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Spanking Spot Movie Review: Red-Assed Lap Dancing #21

If you've ever been on the Jersey Turnpike you'll understand what has driven our friend Greg from to put these pretty girls over his knee. You see dear friends from outside the northeast. When driving to Philadelphia from New York its almost a rule that once you pay the toll on the George Washington Bridge its best that you light a doobie as soon as you get out of visual range. There are two reasons for this. First, by the time you hit the PA turnpike your almost straight. Second, if you can help it, you would prefer not to be straight when crossing Jersey.

Greg of course enters this vast wasteland to bring us a new round of Bun Beating Fun. He has truly outdone himself in #21 bringing us a babyfaced blonde, One of my Favorite Adult stars and a bondage queen who we have had the fortunate luck to interview on this site.
This babyfaced blond has innocence written all over her. Too bad her manners aren't reflective of her delicate looks. Providing our hero with what looks to be one hell of a lapdance, Greg seems to be a bit more demanding in his adult fun since her demand for money before he was fulfilled offended our hero. A lesson is of course in order, fair pay for a fair day's work.

I have to point out while having nothing to do with spanking this girl has perfect breasts. Not a piece of silicone in miles of this girl, I guess when you see perfection why try to improve on it.

Her language is quite a disappointment for someone with that elegance. In any case Mr Greg reduces this brat to tears in no time. The G-String that she is wearing is not much protection. Of course during this entire time we are treated to wonderful views of her quickly redening, slightly flat but otherwise perfect ass. The money spank at the end is worth the entire video! Bonus points for the nice jazz at the end

Veronika Raquel
I don't usually go gaga over adult stars. Nothing against them of course. I have no problem in what they do. Somehow I enjoy the simpler look. Veronika Raquel is an exception to this, she is unbelievably beautiful and a body to kill for. When Greg told me he got this girl to model for him I was in awe.
I probably would have been satisfied with the lingerie show she give us in the beginning of this clip. But BunBeatingFun offers much more.

Veronica, obviously not pleased by the conditions of her shoot mouths off to our host and refuses to continue her work. This slight to our friend Greg of course needs some tending to and our host does not disappoint. The green outfit while not to my liking contrasts her perfect red ass very nicely. She also has quite a mouth on her, which adds to the punishment scene. Eventually there is a naked spanking which any spanking aficionado should not miss.

Sasha Sparks
Sasha is a bondage queen, and a good one at that. She graced us with an interview a number of month's back. You can find that at the side bare or on the link on the title. She is definitely a unique person. Once again unpleased about the conditions of the photoshoot that her agent has booked her, our wayward model verbally mock's our hero's attempt to make a living.

Our friend Greg gets the hand behind the back early in the film, again one of my favorites. Sending her to the corner and pausing to have a cold one is quite frankly wonderful.

Personally I think this is one of the better video's BunBeatingFun has put out but that's my opinion. These are better quality versions then what's on the site but all the video's have been released on If your a fan of Greg and his BBB or just love to see hot models get spanked then this is the video for you.

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1 comment to Spanking Spot Movie Review: Red-Assed Lap Dancing #21

  • bunstinger

    I thank you sir for sharing your astute and learned observations re this (I think) demonstrably perverse and delightfully disturbing epic.

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