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Spanking Movie Review: The Spanking Professor


Title: The Spanking Professor

Starring: Raven, Erica Scott, Steve Fuller

Produced By: Tony Elka

Written and Directed By: Eve Howard

Distributed by: Spanking Spot Movie Theater

Runtime:  43:29

Price: Viewable though Purchase of minutes (20 free) or
7 day rental: $5.95 Lifetime Rental: $12.95


Ah the life of a college professor. Tenured and free to enlighten the minds of youth.  Not to mention being surrounded by vlcsnap-2011-08-02-09h59m11s23hot  nubile women freshly liberated from that pesky 18 year old thing.  It must indeed be a charmed life.  But not so for happily married Professor Fuller.  It seems that each year some hot little freshman takes a unwanted romantic interest in him.  This year’s manifestation is indeed in the form of a rather cute stalker by the name of Raven. 

Unfortunately for Steve, after calling her into his office she simply won’t take no for an answer.  A problem I indeed wish I had.  But again Professor Fuller is indeed content in boring married life and has no desire to pursue this impertinent girls advances.  She even suggests he needs Viagra!  Imagine Dear Reader his surprise when he threatens her with a spanking and she enthusiastically agrees.  Unfortunately for her I doubt it will be the soft playful spanking she expects!

Putting her over his knee young Raven discovers something about a proper spanking.  It hurts!  She realizes this even before her denim miniskirt is pulled up and she is spanked OTK style on her white panties.  “spanking is for foreplay” she exclaims! Well apparently not for this one.  Her panties are pulled down sooner rather than later to reveal a rather fine bottom which of course needs to be spanked more!
vlcsnap-2011-08-02-10h05m23s0 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-10h44m49s14 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-10h46m25s210

Her attitude does not change and Raven is as brash as she was before the spanking began.  But indeed Dear Reader at first when one doesn’t succeed try try again, only this time harder.  Rolling up his sleeve the smacks fall quite hard upon Raven’s red bottom finally getting her to promise that she will leave him alone.  But not before we find out that the faculty housing walls are quite thin and everyone knows he spanks his wife! Not to mention her penchant for flirting with other men. 

vlcsnap-2011-08-02-10h57m41s0 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-10h59m12s198 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h00m58s233

It seems that our dear professor has an issue on his hands!  Thus when he arrives home he has a little talk with his wife vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h11m10s208 played by Erica Scott!  Now upon seeing this lovely woman one can see why he stays so faithful.  She has a smoking body!  Unfortunately she seems to take, all work and no play makes Erica a dull gal way to seriously.  Spending her time playing rather looking for work or even refusing to take courses at the university to enhance her skills!  Well when a female is acting like a child it is best to treat her as such.  Thus despite her protests Erica is pulled over his knee and her spanking begins. 

Beginning over her short black skirt,  he ignores her protests and her struggling.  Kicking hard and being generally the spoiled brat that she is quite indignant about getting her bottom spanked.  It soon becomes apparent that simply spanking her over her thin skirt will not be enough to persuade Erica to abandon her self absorbed ways. 

vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h31m16s240 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h31m13s211 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h33m01s12

Pulling up her skirt revealing a nice set of lace panties that offer no protection whatsoever against the hard smacks upon her bottom she howls when she feels the hand against the bare skin.  She resists Her husband insistence on her getting a job leading only to be spanked harder. 
vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h37m57s152 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h49m07s198 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h47m32s12 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h47m23s179 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h46m48s84 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h49m19s58

Her bottom is quite red when her panties are pulled down.  Struggling mightily in vain as her husband holds her firm across his lap and strikes her bare bottom with increasing force.  Now you can say what you like about Erica Scott.  She is after al a little older than most of the girls we see spanked here.  But honestly she has a body and an ass that a 22 year old would be proud of and I am quite surprised how much I enjoy seeing her spanked!

vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h54m13s188 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h54m20s252 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h58m44s80 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h53m46s176 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h58m10s0 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-11h57m11s174

Erica is probably the most animated spankee I have seen.  Her legs go like she is riding a bicycle.  In fact she gets quite a workout getting that beautiful bottom spanked.  Finally persuaded by the heavy hand falling upon her buttocks Steve tells her she can have some time to think about what just happened but they would indeed continue this discussion later.  And continue the “discussion” they do Dear Reader for soon she is summoned to her shirtless husband with a number of implements he is going to use on her already flaming bottom.  He makes her bend over a bench and puts the implements to use.  Starting with a small leather paddle to the tawse, a standard belt, a leather strap and finishes her up with a very hard and fast handspanking

vlcsnap-2011-08-02-12h05m26s9 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-13h11m57s236 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-13h11m20s123 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-13h13m28s120 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-13h15m27s29 vlcsnap-2011-08-02-13h16m43s29

But what our tea party twits don’t realize.  Life is about compromise.  And while like the democrats he folded on the issue ofvlcsnap-2011-08-02-13h19m45s49 her getting a job he did manage to get her to agree to drop all of her “personal trainers” which of course gave her the reputation of being man crazy and of course got her to agree to be a better wife under the threat of another spanking!

So indeed Dear Reader the question is did I like it.  I answer with a simple absolutely!  The filming is a little dark but it is unknown if its from the actual filming or the conversion over to the web.  I would have liked to see raven get a little harder and longer spanking but that's a personal preference.  Erica Scott was brilliant,  one of the most dynamic spanking scenes I have seen to date.  Due to my preference for younger girls spanked I am quite surprised I liked this so much.  Excellent movie all around. 

If your interested you can find it here at The Spanking Professor.


2 comments to Spanking Movie Review: The Spanking Professor

  • Why thank you, sir. Some of us old girls still have it going on, huh? ;-)

    This video is one of my favorites, as it was Steve Fuller's debut and I was the lucky one to be his first co-star. Can't say enough good things about him.

  • fatherjim

    I have said it before, Erica is the "Everywoman" of the spanking genre. She is both naughty and beautiful in equal measure, the milf or rather mils that every teenaged boy dreams of and older men could only hope for or regret never meeting! Though I've never met her, I would like to think she'd be a great friend, that's the way she appears. I think I'd like her, even if she didn't like spanking, and therein lies the key. She's classy, and brings a realism to her scenes which rids it of any hint of what makes something porn. She makes it real, acceptable, she makes it appropriate!

    I'd say she has gone a long way towards making the scene approchable. I'd say she and Amber Pixie Wells are the Titanic duo of making spanking seem wholesome and everything but wrong!

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks to you, Erica, for being YOU!


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