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Well Dear Reader the Zimmerman trial is over and my fellow liberal commie bastards are absolutely stunned by the fact that people are not found guilty because you want them to be!  Who would have thought!  Now if full disclosure Dear Reader,  I thought at the beginning of this trial that this guy was guilty minimally of being a dumbass.  Which he was,  but unfortunately that is not illegal.  But I figured he would get at least some jail time.  At least until I started following the trial.  While the professional race baiters continue to scream and yell the fact remains the prosecution had little or no case. 

But of course he must be guilty of something!  The media told us so!  They even want him brought up on federal civil rights violations which incidentally confuses me since, at least to my knowledge a private citizen has no legal obligation to adhere to the 1964 Civil rights act unless he or she is a) Police or other Government agency.  2) is an employer  3) An owner of pubic accommodations (ie a restaurant) 4) involved with an organized attempt to keep people from voting or attending a particular school or finally being involved somehow with the buying and selling human beings.  None of which as I recall anyone even alleges Mr Zimmerman did. 

The problem Dear Reader,  is that we liberals simply cannot get get our minds around that being a racist is not in and of itself illegal.  Not that there is any evidence that the knucklehead was.  But the fact remains if someone is wrapped in a confederate flag with a swastika tattooed on his forehead and carrying a burning cross is attacked with no form of retreat and believes his life is in danger.  There are laws in all 50 states that allow him to use deadly force.  Regardless of what my liberal brethren might think.  Hating people for any other reason other than disliking them personally is generally stupid and ignorant Dear Reader.  That goes without saying.  But it is not illegal. 

With that I will cease with my little nugget of wisdom today and get on with the Spanking Updates of the week!

Well normally I would point out how foolish it is for hot girls standing around in their underwear like Veronica Ricci is doing.  Incidentally its also foolish to stand around in a tube top and Daisy Dukes if you are Kimmy Olsen.  Hell someone might spank you!  But considering its slightly cooler in my adopted New England than Hell itself.  I can kinda understand it.  In this oppressive heat who the hell would have the energy to spank you.  Apparently there are more dedicated spankers out there than myself.  From Girl Spanks Girl or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.   
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You know in the past I have pointed out that my Dear Friend Dallas has a fat ass.  Of course this garnered me some considerable hate mail since….  you know…..  His entire self image of himself is dependant on what some stupid blogger says.  Now I know such a statement will send my friend weeping on the shoulder of his lovely wife.  But I can now say.  Dallas,  Its not your fault buddy,  Its your parents fault!.  You see in another study funded by my liberal friends who don’t quite understand statistics has determined getting spanked as a kid makes you fat as an adult.  Of course they define spanking as “Harshly Punished” which at least from their questions could mean getting your IPhone taken away to be beaten within an inch of your life with an electrical cord and starved for 6 month.  But hey,  its a study,  its got to be true!  I am surprised that poor Alex Reynolds is not 700 pounds by the time Dallas gets though with her.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
alex5_02 alex5_12 alex5_14 alex5_16 alex5_17 alex5_20

Doctors have a hard life, Dear Reader,  I get it.  You might think I am kidding but I am indeed not.  I realized this a number of years ago when I went for a visit.    Imagine Dear Reader,  being sent from windowless room to windowless room and having 15 minutes to do a menial task.  That more or less sums up the life of a general practitioner.  Honestly,  if you think about it.  How many of you have worse working conditions.  Sure it pays well (not as much as we think), but do you really want to go though almost 20 years of schooling so you can work in conditions with sick people little better than a sweat shop?  I would say not, which is probably why Veronica is so damn cranky and has a surprise in store for the hot little Pharmaceutical rep Mei Mara.  From Punished Brats
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In Utah,  other than believing that the promised land is someplace in Missouri and that Romney would be a good president.  A Mormon Moron Republican wants to do away with the scourge that is compulsory education because even the most minimally educated has a real problem with believing in magic underwear and that God lives on planet Kolob.  Should such a idea spread it is indeed a problem since who in the world will spank our young ladies!  It would put Mr M out of work and a wayward girl like young Kiki would go unpunished.  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
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You know its amazing that in this day and age that a significant portion of us (including myself) are completely oblivious from the day to day lives of those outside our country.  Take this punishment of the lovely Pandora Blake when she was unfortunate to be found in an unkempt kitchen (and it really is,  I would have spanked her!).  Now although her bottom is bared and I should indeed be looking at it.  I find myself trying to figure out what the hell is that thing mounted to the wall with dials and what looks like magnets.  From Dreams Of Spanking
Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen2_003 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen2_007 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen2_014 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen2_032 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen2_035 Dreams-of-Spanking_kitchen2_043

Finally for tonight, apparently the Dutch are running out of people.  It seems that the birth rate is so low it is being reported in the local papers.  This of course concerns our favorite Able Amsterdam Authoritarian.  Less Births means less naughty girls to spank!!  How horrid!  Thankfully we have a bit of time.  From Real Life Spanking.  
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6 comments to Spanking will Make You Fat

  • iwasrobert

    From what I can tell, Zimmerman would have been guilty of manslaughter were it not for the Stand Your Ground law, which allowed the jury to consider the end of the fight with Trayvon Martin in isolation, rather than as part of the totality of the situation (Zimmerman being told not to leave his car, the unexplored possibility that he could have run away instead of shooting etc.). Jurer B37 – admittedly in her rush to extricate herself from the book deal fiasco – said as much yesterday.

  • nova

    The thing on the wall is a central heating boiler

  • Omar

    "the prosecution had little or no case"

    Well I'm glad you're admitting that you're ignorant of the law. The prosecution had little case because the preservation of evidence was completely piss poor. They arrested Zimmerman, let him go four hours later. Didn't charge him with jack and or shit. It wasn't until public outrage boiled over that they finally charged him when the evidence was basically destroyed and the police work that should be done when someone was killed wasn't done.

    So I will make you a deal. I will start a fight with you. If you have the audacity to start winning, I'm going to shoot you and I'll go home free as a bird afterwards. I'll even get my gun back. Sound good?

  • Omar


    "There are laws in all 50 states that allow him to use deadly force. Regardless of what my liberal brethren might think."

    Bull. Fucking. Shit.

    The standard of self defense in states without "stand your ground" is that you have to retreat before using deadly force. Since the police told him "don't follow him, we'll take care of it" and he ignored what the people who are professionally trained to shoot unarmed black teenagers told him to do. He'd get convicted of murder 2 at the very least in most states. You gun nuts are an odd bunch.

  • Maybe if you had watched the TRIAL in FULL OMAR, you would realize that the 'don't follow him' line came AFTER he was asked to see where he was going and asked for a non- posted address where he could not drive to due to a non posted street sign. Here is what I don't like. George was walking back to his car after he was told not to follow wherein Trayvon approached him from the shadows. Trayvon had disappeared for GZ's sight for 4 minutes when he was only a minute from the house he was visiting.

    1) George Zimmerman is Hispanic not white. If George Zimmerman is white….Obama is white.
    2) This has become a race issue when the DOJ investigated a year ago and found "No racial intent".
    3) Obama used tax payer money through CSR ( a division of DOJ) to fund George Zimmerman protestors.
    4) This has ONCE again become an issue of GUN CONTROL not justice for anyone.
    5) You better understand that DHS has purchased 2700 armored vehicles, 2 billion bullets, and had CONGRESS shut them down when they attempted to purchase a million fully automated tactical weapons and full tactical uniforms.
    6) A senator from SC recently toured the DHS and saw IRS agents training with fully automated AR-15's ( they don't want Americans to have them but they sure want to purchase mass quantities. )

    Omar….YOU aren't even American. How DARE you sit here and judge the AMERICAN ' Jury of your peers" method of justice.
    You didn't watch the complete trial… you have no understanding that this is just another attempt to polarize Americans into not paying attention to what is really happening that has sweeping implications to our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

    Oh and BRUSHSTROKES…. I DARE you to post a photo of yourself….But you won't because you are just a BIG FUCKING CHICKEN who remains in the shadows like any other internet coward. Luv ya man…

  • Mark

    The "stand your ground" law is only relevant in cases where there is an option to flee. From what I understood of the trial, deadly force was only brought to bear when there was no option of fleeing (i.e. when Zimmerman was on the ground and his head being bashed against the concrete. ) Only if Martin had approached Zimmerman in a threatening manner while Zimmerman was still standing and ABLE to flee would "stand your ground" have been relevant.

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