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Spanking on Saint Patrick's Day, Lots of new spanking models, and why is Chelsea's ass Green? This and more on The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the week.

If Dear Reader I was to have a "Men who Desperately Need a Spanking" column I would surely be running Elliot Spitzer,  the now former Governor of my beloved state of New York.  Not mind you that I have any particular issue with sex for money.  In fact, from a pure economic sense a regular customer of a reasonably priced prostitute  is likely to be much more cost effective then a wife (or a husband for that matter) and one does not have to deal with her having a "headache".  However Dear Reader perhaps it might be wise not to be "straight laced Law and Order" kind of politician and engage the services of a harlot. 

Now personally Dear Reader I would like to see Prostitution legal (of course with all the general precautions)  sometime in my lifetime.  I see nothing wrong with this type of behavior and in addition Yours Truly would argue quite vigorously that it would probably save more marriages then it would destroy.  No Dear Reader,  It is not the action that offended me,  but he paid $4200 fucking dollars and HOUR for a tryst with Heather the high priced hooker.  If I were Elliot's wife that more then anything would gain my ire.  I mean what human being Dear Reader,  Male or Female is worth $4200 per hour for essentially the same act one can do with ones wife/girlfriend/significant other with the lights out and pretend that they are a 22 year old prostitute?

My friends I am confused.  but that has little to do with this post since it is indeed Thursday.  Time for Spankings of the Week!

My dear Clare Fonda has a very, very, very attractive New girl on her site by the name of Natalia Love.  She made her first appearance on Girl Spanks Girl and now she has switched to Spanked Sweeties.  A volleyball player and quite athletic it shows on her tight buttocks.  Plus it looks like the Cameraman gave her a bit of the old spanking.  I look forward to that since he tends to spank quite hard.  From Spanked Sweeties.
DSC_7417 DSC_7421 DSC_7426 natspb04 natspb08

Chelsea has a great picture of herself (I think hard to tell) with at Leprechaun hat and a bright green rear.  God I hate St. Patrick's Day!  This is the day of the year my friends where the Irish paint themselves Green,  Drink and Fight.  The other 364 days of the year the Irish in the US generally follow the same routine but refrain from painting themselves green.  ah but your humble narrator would perhaps be Irish for the day if I only could get my hands on that beautiful rear.  From Good Spanking
008  006 017011 

Fetish Flixx from the Xerotic suite of sites has a new girl who goes by the name of Paula.  I really hope Dear Reader that we see this little nymph again.  While perhaps not a replacement for beautiful Ellie Maye (yes I am still obsessed with her) this girl in her own right could become yet another obsession of mine. 

I am beginning to like this girl.  I think we have seen her before on another site.  Zoe as she goes by looks quite realistic as a schoolgirl,  particularly with her long hair in braids.  And with a simple but attractive look she really excel's as the out of line teachers pet.  From English Spankers
strandmedianpp-803029 strandmedianpp-803038 strandmedianpp-803063 strandmedianpp-803086 strandmedianpp-803106

Umm perhaps I was too hasty with that "no one is worth $4200 per hour" comment.  This is 19 year old Angela From Real Life Spanking
angel_first_spanking_P1010003 angel_first_spanking_P1010012 angel_first_spanking_P1010013 angel_first_spanking_P1010015 angel_first_spanking_P1010017

This must be the week of beautiful girls,  The gorgeous Charlie Sky once again gets her butt bared for a good old fashion OTK Spanking.  Not to take anything away from Charlie but I am hoping that David Pierson has convinced her friend sitting in the background to go over his knee.  It indeed would be a site to behold.  From Punished Brats.
IMG_0625IMG_0608IMG_0612IMG_0596   IMG_0598 

ooh,  our dear Niki Flynn is soon to be on Sound Punishments.  Now I am not entiely sure why they held onto her footage for so long,  (she has short hair in this one in the promo's).  But I guess we will have to wait to find out since this week we have the equally lovely Emma Brown (yet another girl I am totally obsessed with,  I'm still waiting for her to agree to an interview). 
P1093810 P1093816 P1093829 P1093834 P1093853

Any Female (or male for that matter) that wears a Cowboy hat definitely needs a spanking.  Dallas takes care of that for us.  Now where is that mechanical Bull.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
amy2_03 amy2_07 amy2_06 amy2_09 amy2_10

Spanking and Shame teaches us that we would gladly give up my position to teach at a college where rather dumb and naughty girls run around naked and recieve spankings for their transgressions. 
sas_02_053_still_052 sas_02_053_still_067 sas_02_053_still_081sas_02_053_still_084 sas_02_053_still_090 

And for tonight good night


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