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Spanking to go with Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Well Dear Reader tomorrow is indeed Thanksgiving.  A most American of Holidays where we celebrate the American Natives helping our forefathers before of course we almost wiped them off the face of the earth.  Only to give their few remaining descendants Casino’s where we can gamble away our hard earned money.  Isn’t history grand!  But like just about every other American I will be stuffing my face with dead bird and arguing with my relatives tomorrow.  So indeed why not start the Spanking Updates of the Week a day early!

But what indeed is Thanksgiving without a good Spanking.  After all that annoying cousin of yours should have been put over the knee years ago.  Perhaps if you take her husband aside and show him The Spanking Spot she will indeed get what she deserves.  So I will begin this week with the wonderful Abigail Whittaker who’s bottom is sure to delight anyone being introduced to the world of Spanking.  This week she gets the Cane which she is not exactly a fan of.  “That thing Hurts” she says,  But Dear Reader that indeed is the whole point.  From Firm Hand Spanking
Abigail Whittaker Caned on the bare bottom Painful Caning interventionist_i015 interventionist_i018 Caning Punishment

Nature is indeed Odd Dear Reader.  Human Beings are born with such wild and wonderful variation.  Sometimes this leads to some rather interesting results.  Take our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian’s new girl.  The rather cute 22 year old Kiara.  Apparently though some wonderful fluke of nature she has apparently had her clitoris relocated upon her rather nice bottom!  As a result we have a girl who LOVES a good Spanking.  Now Triple A is typically a straight shooter,  but when he told me this girl orgasmed a number of times during her rather harsh Spanking,  indeed I was skeptical.  But indeed my cynicism was in unfounded.  The only problem really lies with,  if she enjoys Spanking so much then how indeed is one to punish her.  Not Spank her?  From Real Life Spanking
kiara_first_spanking_P1010376 OTK Spanking kiara_first_spanking_P1010381 kiara_first_spanking_P1010385 22 year old girl Spanked Girl gets a Spanking from her Father

Madison Martin did not have to wait long for Her Spanking while she waited for Mistress Gimini to finish up with Kay Richardson’s now sore ass.  But indeed a OTK Spanking was not enough for these girls thus the use of the Strap in a rather odd Spanking configuration.  From My Spanking Roommate or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.
r67e23l r67e24l Mistress Gimini Spanks Madison Martin Madison Martin Spanked r67e29l r67e38l

It will be December soon!  which means for those of your Cubical Dwellers it is time for the dreaded annual performance evaluation.  This of course is when your superiors who usually have no idea what you do for a living score you on your performance.  Of course this increasingly hasn’t any meaning whatsoever since your corporation only made 2 billion rather than 2.1 billion so you won’t be getting a raise this year.  Now my friend David Pierson shows us evaluations should could be spiced up just a bit when evaluating your own employees.  Particularly if they have such a shapely Rump like Carissa here.  In a tight leather miniskirt she is almost begging to get Spanked.  From Punished Brats
OTK Spanking IMG_0815 IMG_0795 Carissa Spanked Bare Ass Spanking IMG_0791 IMG_0780

Frankie and Sophie are getting their Thanksgiving Spanking in their delightful birthday suits this week on Real Spanking Institute.  I would imagine it would be rather embarrassing to return home from a boarding school with red bottoms for the holidays.  But it appears that these two girls will be requesting a soft pillow for their seat at the dinner table.  Also Available though the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9851_002 Sophie Spanked Naked Spanking 9852_012 9852_022 Two girls Spanked

Now what do we have here Dear Reader, Three very Hot Drunk Girls handing around in their undergarments!  This might call for a Bare Bottomed Spanking!  I must say I would be quite enthusiastic about Spanking any one of these girls by themselves (Particularly the blonde with the long straight hair).  But all three together!  Well this gentleman has his hands full indeed!  From Spanking Digital or the better valued Spank Pass
vlcsnap-2010-11-24-11h04m07s166 vlcsnap-2010-11-24-11h04m55s118 vlcsnap-2010-11-24-11h05m28s213 Bent Over and Spanked vlcsnap-2010-11-24-11h06m21s234 vlcsnap-2010-11-24-11h06m15s181

Ah Spanking Experience has yet another new nubile Spankee.  Dear Readers meet young Kim who is indeed quite young and attractive.  Not to mention her amazing ass.  Not only getting a pretty good F/f OTK Spanking but getting the cane as well.  I will be looking forward to her work.
EXP160_1 Girl Spanks her Sister Hard Spanking EXP160_5 EXP160_16 Red Bottom Spanking

And finally for today.  Imagine if you will,  the feeling a girl gets in the pit of her stomach when the opens the door to her room only to find her mother sitting on the bed with a rather enraged look on her face.  Knowing, just knowing she is going to be getting a Painful Spanking.  In this case because her mother found her lighter,  and we all know why one would carry a lighter.  Smoking of course can be bad for your butt.  From HandSpanking
j19-03 j19-14Japanese Schoolgirl Spanked Japanese Mother Spanks her teen Daughterj19-19 j19-21

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


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