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The Spanking Stimulus, A Hard Spanking for a Young College Student, And A Naughty Girl Discovers Dallas’s Hand Really Hurts. That and More On The Spanking Updates of the Week!

I was quite upset at the Republican’s rebuttal to our New PrezO’s state of the union address.  Aside from being the party of No they are quickly becoming the party of batshit crazy as they throw the few moderates remaining out of the party.  The Governor of great state of Louisiana had the nerve to call the monies allocated to  Volcano Monitoring, High speed Magnetic Trains and Spanking as wasteful!  Oh the humanity!  I am not sure about you Dear Reader but Volcano Monitoring seems like a pretty good spend since Volcano’s tend to explode every once and a while.  In fact the last civilization who figured it would be too expensive to add a hermit or two to watch the volcano was in Pompeii and we all know how that turned out.  The Mag trains might sound like pork for those of us unaware that magnetics can make trains go, but given the state of the Republican party’s interest in science this is not surprising.  Finally and most disappointing was Jindal’s opposition to the 786 million to study the effects of spanking on women’s rear ends.  I ask you Naysayers,  from this important research we could find the just the perfect resistance cheeks should give when struck.  Exploring the red factor and even creating antidepressants with perfect bottoms.  The applications of this are tremendous Dear Reader!

Ah but they had their time in office only to elect a halfwit that screwed up a considerable amount of the world.  The spanking stimulus is going though.  Now I wonder if there will be any money left over to study the nerve impulses of David Pierson’s Hand.  But now its time to put away my silly rant and start the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We’ll start this week off with one of my favorite new girls on Punished Brats, The lovely Vanessa Vix getting her bottom spanked by the one and only Beverly Bacci.  I am still blown away by the photography for this Spanking site.  It really recreates the spanking scenes when our hobby was regulated to a few hard to find magazines.  Its really excellent.  I can tell you I do prefer Beverly on the receiving end of a spanking rather then the giving end but while a little light she does ok. 
IMG_3384 IMG_3364 IMG_3353 IMG_3343 IMG_3341

Your Humble Narrator used to collect coins.  No not the Obama commemorative silver dollar covered in .99999 pure gold leaf. But real coins.  It seems that Alex is a fellow collector yet when he goes to admire his collection of currency Maggie allowed a “double dealer” into the house.  Now what a “double dealer” is I have absolutely no idea but I gather it has something to do with the missing coins that Maggie then gets one hell of a spanking for.  From Spanked at Home
mov065_still10 mov065_pic07 mov065_pic09 mov065_pic11 mov065_pic12

I am not even going to try to explain the plot to you Dear Reader since it is about as convoluted as one can get.  But it has Clare Fonda getting spanked by Madison Martin and Kay Richards and then My Dear Clare returns the favor.  What else does one need to know?  From My Spanking Roommate
r21e01a r21e01f r21e11 r21e30 r21e34

I am convinced that someone from Xerotics has the enviable job of scouring England for the best bottoms available and convinces them to take a spanking.  This is yet another Justine with her debut on Spanked Schoolgirls and she is indeed WOW material Dear Reader.  And while they have a knack for bringing us these close to perfect behinds they seem to enjoy finding girls that are rather stoic when spanked. 
Image14 Image23 Image38 Image61

Ok I love this next update from Dallas but I know I am going to get yelled at.  This is Elizabeth Cain and Liz here has a spanking fetish.  Before I go on,  although a female this girl has a pair of steel balls that few of us can measure up .  First she went to see Dallas for a spanking which as we all know is either brave or nuts.  Second and more important,  while she has a bit of speech impediment she lets none of that get in the way for her upbeat and excellent interview.  Please Dear Reader I mention this not to be mean but it would be apparent to anyone joining Dallas Spanks Hard just to see this video.  Regardless of this rather sensitive issue that I am completely botching she is also rather cute and foolhardy enough to suggest hand spankings don’t hurt.  Dallas corrects her erroneous perception.
liz_09 liz_12 liz_13 liz_15 liz_20

Amelia Jane Rutherford being beautiful, Naked and Spanked.  From Good Spanking
005 011 014 017 019

This next update of Coach spanking Claire is simply my idea of a perfect spanking.  Claire being the young college student that Real Spankings are known for gets one of the hardest OTK hand spankings I have ever had the pleasure to see.  Any girl should be proud to withstand this kind of spanking.  God I miss Coach.  (8 site special)
4530_001 4530_008 4530_032 4530_050 4530_052

The one thing I really like about Mood Castings is they are if anything painfully honest.  Just from their update schedule one can see they want to give the customer value for their money.  You see Dear Reader,  you never know how many video’s you are going to see each week with these guys.  If the girl runs screaming from the scene out after a couple of strokes of the cane ,  well its more then likely you’ll get another video or two to make up for it.  Its not the number of video’s at Mood Castings but the amount of spanking that they believe is important.
roseb_006 roseb_018 roseb_020 roseb_021 roseb_025 roseb_028

I gotta empathize with poor Wynter.  You see being a rather puritanical bunch  in the USA we decided some time ago that DWI (or drunk driving) was bad thus we began trying to eradicate it.  Being American’s however we went overboard with a “bad” thing and making life miserable for the rest of us.  Now at least in this country your life is more or less destroyed if your found operating anything but your own legs (including a bicycle) with even the slightest amount of alcohol.  Personally if MADD had any sense they would abandon every effort to keep people from drinking and encourage spankings if they choose to drive.  From Sound Punishments
P2196471 P2196478 P2196495 P2196508 P2196524

Lauren gets bent over and strapped on English Spankers
npp909009 npp909021 npp909030 npp909033npp909036 npp909054 npp909061 

Ah Xerotics new girl Justine again.  They really need to add last names to these girls so we can identify them readily.  Which reminds me.  What's with all these names!  Justine, Samantha, Bryanna?  What ever happened to something simple like good old Sue?  Doesn’t Sue’s get spanked anymore?  From Spanking Digital (or via Spank Pass)
IMG_4902 IMG_4911 IMG_4922 IMG_4927 IMG_4928

Your Humble Narrator has recently stopped drinking coffee  Not mind you because I want to deprive myself of the wonder drug called caffeine but it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  So I switched to Tea which to tell you the truth tastes much better but doesn’t give me the “punch” a good strong brewed cup of coffee does.  I would have to imagine that perhaps the only more intense wakeup call would be a spanking.  From Handspanking
t1-03   t1-12 t1-25 t1-33 t1-35


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