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Spanking Spot Site Review:

You know, on occasion our star Spanking models just don’t do it for me, I mean sure these are the girls that
take the paddle, and cane and generally just fantastic! But sometimes I have inkling for something different. I wanna see pornstars and models take a Butt Beating! Well folks, today we review a site that caters to just that.!

The site was started in 1997 as Red Hot Video, so this site has staying power. In my discussions with the owner it seems this is very much a Labor of Love. Which is quite respectable in this day and age of get rich quick sites.

I remember when I first saw a video from this site long ago, nothing fancy, no exotic scene setups, no precious plots, no whips, no paddles and no canes. Just good hard old fashion Over-The-Knee handspanking and really hot girls. I was hooked!!

Site Offerings and cost
BunBeatingFun is not your typical Spanking site. First
thing you notice is that there are no photo’s other then what is describing the 50+ models on the site. But alas this is a good thing! You will find no fillers here. A still picture is pale in comparison to full length movies!

BunBeatingFun is the ONLY site I know of that consistently offers 20+ minutes per movie start to finish. And that is their specialty! As I said there are 50+ models on the site which if you do the math that’s a whopping 16 hours of gorgeous girls getting the rears properly beaten!

Costs run from $28.95 for a single month membership to $19.65/month for a 3 month membership. If you take the recurring feature its $28.95 then $15.95 thereafter. With the content on the site you’re talking perhaps $2 per HOUR.

Due to the movie only format, the updates happen about once every 3 weeks. The updates are less frequent then other sites. But considering if you look at most other sites that update 3 times a week, you will get either pictures or small clips of a scene drawn out over time. Here you get the whole movie posted at once which when you compare is more then comparable. If you apply the 15.95 recurring membership over a period of a year your talking a little under $12 per full movie which I think is quite fair.

All of the new movies are in RM format (no DRM). Older video’s are in MPG format.

The Girls
As I said above, The girls on this site are not your typical spanking stars. BunBeatingFun is a cornucopia of Adult stars, Models and Fetish performers who are not known for spankings. This is the charm of the girls
on this site. It’s quite apparent that most of these girls have NEVER been spanked properly in their entire life! Perhaps it is I, but there is something quite titillating about seeing someone who has agreed to her first spanking to realize suddenly HEY THIS HURTS!

The girls are of various quality, the vast majority being in the Gorgeous and the very hot category. There are a rare few that I would say are less then hot but put on good performances none the less. The models are to numerous to name. But I will list some of my favorites!. (note to any of the models reading this site, this is simply my taste in women so please do not be offended).

Veronica Raquel is a beautiful adult movie star and has one of the finest asses to be spanked on film,
Sasha Sparks, a
bondage queen with an incredible body
Heaven, Kristin, Shauna Ryan, Holly Stevens, Elle. I have no ide
a where they came from but DAMN!!!

That’s just to name a few. I haven’t got though all the video’s so I am sure there are more in there I just haven’t seen.

Scenes Outfits and Film Quality
I like nice people, I used to be a son-of-a-bitch (still am
sometimes) until one day I helped someone better their life, I realized that if you can encourage and help someone then it perhaps is the greatest gift you can ever give. The Mystery Spanker (TMS) (David Pierson coined that name) owner operator and main spanker is such a person. It has been a pleasure working with him. There are two things I really love about this site. First he has a mission statement and you can tell he strictly adheres to it. Second his vision for the site is one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Most of the films have the same basic plot, our Hero hires a bitchy model for a photo shoot who after not fulfilling her contract due to the conditions of a dingy hotel demands more money. The Mystery Spanker of course offers her “a offer she cannot refuse”!

The models are usually dressed in lingerie (couple of the stripper scenes in hot pants YES!) which they conveniently fall out of during the spanking. All of the spankings are OTK hand spanking. When I asked TMS why he hadn’t used the paddle on any of them, he pointed out a few scenes where he did. Since these girls have not been properly spanked, they almost jumped out of their skin!

The film quality is pretty good, BunBeatingFun offers downloads in 700kb for those of us with high speed cable/Del and 450kb for those of us without. In addition, it also offers a full download of the movie clips joined, which is nice.

The very last thing I can say about BunBeatingFun is probably the most important. This site is LESS about revenue generation then providing a satisfying product for its subscribers. That my friends is one of the best things that one can say about a pay site.

Who will not like this site
Anyone who demands canes, paddles, switches and other implements

Who will like this site
Anyone who loves OTK hand spankings of beautiful women who are not typically on the spanking scene.

See them here at


6 comments to Spanking Spot Site Review:

  • I agree they are very hot girls. However, the girls are always spanked just in their underwear. I would prefer them to be spanked in the outfits they turn up in.

  • scott

    It took me a while before I realized that all these scenes are staged. However the girls are beautiful and the spankings are quite real. Greg is a little bit sadistic for my taste, though.

  • anon

    id join again ifit asnt for the lack of updates

  • Spankfun

    Who will NOT like this site ?
    Well, I believe anyone who read these comments:
    ("Funbun" is the owner of BunBeatingFun).
    Please read the comments before you decide whether you want to join this site.

  • I don't know who the hell "Funbun" is but I can assure you that he (or she) is in no way associated with me or my website.

    As for Dallas, I have the highest respect for him and his work.

    Moreover, if this "Funbun" character doesn't approve of Dallas, you can bet your bippy "Funbun" doesn't like me either :)

  • Max

    Only two problems with this site, but they are very big problems:

    1: Clothes need to stay on, or at least with some regularity. In the Kelly video e.g. there is no reason he needs to sit her back up on his lap, take her top off, squeeze her jugs, and place her back. Everything about the disrobing process disrupts the scenes' continuity and believability (and yes, I know their staged but that's not the point!).

    2: TMS has some technique inconsistencies that bother me. I don't like (and never like for that matter) how often he uses his opposite hand (though I understand his need given how long he goes for). His language is also inconsistent and also a little off-putting as in that it's strange to me that he blurs the lines between displinarian and pervert so much (example, "you've been a bad girl* stick finger in pussy*).

    However, THE GIRLS ARE **** AMAZING!!!! The comedy of TMS makes allows him to spank the girls for 20 mins, damn hard, but it still doesn't seem over the top. The cameramen are great and get so many angles and the perfect ones.

    I feel that it has a bad name, but if you can put up with some problems it's a great find.

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