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Spanking for a Sister and Brother, Rachel Rodgers Gets The School Paddle and Jasmine Johnson has Her Bottom Spanked in a School Uniform. That and More on The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the Week!

Some Rather interesting Spanking Updates this week Dear Reader.  First we have another excellent offer from Spanking Server and their band of incredibly Hot girls.  Second a very unique spanking scene On Bad Tushy.  Naomi Cruise is back on Spanked sweeties, Jasmine Johnson don's a school uniform for us while we learn that Rachael Rodgers was paddled in High School in Real life.   As you can tell Dear Reader I have some serious writers block for the preamble but when you have Leia Ann Woods slippering Sasha Harvey one tends to get a bit distracted.  So Without Further Ado Lets finish up The Spanking Updates of the Week!

Lets start this week with our friends at Spanking Server.  They are changing their offerings a bit which Your Humble Narrator believes that is a Boon to their members today and in the future.  First As I told you.  All summer in addition to one spanking clip per day you have access to two of their full length Pain4Fem movies which Your humble narrator reviewed for you as Lazy Maids and Illegal Download.  Now that offer ends at the beginning of September.  It will be replaced with their new offer which will become standard in your join price.  In addition to their daily updates you also get access to 1 of their full length movies every 2 months (which I will be reviewing here), AND at least one full package of their archives every 2 months.  Now when I originally reviewed Spanking Server I was a bit concerned with the fact the archives were not included in the purchase price (1,2 and 3 are).  But they update every day so I could understand it.  Now Dear Reader I think this great move in the right direction which will significantly increase the material the customer has access to.  And what could be better then more of Karl and Company spanking the beautiful bottoms of Naughty Eastern European Girls!
GirlScout Spanking Spanking Server Spanking Rack Spanking Server Tiffany Diaper Spanking

Oh now this one is interesting.  As you know I usually don't show F/m Spankings on The Spanking Spot.  While there is nothing wrong with them. They just don't Tickle my fancy.  But this one is different Dear Reader.  Bad Tushy seems to be moving into uncharted territory with a "Mom spanks Brother and Sister for smoking" scenario.  A rare theme indeed.  Now while the F/m portion is not of my particular preference Kudos must be given for trying something different.  Bravo.
Brother and Sister about to get a spanking Mom gives Daughter a Spanking in front of her brother Female Spanks Female Mother Spanks Son Boy gets a spanking in front of his sister

As far as Your Humble Narrator is concerned there are simply not enough Spankings of young women in Bikini's.  As spanking outfits go these slivers of light material that cover up the naughty bits have got to be one of the best outfits to deliver a spanking to.  First they offer little protection,  Second they actually enhance the spanking should the unfortunate girl's bottom be wet.  This is actually quite convenient since the Bikini other than making a perfect outfit to be spanked in has a secondary use as a bathing suit!  Third and foremost,  There aren't alot complicated snappers, buttons and zippers when you decide that a bare bottom spanking is in order.  This is Naomi Cruise on Spanked Sweeties.
Naomi Cruise in a Bikini Spanked in a bikini Bikini SpankingSPanked Sweeties Bare Ass Spanking

Our Pretty little Towhead schoolgirl Jasmine Johnson gets a good old fashion Over the knee spanking looking just fantastic in her uniform.  With her bottom beaten bright by the headmaster for her cheeky attitude this just might be The Spanking of the Week! From Spanking Online (or if you prefer Spankpass)
Jasmine Johnson Schoolgirl gets a spanking over the panties Schoolgirl held down and spanked OTK Spanking Over the Knee Spanking

Very Nice,  The wonderful Rachel Rodgers is back on Firm Hand Spanking taking a rather large wooden paddle on over her Jeans in a scene reminiscent of her days in High School where she attended one that indeed paddled wayward girls.  She is an attractive tiny little thing.  Tiny enough that the Board that Mercilessly smacks her Jean clad bottom dwarfs it in comparison during her rather painful paddling.  She is then sent back to class where I can tell you Dear Reader is will be rather uncomfortable sitting on those hard wooden chairs.
Rachel Rodgers Firm Hand SpankingGirl getting paddled at school Spanked over the Jeans Painful Spanking Punished High School Girl

My Favorite Firecrotch Amber from Spank Amber Emailed me yesterday.  Her site is now going to be updated 3 times a week rather then one,  all generously provided without raising the price for admission.  Competition for your dollars Dear Reader is hot out there and while we may all be riding bicycles to work since you need a small loan to fill up your car, At least our love for spanking continues to be quite affordable.  Lets just hope she doesn't do any permanent damage to that lovely bottom of hers with more frequent spankings.
Spank AmberSA_Redhead Spanked  Spanked over the panties _Boyfriend spanking girlfriend Topless SPanking

Keeping in shape is quite important for a spanking model.  A workout in the gym is a must to keep her bottom in tip top shape and to withstand the rigors of a painful but beating.  Here we have the beautiful Sasha Harvey with her daily routine of some cardio, strength training and of course training spankings delivered by the lovely Leia-Ann Woods with a slipper. From Northern Spanking
Sasha Harvey Spanked in the Gym Slippering on the bare ass Sasha Harvey and Leia-Ann Woods Northern Spanking

It must be Bryanna's Birthday!  Since she is in a pretty blue party dress and her husband takes out the strap to celebrate with on Spanking Bare Butts.  This guy has GOT to be exhausted.  When I come home from work,  the only thing I want to do is make a Martini, and watch a little mindless television.  But to think this guy has to spank his naughty wife almost every friggen day!  Jeez Bryanna give the man a break! 
Bryana Birthday Tushy SpankingSpanking Bare Butts Strapped on the bare ass Panties Pulled down for a spanking

The very cute multi-toned haired Jodie has come to her teacher for a lesson.  That lesson is of course how much spankings tend to hurt when you are put over one's knee and your pants are pulled down.  From Spanking Digital (or via Spankpass)
Spanking Digital Jodie Spanked on the Bare Spanking After a spanking

Saffy the working class Gal that is currently incarcerated for Fraud at the Bars And Stripes Women's Prison had a rather traumatic arrival at the now infamous prison.  Bent over a desk clad only in her black panties and bra her bottom is inspected and beaten quite thoroughly to ensure that contraband does not make it onto the premises and she knows the consequences for breaking the rather strict institution rules.
saffyBars and Stripes Spanked inmate Womans prision spanking Spanked in a womans prison

Well Amber appears to be a rather busy girl.  Aside from agreeing to more spankings each week she also has the time to deliver a couple as well.  I will say although my preference is M/f these are incredibly Hot.  From Amber Spanks
hotpants spanking naked spanking naked girls spank each other amber spanks

And Finally for this week a little blast from the past from Good Spanking Classics where the incredibly hot Tasha Welsh and Stella DuBois trade a nice set of spankings ending up with some red bottoms caused by proper application of a hairbrush.
Good Spanking Classics Pants Pulled down for a spankingTwo Girls Spanking Each Other  Red Ass Spanking Spanked with a hairbrush



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  • The F/fm scene from Bad Tushy is a brave move. I applaud them and hope that more sites will be prepared to experiment with this and other types of play.


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