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Spanking Movie Review: Paddling Football Cheerleaders



Title: Paddling Football Cheerleaders


Starring:Lisa, Lori Chrissie


Produced By: Raven Hill Studio’s


Distributed by: The Spanking Spot Movie Theater


Runtime: 0:35.35


Price: $5.95 for a 5 day rental or can be purchased by minutes



As you might have ascertained if you have been reading The Spanking Spot for any length of time, while any girl getting a spanking is a good thing there is a particular group of which that I take particular glee in seeing their pretty bottoms beaten.  That is of course the American Cheerleader. Now Dear Reader,  I Cute Cheerleaders about to get spanked don’t particularly dislike cheerleaders it is indeed more for what they stand for.  Girls with little other skill other than winning the genetic lottery jumping up and down in short skirts, waving pom-poms is of course entertaining but indeed I never could quite figure out why indeed these girls seem to get all high and mighty about it.  I mean, they are entertaining me simply because they are hot and wear skimpy  clothing.  Is this indeed something to be narcissistic about as many of these girls get? 


Now before I go on I do want to apologize to the girls who perform as “cheerleaders” in those national competitions.  Being thrown 10 feet in the air and doing acrobatics with no safetymen other than others tvlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h14m22s196 o catch you is indeed a skill and if nothing more quite ballsy.  In fact I feel the the label “cheerleaders” give these girls a bad name.  But alas we tend to refer to any girl in a short skirt shouting random things at a crowd as such, whether or not they have any other skill set other than looking rather spankable. 


So it indeed gives me pleasure to review yet another movie from our favorite non delivering spanking house Raven Hill Studio’s.  But unlike the time you ordered this DVD and of course it never arrived this time you can actually watch Paddling Football Cheerleaders! 


Our movie revolves around a rather interesting practice which would be a welcome diversion to the vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h14m26s229 sport of football.  The American kind of course with large men grunting and throwing each other to the ground, not mind you some namby pamby sport with lots of girly men kicking a ball.  Of course the fights are more entertaining in what we call soccer since most of us have never seen grown men kick each other like girls before.  But I digress. 


It seems this particular college rivalry have a tradition.  The winner’s Principal indeed gets to spank the losers cheerleader!  Now ideally the losers should have skin in the game but then again who would be willing (or able) to spank a 300 pound linebacker.  No indeed while losing is not the girls fault it is infinitely more desirable. 


vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h15m23s30 There seems to be some disconnect between the cheerleaders opinion of the players from central state and the Principal however.  It seems that central has not lost in the memory of these 3 young pretty girls but as we all know history is no indication of future performance.  But while unlikely in the girls minds they are aware of the possibility and while they are discussing it the rather pretty strawberry blond recounts the spanking she got from her own principle for smoking some months ago. 


Arriving at the Principal’s office in a nice pair of short shorts the pleasantries are dispensed with as her shorts and panties are pulled down for a good reasonably hard OTK spanking for her transgressions.  She recounts stinging pain as he spanks her over and over again while writhing over his knee.  Thankfully for us her memory is quite good and translates to film rather nicely! 

OTK Spanking vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h24m01s90 Bare Bottom Spanking Spanked on the bare bottom


Our other two cheerleaders who’s memories are jogged by this share with us the last spanking they got from their father when they arrived home late after the came.  Clad of course in their cute cheerleader uniforms the prettier one goes over the knee first while her sister watches on waiting for her turn getting her bottom beaten.  Now this girl sports some rather defined tan lines on her very tight ass which to tell you the truth I have always found incredibly hot on our girls getting spanked.  Unfortunately with many of our spankee’s today devoid of all skin pigment, coupled with SPF 7000 sun lotion and tanning beds.  I indeed haven’t seen this in a while. 
Cheerleader Spanking Spanked Cheerleader Teen Cheerleader Spanked vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h41m28s70


Her sister is next to go over the knee as the first sister is sent to get the paddle.  Her bottom unfortunately a uniform color.  This sister strangely puts up less of a fuss yet gets spanked harder than her sibling. 

vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h42m26s141 Bare Ass Spanking OTK Spanking for a cheerleader vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h47m13s193


But the hand spanking was indeed not enough for these two tardy girls.  Both go over the knee one more time for a taste of a rather large wooden paddle which seems slightly unwieldy Spanking OTK Style. But hey we get to see these two lovely girls spanked one more time and quite hard as unwieldy the paddle might be. 

vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h47m27s80 vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h50m35s161 vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h51m38s26 vlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h52m22s213



After reminiscing our girls decide they indeed need a shower and subsequently a slightly out of place shower / soft core lesbian scene.  Well not really lesbian since all they do is wash each other.  Typicallyvlcsnap-2010-03-16-19h53m54s109 I would jump up and down angrily over this kind of thing (hey is a SPANKING movie) but it is relatively short and one of Raven Hill’s earlier films which the genre was still evolving so I guess it could be  forgiven.


As luck goes the unthinkable for our girls occurred.  State Central indeed lost the big game.  And during the congratulatory talk the respective Principal’s from their schools it is revealed the Principal from State Central is indeed of Your Humble Narrator’s opinion.  That he is indeed thankful for the the loss since he will enjoy seeing the “snotty Brats” get a spanking!


As the traditional changing of the the paddle occurs our cheerleaders are indeed horrified to learn that since the score was 21-7 they would recieve 21 whacks with a rather large fearsome wooden paddle each! 


The finale is a bit of a anti climax.  I was indeed expecting more since the OTK spankings the girls received were so good.  The girls are bend over and panties removed for the 21 smacks of the paddle.  The whacks are on the light side but they do leave the girls bottoms red and sore.  vlcsnap-2010-03-16-20h06m16s98 Paddled Cheerleaders Paddled on the bare bottom vlcsnap-2010-03-16-20h07m41s183


So indeed did I enjoy this film Dear Reader. Well the answer is eh.  I had seen clips of this title years ago and I have always wanted to see it.  What I found is that the clips offered one the best spanking the movie has to offer so perhaps my expectations were too great.  It is a solid middle of the road spanking movie.  Nothing particularly excellent about it (except the tan lines).  The video is a little grainy but it was obviously copied over from VHS which was the standard at the time, another issue that can be overlooked.  Regardless of its problems I think if a spanko is interested he or she would indeed not be disappointed either. 


If you are interested you can find it here at Paddled Football Cheerleaders



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