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Strict Prison 4

p4f030 (1) Title: Strict Prison 4

Starring: Pandora Blake, Amy Hunter

Produced By:  Peter Schoober

Written and Directed By: Peter Schoober

Distributed by: Spanking Server / Pain4Fem

Runtime:  53.11

Price:  21.99 (Eur) (Download)

Ah Dear Readers yet another fantastic full length movie to review from Peter Schoober and our friends over at Spanking Server.  Now Pandora contacted me a week or so ago asking if I was indeed going to review this movie.  I wasn’t planning on it,  however this is Pandora we are talking about.  And what Pandora wants she indeed gets in your Humble Narrator’s book, Plus she told me that our lovely Amy was excellent in this feature, and I of course trust her implicitly.  So let us indeed explore why these two beautiful women get their bottoms brutally beaten.  snapshot20090922192928

We begin with our two lovely ladies behind bars wearing some rather unflattering prison garb while they wait and listen to a unseen girl getting her licks.  Now something tells Your Humble Narrator we will not have to look at such ugly dresses for long.  As the unseen spanking continues the tension heightens as the girls wait.

As the girls discuss their unknown fate and scheme to get out of this horrendous place, our Dear Amy seems quite uncharacteristically unhappy about her fate crying as Pandora the more pragmatic of the two search for ways to free herself.  We find out our two are here for the next 3 years which would be quite unfortunate for us spanko’s to loose two of the most beautiful spankee’s there are!

p4f030 (5) Thankfully Pandora hatches a plan,  One will fake illness and while in the infirmary steal something to pick the lock,  find a map and sweet sweet freedom will be theirs!  As they put their plan in motion Pandora manages (after a shot on that wonderful bottom of hers) manages to swipe a wayward piece of metal.  It looks indeed like the girls will return to the world to delight us spanko’s once again.

But all is not well,  upon returning her to her cell the guards are suspicious.  I do want to point out how hot Heidi looks in that guard outfit,  Perhaps one day she indeed will go over Peters knee.  But I digress.

Before the girls can free themselves the guards return and catch them red-handed.  This reduces our poor Amy to blubbering clearly the punishment for such behavior will be severe.  The guards let them sit and stew about it once again heightening the mood.  p4f030 (11)

When the guards return they of informed of their punishment.  35 strokes of the cane each!  and 15 lashes on the back for Pandora!  To be carried out immediately.

They decide to get the lashing out of the way first,  once again not exactly Your Humble Narrator’s cup of tea but for some of you it might be of interest.  stripped to her panties and shackled to the prison door, the lashing begins.   Amy is horrified watching her friend getting lashed with the heavy short whip.  Pandora for her part lets out screams when the dastardly whip comes in contact to her unblemished back.

Thankfully (at least from my preference) the back whipping is indeed brief.  Now mind you Dear Reader, this has nothing to do with the lovely Pandora’s performance or the action in general.  It is simply a personal preference,  I want to see some ASSES smacked!

p4f030 (17) And Asses indeed are spanked Dear Reader for after Pandora is placed back in the cell for a bit of a rest Amy is removed and tied securely to one of Peters famous spanking devices.  Looking like  Ikea furniture from hell,  our little Amy is strapped over the thing.  Her dress lifted and her bottom bared.

The first stroke reduces our dear Amy to tears immediately.  Peter known for his quite brutal canings shows us that this one will be no different with each stroke leaving a bright welt on her otherwise perfect behind.  The strokes get progressively harder as the caning continues with Amy shouting out the number of strokes,  (lest she forgets and they start over).  Peter takes his time delivering this caning and by the time she reaches 35 poor Amy’s bottom is quite welted and a bit bloodied in a few spots.

p4f030 (20) p4f030 (22) p4f030 (21)

But what of Pandora who has been watching her friends horrifying ordeal,  It is indeed her turn!  Unlike Amy she is made to strip to her birthday suit and strapped un-ceremonially  to the spanking device.  The one real complaint about Peters latest contraption is the girls are restrained quite firmly keeping their movement to a minimum.   A little bottom writhing is indeed a good thing Dear Reader since it gives us and idea concerning the severity of the spanking.  Now obviously from the looks of Amy’s rear after the 35 strokes this might be a moot issue, but Your Humble Narrator believes this adds to the spanking.  Not a huge deal of course.

p4f030 (31) snapshot20090922200014 p4f030 (34)

Back to Pandora,  Her stoic nature is no more as the strokes start.  but the 11th or so (enough to reduce any of us to tears), our poor p4f030 (36) Pandora’s composure is waning screaming audibly with each stroke.  Again the caning gets progressively harder with the last three I would have to say is as hard as Peter can swing the thing.  Pandora,  now broken and bruised is relived her ordeal is over.  Hopefully she will stay out of trouble for the next 3 years.

So Dear Reader,  Did I enjoy it?  Well yes,  not indeed one of my favorites but a good solid spanking movie. This should of course not be a reflection on this title since Yours Truly as you already know likes more OTK spankings and quite honestly my preferences would simply not work in the confines of this title.   If your into the application of the cane then you will love this movie.  The acting is excellent by Amy and Pandora, The spankings are just about as hard as they get and the production values are excellent.

If your interested you can find this at Spanking Server


3 comments to Strict Prison 4

  • iwasrobert

    Isn't that Strict Prison *4*, not 5 as per your title card?

  • Brushstrokes

    You are indeed correct, thank you for pointing that out. It is now fixed

  • Thankyou very much for the review! I'm glad you liked it, although understand your points about it not really being your thing. I think I prefer videos where the model has more "wiggle room" as well, but I appreciated the need for realism – you wouldn't have a girl leaping about all over the place during a judicial punishment. And restraints not only make the strokes easier to take, I actually find them kind of hot – so I appreciated it in that regard as well!

    Amy had a lot of fun playing the sensitive flower in this one. With me taking on the tougher character it was definitely a role reversal … but it's good to mix it up occasionally. :)

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