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Spanking Spot Movie Review: Red Hot Video #22, Palm Grilled Tarts!

You might have noticed, The Site has a slightly different look to it, and I am now the proud owner As I promised dear readers, If I made a little money on this site I would get me some FTP space. The Google interface is ok for text writers but when you are posting a load of pictures its a royal pain in the ass. So for a whopping 6 bucks a month I purchased some server space from GoDaddy to host my blog and pictures. Blogger of course seems to be in remiss when they say they rolled out FTP, since you can only use the "Classic" Templates. So, yours truly spent the afternoon totally screwing up my site. But after much nastiness and gnashing of teeth I figured out the basics of HTML and got it as close as I could from the old look. I can also use Livewriter to post!

What Better way to celebrate than a good old fashion Movie Review courtesy of my friends at RTV #22.Palm Grilled Tarts. The Mystery Spanker (TMS) is at it again, taking revenge for every man who ever encountered a bitchy little self important hottie who just begs to get her rear beaten.

TMS has 3 encounters in this movie Anna Sunquest a quite spirited eastern European with a body to kill for. Kelli Anderson who has one of the greatest sets of bedroom eyes I have ever seen. Angelina Hart, well she is blonde, REALLY blonde, and a complete bitch.

Anna Sunquest

Now I am beginning wonder about what bizarre dreams that TMS (who we find out to be Greg in this scene) slumbers to. On the off chance you have ever fantasized about spanking Gia Gia Gabore 70 years younger with silicone implants and a mouth like a sailor, well you'll love Anna Sunquest. Irritated by her working conditions Anna fails to fulfill the requirements of her modeling contract with our hero.
I would definitely characterize her as a hard body. As her rear turns almost the shade of her pink lingerie you begin to appreciate the high pitched Romanian accent scream "Stop it you farger". If Greg truly had the Gia Gia thing in his mind he should be beaten for not playing the Green Acres theme song at least once during this wonderful video

Aside from the obvious relation to Gia Gia, This spanking was quite pleasant surprise. At first I thought she looked a little old. But I think that's the hair and the makeup because in the closeups she is quite attractive. In addition she takes one hell of a spanking.


Kelli Anderson

There are two things in women who I am a sucker for, A redhead and awesome eyes. This little lady lacks the firecrotch but definitely has the eyes. It is a shame then she found this photoshoot rather boring. I found her see though outfit quite entertaining. Greg is of course informed when our little darling refuses to honor her contract to complete the photo shoot. One little blip here don't show her dressing with pinstriped pants then in the next scene she has white jeans on.

The first assault on her beautiful bottom is though the jeans, which personally I always welcome. One of the things I really liked about this segment is that it appears she never though spankings would hurt this much (and that was over the jeans)

The jeans come down to reveal a slightly red wonderful rear. Sometime during the spanking the hand gets pinned behind the back. I think the bare spanking she gets doesn't even compare to what she got over her jeans. The writhing, if not real (its hard to fake writhe) is quite convincing. Spanked into submission, the clothes come off and the spanking continues in the birthday suit. This time our hero does capitalize on the girls desperate plea's "I'll do anything". But TMS feels that she has not learned her lesson and his photographer runs to the car to fetch the paddle. Again you must realize these girls that star in RHV Video's aren't used to be spanked so she could only take 6 of the paddle. I will say this girl was in some serious butt pain or she is a phenomenal actress. I am actually surprised she didn't just get up an walk off the shoot.


Angelina Hart

Greg must indeed have a gift because this girl started cursing him before she ever entered into the driveway of our now famous (pay by the hour) motel. Upset once again at the conditions of her shoot she proceeds to complain but wear some very nice skimpy outfits

Believe it or not, I don't carry a cell phone. I hate them. I also hate when people have them glued to their ear or answers the phone during inappropriate times. Lets put it this way, YOUR NOT THAT FUCKING IMPORTANT. Our dear model seems to see fit to leave hers on during a photoshoot. It happened to be her manager by the way, to which she informed him that he sucks and she is leaving this low budget shoot immediately.

This of course insults our friend Greg. his hard work being demeaned like that. A lesson is in order. You don't quite realize what a fantastic ass Angelina has until she is bent over Greg's lap. Personally while Hot, I think this is the lightest spanking of the bunch. I am telling you, If the first two girls didn't sit down for a week then I am amazed. Then again her rear marks up nicely.

The thong comes off, not that it offered any protection. Stuffing her mouth with the panties to keep the racket down. The spanking continues soon to be naked spanking. Breasts are fake but well done and they sit on her nicely. Like the others she is dumped unceremoniously on the floor, Our hero breaks to have a well earned ale.

Did I like it? I loved it, but in the fairness of full disclosure, I don't think I have seen a Bunbeatingfun or RHV video I haven't liked. The girls are hot, many of them are mainstream models and the spankings are hard. I hope I would be hard pressed to find a spanko who didn't like these movies.



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2 comments to Spanking Spot Movie Review: Red Hot Video #22, Palm Grilled Tarts!

  • Lovely Autumn Colour

    Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.34 Server at Port 80

    This is all I get whenever I try to get to Bunbeatingfun, and despite my usual reticence to administer overly vigorous spankings, and generally find the extreme end of the market distasteful. One is compelled to confess an absolute delight at the Bun beating fun philosophy, I have almost cried with laughter reading the pre-amble write ups next to the clips, they are well written and leave you in no doubt that the spanking is deserved. Of all the sites that use glamour models and porn stars this is the one that gets it right. Why is it now unavailable on the East side of the Atlantic Mr Strokes, could you ask on my behalf please?

  • Greg Edwards

    Hi Lovely Autumn,

    The site is up and running just fine now.

    The server gerbils must have been taking a break when you tried to get in; it happens sometimes.

    I thank you for your kind words regarding both our content and the descriptions which I have in fact always enjoyed penning personally, usually after a glass or two of good scotch.

    ~Greg (aka: TMS)

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