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Spanking Site Review: The Lazy Maid


2nurses_46 Well Dear Reader I have indeed not done one of these for a while.  It is indeed a shame since I so do enjoy reviewing Spanking Sites.  But with the economy in the garbage for the last two years there has indeed not been a whole lot of new sites to review!  Well thanks to a Dear Reader to whom I am eternally grateful for sending me a link we indeed have one today, aptly named The Lazy Maid.  Now of course my lack of reviewing is indeed not by choice.  So I will of course once again open an invitation to any sites which I might not have noticed to contact me if you are so inclined to allow me to review it!   So let us now have a peek inside and take a look at this promising site.  Shall we?

Site Offerings and Cost.

As I stated last week, The Lazy Maid does not appear to be “new” per se.  If I were to hazard a guess it appears to have enough content on it to have started at the beginning of 2010 or sometime in 2009. When you log into this site its a bit counter intuitive almost reading like a blog rather than a Spanking pay site.  But once you figure kami_199out where to click (It took me a couple of minutes even in my inebriated state).  The Lazy Maid indeed has quite a bit to offer. 

Now one could understandably think that this site is about our lackadaisical Handmaidens but the site has much  much more to offer.  Conveniently sectioned are not only naughty maids but “Bad girls in Uniform: and “Saucy little maidens”.  All of which offers rather pretty girls getting their fine bottoms spanked. 

The Lazy Maid is what I would call a mix between Video’s and Pictures.  Much like other successful sites like Punished Brats.  Each video is accompanied by high quality (not screen shots) images of the spanking in question.  At the time of this review I counted 99 video’s available for download which is quite respectable.  The video’s average around 5 minutes apiece which would give a new customer a little over 8 hours of spanking goodness to enjoy. 

The cost for the site is actually quite reasonable running $20 For a month membership.  They do not have discount (or even an option) for a longer commitment which I still can’t understand why some sites don’t do this.  It is indeed a great way to reward loyalty to your customer.  If anything I would suggest they look at this option immediately.  

In any case a new customer would be looking at a little less than $2.50 per HOUR of wonderful spanking.  Not the cheapest but quite reasonable considering the size of the site.

carter12mThe Girls
For a short period of time one of my favorite Spankee’s Kami Robertson seemingly disappeared.  Of course this threw your humble narrator into a deep depression only solved by copious amounts of Martini’s and waling upon my fear that her beautiful behind has had enough of being spanked and she indeed finally had been taught a lesson.  Of course my fears were unfounded but seeing this site I now know where she had been!  Right where she should be.  Getting good hard spankings.  In addition, they have the precocious Amy Hunter and a number of very pretty girls that I have indeed never seen before.  But take not my word for it Dear Reader.  Look for yourself. 
kami_4 naughty_abbi_43 maidlisa24feb_1 amy_467 2nurses_1 dsub_101

Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and of Course The Spankingsdawnjan_242
To be honest Dear Reader I was quite unsure of Lazy Maid when I first decided to review it.  But a loyal reader would never steer me wrong would they?  Well Dear Reader his praises of the site were indeed true.  They give some damn good Spankings! 

The site has a nice mix of M/f and F/f Spanking with the emphasis slightly more on F/f.  But regardless of the sex of the spanker the Spankings are quite hard indeed with a number of girls reduced to tearful regret for whatever got their bare bottom punished in the first place.  The Spankings are delivered by one male and one female.  While unknown lucky gentleman is quite good with his OTK Spankings, I really do have to mention the female since she is quite impressive.  This woman can really spank!  Nothing over the top mind you but the girl can swing a cane with the best of them.

cjmaid_487 In addition to the obvious maid theme the Scenes run the gambit of domestic Discipline.  Strangely only perhaps one or two schoolgirl video’s with the rest of the girls in rather interesting yet believable outfits.  There is of course a healthy dose of maid outfits but just as many others including schoolgirl, riding outfits, and general domestic clothes. 

Finally, film quality is decent. Some of them need a little work but I suspect they are the earlier videos.  They seem to be, or have in the past experimenting with HD video a bit. But they run in .mov format instead of the mp4 format the rest of the site uses.  I would suggest if you join, you use VLC video player (Which I use for all my viewing, and its free). 


naughty_abbi_21 cjmaid_330 cart7may_289 amy_575 dsub_319 kami_120 lisa_73

Who will NOT like this site.
I suppose if all you enjoy is M/f spanking the content here might be a little thin.  They also tend to avoid long run up’s to the girls spankings with the plot engaging just as the girl is about to have her bare bottom punished.  Otherwise I think I would be hard pressed to find a spanko who would not enjoy this site. 

Who WILL enjoy this site
If you are looking for something different I would wholeheartedly suggest this site.  Most of the girls as I said, I have never seen before. (Though the selection is somewhat limited).  There are quite a few OTK spankings for the over the knee lovers out there.  The spankings are quite hard and impressive.  If anything I could critique is that the video tends to be from one angle only which I find can be a bit boring sometimes.  But otherwise this is quite a good site!

If your interested it can be found here at The Lazy Maid


3 comments to Spanking Site Review: The Lazy Maid

  • iwasrobert

    This site is a little over two years old, although it may not have been in production that long. Interestingly, it is owned by the same people who previously ran the (now defunct) "Full Force Spanking".

  • steve

    Get on this site, its fab. Also check out spanking institute by the same people. And yes I remember fullforce, I was a member of that aswell!

  • steve

    I too remember fullforce and was sa member. The lazy maid is indeed a great site as is institute of spanking

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