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Spanking Movie Review: Poor Little Rich Girls


Title: Poor Little Rich Girls

Starring: Georgia Gold, Keith Jones, Virginia Lewis, Ralph Marvell

Produced By: Tony Elka, Butch Simms

Written and Directed By: Eve Howard

Distributed by: Video Spanking

Runtime: 59:35

Price: $5.95 for a 7 day rental, $12.95 for Lifetime Rental, Protected WMV Format


Welcome Dear Reader to another edition of the Spanking Spot Movie Review.  This week we explore one of Your Humble Narrators favorite themes.  The spanking of bratty little rich girls!  Now what Dear Reader could indeed be more satisfying then spanking this type of girl.  One that pays no heed to others since she had the good fortune to be born into a family where daddy can shower her with vlcsnap-4568144overpriced trinkets.  Yes indeed Dear Reader So let us explore yet another one of Shadowlane’s wonderful spanking movies. 

Now on a sad note before I begin,  This movie also stars Georgia Gold, whom on a previous review we were informed via comments that  she is no longer with us.  (at least that is what I assume, this was of course before my time).  If one could on a blog, I would hold a moment of silence for this beautiful girl.

Poor little Rich Girls is a tale of two particularly bratty girls getting unrelated spankings in part 1 and part 2 of our Shadowlane offering.  Part 1 begins as the chauffer of the family (played by Keith Jones) gets a call from his employers daughter (the wonderfully pouty and beautiful Georgia Gold) in jail !  Upon returning her to the safety of her gilded home we find out her vlcsnap-4568855 brief incarceration was due to public drunken behavior.  Being that her father is away Keith decides to take matters into his own hands (or her bottom for that matter). 

Georgia puts up short but believable struggle when she is informed she is to get an over the knee spanking.  But to no avail since she ends up over Keith’s knee.  Keith in his calm and collected voice explains to her that this punishment worked on her older sister when she acted up and she will find that this will be deterrent to any future poor behavior. 

The Spanking begins moderately hard over Georgia’s long and sexy dress.  Unlike in Double Feature 1 she is a brunette in this movie.  Over his knee her whining begins almost immediately.  After a short time the dress is lifted to reveal one of the finest bottoms ever to grace our screens clad in sexy lace panties and stockings.  vlcsnap-4575478

Despite her protests Keith continues the spanking, pinning her hand behind her back to minimize the interference in her bottom  thrashing.  Our lovely Georgia pleads with her tormenter to stop spanking her because it “hurts”. Indeed the whole purpose of the spanking to begin with!

While his the sound of his hand smacking against Georgia’s sheer pantyhose is delightful one of course knows that a proper spanking is indeed done on the bare and our wishes are indeed answered as the stockings are pulled down.  The spanking at this point gets a considerably harder once Georgia cracks a joke,  making her spanker wonder if this punishment is getting though to our lovely girl.  Her cheeks still clad in her panties turn a lovely shade of red.

vlcsnap-4576839 vlcsnap-4583086 vlcsnap-4585305

Now incidentally as the spanking gets harder and indeed closer to bare skin Georgia’s struggles become intensified.  Thankfully Keith has a good grip on our young naughty girl.  When of course she protests quite violently about her vlcsnap-4585601panties coming down she is held firmly over the knee.  Kicking and yelling she is indeed spanked properly bare bottom OTK to be exact. 

The OTK hand spanking lasts a good 12 minutes or so when Keith suddenly lets her up.  Our well spanked girl seems a bit clueless when he returns with a number of spanking implements including a short cane, paddle and a strap.  Back over the knee she goes for a bit more hand spanking over her panties (she pulled them up) when he grabs the first of his brat persuaders.

Georgia kicks and thrashes at the first whack with the small wooden paddle upon her bare behind.  Again she is not brutally spanked but hard enough that it keeps Your Humble Narrators interest.  Her ass preservation instinct kick as she goes from threats to pleading and finally attempting to seduce our hero.  But Keith’s intentions are pure!  vlcsnap-4590243

Grabbing his second instrument of Georgia’s torment she is let up and bent over the couch for a nice little strapping.  Not the hardest I have seen but respectable and after almost 30 minutes of hand spanking and the wooden paddle one can indeed understand not wanting to injure such a beautiful rear end. 

The Grand Finale is six of the best with the short cane once again draped over Keith’s knee.  Georgia is made to count before the smack occurs on her bottom so she knows exactly when each stroke is coming.  He swishes the cane so the poor girl can hear it breaking though the air.  The final stroke is placed just where her bottom meets her thighs.  The smacking of this sensitive spot leaves our gorgeous girl almost jumping out of her skin. 
vlcsnap-4595119 vlcsnap-4596614 vlcsnap-4597807

vlcsnap-4599298 In Part 2 entitled Olivia and her tutor  starring  Virginia Lewis and Ralph Marvell respectively the scene opens with a pretty schoolgirl reading a comic when she should obviously be studying.  After the bratty girl makes fun of her tutors name she gets a very quick OTK spanking over that wonderful schoolgirl outfit she is wearing.  But this is indeed just a appetizer. 

Apparently our brat Virginia did not get the message since she shoves her lesson book on the floor and with this our tutor Ralph has indeed had enough.  Time to teach this young girl a lesson! 

Unlike simply bending her over and giving her a light spanking.  Ralph grabs a chair and sits prepared to punish Virginia’s bottom properly, once again OTK style.  Our schoolgirl goes over the knee.  Like Georgia before her arm is vlcsnap-4605981immediately restrained behind her back to give her spanker unfettered access to her ass. Looking precious in the schoolgirl uniform he first spanks her over the skirt, again not overly hard but respectable.  

Soon of course that short skirt is pulled up to reveal a pair of bright white panties.  But the over the panties spanking does not last long Dear Reader as the panties are pulled down to spank her on the bare bottom.  Veronica does not protest as much as Georgia did but she does do a bit of kicking in those knee socks as the blows reign down upon her buttocks.  Her single ponytail keeping her hair out of her face so the view can indeed enjoy the anguish while the spanking continues. 

vlcsnap-4607408 vlcsnap-4624891 vlcsnap-4625431

vlcsnap-4619205 Once on the bare the spanking of course gets harder Dear Reader with Veronica getting few and far between breaks.  Her bottom getting redder and bruised with each smack.  Surprisingly her pleading works however!  But she is warned she better not act in such a bratty manner during her Piano lesson.  let up with her panties down she is stood in the corner to contemplate her next lesson.

But the time in the corner Veronica must have been thinking that she had indeed forgotten to practice her piano!  And when it is time for her lesson this fact is of course is apparent.  Perhaps her bottom is not as red as it should be!vlcsnap-4619285

Bent over the desk this time her next spanking begins.  Again briefly over her short schoolgirl dress and then upon her panties.  But our Tutor feels that something firmer must be used on Virginia’s tight butt and reaches for the trusty old strap.  Again the spanking is hard but not overly hard.  Her knees buckling as the strokes become harder.  

Finally it is time for her Geography lesson which she misidentifies as Singapore, which is indeed unfortunate since we all know what Singapore is famous for.  But the cane is spared for another butt bruising OTK spanking

vlcsnap-4619330 vlcsnap-4620603 vlcsnap-4621903

So did I enjoy this movie?  Poor Little Rich Girls is a good solid spanking movie.  Lots of bare bottom OTK spanking with some strapping and caning thrown in for good measure,  Beautiful girls getting spanked by men and of course a fair amount of struggling.  So yes I did enjoy this film, and should you enjoy what you have read here I am convinced Dear Reader you shall too. 

If you’re interested Poor little Rich Girls can be found on Video Spanking


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