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Swimsuit Spankings and More On The Spanking Updates of the Week!

So its official Dear Readers. It appears one must support gay marriage in beauty pageants to win the Ms. USA title.  Now why we are all talking about this here in the states is truly a mystery to me.  Beauty Pageants are a completely outdated form of entertainment of yesteryear.  What an attractive blonde with fake breasts thinks about who should get married and why is simply not on the top of my priority list.  But the actions of Ms California USA does indeed make one wonder when you consider the fact that the only ones that are interested in beauty pageants in the first place are southerners and Gay men!  Oddly for a group of people so opposed to each other they have quite a bit in common. 

But I want to know where the hell is the spanking in all of this.  Do away with the inane questions that inevitably end with wanting world peace and the girls resisting with every ounce of their being from saying “LIKE WOW” and include some spanking during the swimsuit competition.  To please the homosexual crowd you could even spank Perez Hilton as a finale, perhaps it will shut him up. 

Speaking of Swimsuits lets start off this week with a funky swimsuit spanking.  There is simply not enough Swimsuit spankings in this world Dear Reader.  On a personal level the skimpier the better.  And they are indeed perfect for spanking.  Easy access to the bare bottom,  they offer almost no protection, and wet they actually enhance the stinging of the recipients bottom.  This phenomena is known quite well by us spanko’s but I question the physics of it.  So if there are any smarter people then Your Humble Narrator (like all of you) who knows the answer to the wet bottom spanking mystery please feel free to chime in.  Meanwhile Alison Miller gets her wet swimsuit spanking from Firm Hand Spanking.
attitude_g003 attitude_g006 attitude_g010 attitude_g017 attitude_g024

Now aside from the lack of spanking in beauty pageants the other thing that kind of irritates Your Humble Narrator about them is the fact that our Dear Amy Hunter could win Ms USA hands down with a bottom like hers.  Regardless of what she thought about dogs and cats living together or Gay Marriage.  Though the lack of fake tits might disqualify her.  From Northern Spanking
NSI059-LAV096 NSI059-LAV107 NSI059-LAV114 NSI059-LAV116 NSI059-LAV122

The very attractive adult star Ashli Orion comes into Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls for a spanking.  Ashli seems to be quite prolific on internet porn specializing in the “teen” sex area.  Which incidentally being a dirty old man quite intrigues me.  But quite honestly she looks fantastic over the knee of Paige Richards.  Even more so then getting fucked every way but Sunday as I have seen her in other shoots. 
015 023 034 046 049

I will have to say when it comes to the art of photography our little Spanking hobby has more then its fair share of those who excel.  Pigtailed Molly from Girls Boarding school gets her ass beating from a Carpet Beater.  But more importantly this one of the more interesting perspective of a spanking that I have seen in quite a bit of time.
prod0552_pic26 prod0552_pic30 prod0552_pic33 prod0552_pic34 prod0552_pic37

Where do they find those wonderful Hats?  From Spanking Online (or via the 4 site Spank Pass)
IMG_4022 IMG_4048 IMG_4050 IMG_4052IMG_4059 

I have heard rumors that Real Spankings used girls from the local colleges looking to make some pocket money for a sore bottom.  I am assuming Bailey was one of them (and I could be completely wrong I am just guessing).   Now when I went to college life in the dorms was somewhat umm intimate shall we say.  I would love to have been a fly on the wall when she explained to her roommate her bruised butt and the inability to sit down on hard surfaces after one of Coach Daniel’s famous OTK Spankings. From Spanking Bailey and available though the 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
8961_002 8961_006 8961_007 8961_010 8961_012 8961_015

No one is more aware than Dallas of the Wet Bottom Effect.  Usually he uses some vitamin E oil to enhance his already ridiculously hard spankings.  On the days he can’t usher the girl into his pool he brings it to them. Via a bucket spanking! Our young pretty Keegan meanwhile suffers the full effect of Dallas’s wrath,  this time with a Strap and the longest spatula I have ever seen.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
keagen2_01 keagen2_02 keagen2_03 keagen2_06 keagen2_20

I think if I come up with the Ugliest Dress during a Spanking Award this one from Regulation Knickers will indeed be the winner.  Luckily the girl who occupies it is quite cute.  Particularly with the pigtails. 
pic-001 pic-002 pic-006 pic-008 pic-012 pic-013 pic-014

And what would the Spanking Updates of the week be without the insanely beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford.  And Yes I would probably have the same smile on my face if I were indeed spanking her.  From Bars and Stripes
amelia_celltoomany_061 amelia_celltoomany_063 amelia_celltoomany_065 amelia_celltoomany_071 amelia_celltoomany_072

The one problem with the average human hand is that it cannot spank both cheeks of a naught female at one time.  This leads to confusion to us spankers Dear Reader.  Should we smack the left one or the right one.  Or perhaps just go down the middle.  Well the very cute Candice has solved this by shrinking her lovely behind.  Now on the other hand at least for the Spankee, being able to spank a whole bottom with one blow offers them no respite from the spanking they are receiving.  But then again,  spankings are supposed to hurt.  From Spanking Bare Butts
1 6 9 16 17

Now Your Humble Narrator has a potty mouth.  You see my father grew up in a rather tough part of Brooklyn and I was taught at art of swearing from a true master.  I can remember being a young Brushstrokes going to my Grandmothers for various holidays.  From the minute we pulled out of the driveway to the minute we pulled into our destination my dear father wove a soliloquy of obscenities that only a Marine Drill sergeant could appreciate.  It was truly beautiful Dear Reader.  However sadly Your Humble Narrator will never be as good as his patriarch.  But there are certain places one should not swear. On the phone with a customer is probably inappropriate.  Which this girl finds out the hard way on Slut Spanking.
Image1 Image6 Image27 Image32

How is it Dear Reader that I never find Maids that look even remotely like this.  Even more disturbing is the lack of maids that would agree to be spanked when they fail to clean the upper right corner behind the television 17 times a day.  What is this world coming to! From the Classic Spanking site Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking Classic.
001 002 003 004 007


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  • scotts

    That scene from GBS is the best angle for any spanking in my opinion, especially OTK shots. And that little blonde is the next Amelia Jane. SOOOOO hot. Keep up the great work!

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