Spank our cute Clare. Now when I say Dear Reader that this girl is a Natural at spanking.  I mean this girl is a Natural.  Not once even considering letting up she brings Clare to wincing within the first two or three

strokes.  Even when they ask her to spank the hardest she can for 5 strokes Clare is visibly distressed!  Very nice indeed from someone new to the scene.

But while she might be a natural spanker,  its time to bring in the big guns.  Lady D is to show our poor Heidi what it is really like to get a severe spanking.  She gives her a moderate spanking for the first minute then they let Lady D do what she does best and finishes with 20 very hard F/f spanks.  Nice touch.  I am indeed not sure if she ever came back but she was one hell of a spanker. 

Now Dear Reader we come to Holly a waif of a girl in a rather need of a sandwich.  She don’s a schoolgirl outfit which is just perfect on her.  While the rest of her is quite thin she does has quite the spankable rear end.  Which Lady D does with a vengeance with a paddle and then of course my favorite with a hairbrush.  It is quite evident Dear Reader that this spanking hurt like the dickens from poor Holly’s reactions. 

Now from the little I have seen from Real Spankings Jennifer is my hands down favorite.  This girl with a body of a gymnast gets some of the hardest spankings that I have seen.  Coach (who is now retired) is one of my particular favorites for spanking her since these two go like peas and carrots.  The hand spanking he gives her is enough but when he applies the hairbrush to her bottom he brings the spanking to a whole other level.  Your Humble Narrator is truly impressed by this one. 

Now we have Sarah, a curly blonde with a body to die for getting a spanking from (I think) Miss J.  Now Sarah is cute as a button particularly with those panties on.  The leather paddle causes this blonde beauty to start to kick showing her displeasure for this great OTK Spanking.  Once the panties are removed (which quite honestly didn’t offer one iota of protection).  At this point her supple bare ass is exposed for a spanking that she will never forget. 

We now have one of my other favorites.  Cheerleaders!  As far as Your Humble Narrator is concerned all cheerleaders need a spanking at least once.  Nikki the quintessential irresponsible cheerleader. Her mother (played by Lady D) finds out that she has irresponsibly skipped practice.  Now for some reason Lady D tries to instill the importance of jumping up and down in a way to

revealing skirt.  But I guess what football does for the guys in rural America Cheerleaders does for the women.  Its time indecently to concentrate on getting your kids educated in those areas rather then depending on her

talent for jumping up and down.

Finally we have Donna,  Now Dear Reader one must remember that all Donna’s in my neighborhood growing up whined alot and all dated guys named Joey who owned a Camaro.  In Your Humble Narrator’s Opinion all girls named Donna needed a spanking before they even met a Joey.  But in honesty Donna is really really Hot.  So hot mind you that it would be unlikely that she ever dated Joey. 

So,  Did I enjoy it.  In the words of Dan Quayle with Tits,  “You Betcha” .  The quality was decent for a steaming video.   I do have an issue with the fact that the content is not downloadable.  But I guess that is the nature of VOD.  Regardless for the price they charge it is probably well worth it. 

From SpankingVOD


5 comments to The Spanking Spot Movie Review: OTK Punishments II

  • Bottom Spanker

    Are you sure that Coach (= Mr. Daniels) is retired from RSN/AEG?

    Please look at recent updates at one of their eight sites and you will see that he is a quite active spanker.

    However, Dr. and Veronica Daniels (= Elisabeth Burns on RSN/AEG) did retired from “The Spanking Couple” (, but this is – as you know – a different storey…

  • JS

    Yes, Coach (Mr. Daniels) has retired from RSN/AEG as have Ms. Burns and many of the girls that they are currently featuring in new updates. Most of the content they are using was shot well over a year ago. While I believe RS is looking to resume regular shooting they've only done one recently (back in August) with Mr. M, Bailey, Betty, and Monica.

  • Spankfun

    Some short remarks to your review and to the comment by Bottom Spanker:

    – At one point in your review you mention "Real Life Spankings". They have nothing to do with the Real Spankings Network (RSN). Maybe it would be fair to correct this.

    – Anyone who wants to download the film can do so at for $ 15.95 At they present a preview including a trailer.
    The film is a 1000 Kbps video but I do not know how this can be compared with the version at VOD.
    According to that preview, you are right: It is Ms. J who is spanking Sarah.

    – Coach (Mr. Daniels) did retire for an officially stated reason which everyone is free to believe. RSN is going on to present clips as updates in which Coach (and Ms. Burns, retired as well) are taking part. These clips are declared to be "new" because they have never been shown before or because they have been remastered.

    – I do accept that you have a broken relationship with RSN and don't want to mention them outside of this special review. But they set (Past Tense!) a standard which should be kept in mind when we look at the many new sites which have been opened during the last year. Simply beeing amateurish is not a value. Everyone can have a look to RSN and learn some basics for example about the way how a spanking should be applied and how to use a camera.

  • That clip of Sarah and Miss J you've got a shot of in this post is the first spanking video I ever watched. I still remember watching that – it opened up the world of spanking to me.

  • Spankfun

    My experience with another film from SpankingVOD was not the very best: I chose a CalStar production ("Bad Head Master"), and I had to learn that the tone was fake. It was not a problem of the synchronization but the tone was completely added later. Many parts of the dialogue were left out, and the tone of the spanking itself was created by anything else than a real spanking. No recommendation. :-(

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