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Stevie Rose Feels the Sting of the Wooden Hairbrush on her Bare Bottom

Our favorite drunken uncle Joe Biden showed up sober on Thursday night to deliver a spanking to our snide cousin Paul Ryan who upset by all the swirlys he got in High School wants to take everyone’s mortgage deduction away.  Our conservative crazies are outraged by how disrespectful Uncle Joe was since he was smiling and shaking his head,  which of course is a perfectly natural reaction when dealing with crazy. 

But indeed that is indicative of one of the main complaints our Tea Party Twits have about us coastal liberals.  They feel that we are quite dismissive of their crazy ideas.  What they fail to realize is that to have any meaningful discourse on a subject both parties must have at least one foot placed in reality. 

If for example,  I come to you and insist that the sky is indeed green when all facts indicate it is of course blue.  The chances are you will not even bother trying to convince me and walk away shaking ones head.  If on the other hand I insist it is light blue and you insist that it is dark blue,  then we can have a meaningful debate. 

The same of course goes for our girls.  If one of them insists that she should not be spanked the chances are we will just smile and turn her over our knee.  On the other hand she feels she should not be spanked for whatever offence she committed then we can have a meaningful discussion about it.  Which of course usually also ends up with her over our knee.  Particularly on the Spanking Updates of the Week!

We begin today with the fate of little Stevie Rose.  It seems that the spanking Dallas gave her a couple of months ago did not mend her ways.  Wanting to make it in the big city she left her uncle Cletus's band along with a big wad of cash from his bank account.  Of course as what happens to many of these girls they soon run out of money and call begging to call home.  Not of course before Uncle Cletus sends her to see Dallas who decides she needs a even more severe spanking than before.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
rawhide3_04 rawhide3_07 rawhide3_09 rawhide3_10 rawhide3_11 rawhide3_15

Our friend Karl while known for delivering bruising painful spankings with a variety of implements oddly is not known for giving hard OTK hand spankings.  While they are definitely painful it just appears that he is being rather gentle on their bare bottoms compared with the veracity of the rest of the spankings he gives them.  Well today this has changed as the very attractive Candy goes over his knee and he delivers a very hard spanking on her fantastic butt.  From Spanking Server.  
vlcsnap-2012-10-12-11h44m27s113 vlcsnap-2012-10-12-11h44m40s252 vlcsnap-2012-10-12-11h45m43s116 vlcsnap-2012-10-12-11h46m16s160 vlcsnap-2012-10-12-11h46m33s105 vlcsnap-2012-10-12-11h46m45s225

You know Dear Reader,  having never owned a pair or indeed been spanked I wonder if tight leather pants offer more protection from a spanking than say a pair of jeans.  Then again considering they are showing off the exquisite ass of the gorgeous Leandra and of course they are eventually pulled down to spank her bare bottom who cares.  From Real Life Spanking
leandra_returns_P1010355 leandra_returns_P1010357 leandra_returns_P1010363 leandra_returns_P1010369 leandra_returns_P1010397 leandra_returns_P1010398

After a short hiatus Allison Miller is back on Firm Hand Spanking.  Giving her bottom a much earned rest is always a good idea however it also ensures that she will need a spanking when she returns.  
dance_a006 dance_a008 dance_a016 dance_a018 dance_a020 dance_a023

So it seems like Sarah Gregory has gotten a new job.  I would surely hire her as my new secretary.  I might even spank her less than her present boss!   Come to think of it,  probably not.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0096_bad_secretary_gal2-001 0096_bad_secretary_gal2-003 0096_bad_secretary_gal2-010 0096_bad_secretary_gal2-017 0096_bad_secretary_gal2-021 0096_bad_secretary_gal2-024

On Spanking Sarah this week their new girl fresh off a bare bottomed hand spanking has a turn with the leather paddle which of course she finds is a bit more painful than she imagined.  
npp4080030 npp4080032 npp4080036 npp4080039 npp4080025 npp4080026 

Poor Abigail,  the hot little 19 year old was told to clean the kitchen which of course she failed to do.  To make matters worse her friend came over.  True to form it did not deter Betty Blaze from bending her over for a good ass whooping.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass

Finally for this week,  on the famous retro spanking site Good Spanking Classics has a scene I remember seeing pictures of from the old usenet days.  For you youngins those were the days where you waited 5 minutes for your 14400 baud modem to download an image as you eagerly awaited the bare bottom spanking that was emerging on your screen.  Now indeed I get to see the movie of this wonderful spanking. 
004 008 012 017 024 026


3 comments to Stevie Rose Feels the Sting of the Wooden Hairbrush on her Bare Bottom

  • Sarah Gregory certainly does colour up delightfully.

  • iwasrobert

    Actually I believe Ryan was quite the jock at high school – and Prom King too. That said, he's still rather alarmingly divorced from reality. Watching him try to talk his way out of trouble with Chris Wallace (of all people!) a few weeks back was both very funny and very scary.

  • 14400 bps, that was fast, I go back to before the internet when some of us only had dial-up connections and I can't remember the speed, but I do remember some of the modems at work only being 4800 bps and the 9600 bps could be split into 4 2400 bps unit servers in a company. Mind you the mainframe only had 4 meg of main storage.

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