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Teenager Strapping on her Bare Ass, Leia Ann Woods in her Birthday Suit, and Naomi Cruise gets a Spanking on her Bare Ass. That and More on The Spanking Spot's Spanking Updates of the week.

I read an interesting article Dear Reader on USA Today.  Apparently a study has found than Men are considerably happier then Woman when they reach "mid Life", particularly American Women.  Now we can go on about equality, glass ceilings and the fact the we men are fat slobs.  But at the risk of sounding rather sexist Dear Reader I believe that this is simply a fact of not giving your female enough spankings throughout their lives.  In fact Dear Reader I have a theory.  Women and in particularly American Women have been told all their lives in recent times that can do just about anything a Man can do and then some.  And for some of the opposite sex this is indeed true.  But the second thing these women have been told is that they should be married and have babies which as you can guess Dear Readers is somewhat incompatible with the first thing they were told since babies (and Men) tend to take up alot of time and effort keeping us both happy and not whining for a bottle or go drinking with our friends. 

The problem Dear Reader is when you figure biology into all of this.  Yes "technically" women can run companies, drive race cars and run for president.  But the question is do they really want to?  Biologically speaking they are hard wired to have babies,  raise babies and keep the family unit intact.  Men on the other hand are hardwired to provide, protect and grunt every now and then.  In other words we Dear Reader are designed to lay down the law thus fulfilling a important role in the family unit.  So when our females are naughty (who tend to do so when bored with grind of raising a family) it is time to put her over her knee and teach her that she regardless of what the feminists may say her role is an important one.  Important enough to warrant a spanking when that role goes unfulfilled.  Thus allowing us to go off and grunt at whatever inanimate object that catches our attention. 

So as you probably already know Dear Reader today is Thursday.  It is time for The Spankings Of the Week!

We'll start off this week with my Friend from Real Life Spanking.  This girl Lucy is not new to the site but indeed new since I began coverage of this wonderful site.  And guess what Dear Reader?  She is indeed quite attractive and incidentally quite spankable as well.  Well she is given a bare bottom OTK for not going to bed on time which I would tend to think will correct that behavior
lucy_spanked_not_in_bed_P1140433 lucy_spanked_not_in_bed_P1140434 lucy_spanked_not_in_bed_P1140435 lucy_spanked_not_in_bed_P1140436 lucy_spanked_not_in_bed_P1140438

My Dear Clare Fonda has found yet another girl ready to go over the knee and get her shiny heiny spanked.  This is Naomi Cruise an up and coming adult star,  now I don't know why Clare hasn't been spanking these young girls as of late (perhaps her hand hurts) but Julie Simone is a pretty good stand in for her with lots of potential power behind those swats.  From Spanked Sweeties
ss_naomi Cruisess_Julie Simone about to spank Naomi CruiseSS_Spanked over short shortsjpgss_Spanked Sweetiesss_Mother spanks Daughters bare bottom

I like this girl Jodie,  she just works so much I am afraid that wonderful rear of hers might fall off.  Pace yourself Jodie give us the pleasure of your spanked behind for many years to come.  The very last thing we would want is to see you spanked with a prosthetic butt which will no doubt look not as nearly as pretty as your own.  From Spanking Digital (or via SpankPass).
SD_Spanking Digital SD_Bare Ass Spanking SD_Jodie Spanked sd_Hard Bare Bottom Spanking SD_Painful ass

Leia Ann Woods in her Birthday suit.  What Dear Reader could be better then this beautiful creature in all her glory.  Well,  rather then just standing there teasing us with her perfect body English Spankers add's the cane into the mix for some great spanking fun.  So effective is he while she may not be able to sit down for a few days,  its also unlikely she will be grasping much with her palm punishment. 
ES_Leia Ann Woods Naked ES_Palm Punishment ES_Hand Punishment Leia Ann Woods Caned Nude Leia Ann Woods gets a Naked Spanking ES_Bare Ass Caning

Now I said in a prior post that Sara Gregory could spank.  But personally I prefer her with her naked ass raised high for a good Spanking.  Well this week Beverly Bacci gets fed up with getting all the bottom punishment and turns the tables on the poor girl next door Sara.  Needless to say Sara is not exactly happy about this.  Now I do have an interview pending with our sweet Sara but of course Your Humble Narrator is backed up on about everything.  Assuming she still will be willing we will have her soon on The Spanking Spot.  From Good Spanking.
GS_Beverly Bacci Spanking Sara Gregory GS_Roomate Spanking GS_sisters spank each other GS_Over the Knee Spanking GS_OTK SPanking

Now Lupus Spanking has it all.  OTK, M/f Spanking, F/f Spanking and quite a harsh caning on their newest update Two Faces of Truth.  One of these days I have to attend their filming since it would quite honestly be one of the most fascinating experiences of my life.  Plus I would get to chat with all of their incredibly hot girls.
LP_Lupus Spanking LP_Mother Spanks Daughter LP_Pantaloon Spanking Lp_Russian Spanking LP_Father Spanks Daughter

Your Humble Narrator tends to pay Maids and cleaning ladies to well….. Clean!  Needless to say if I came home and saw my Maid napping there would either be a firing or a rather painful spanking in her future.  This one chose the Spanking rather then getting fired which to tell you the truth I am not sure it was worth it considering the damage to her bare bottom.  From Sound Punishments
SP_Sound Punishments SP_Spanked Maid SP_Domestic Spanking SP_Maid Spanking SP_puniished Maid

And Finally for tonight.  A look at  I really really think there should be more M/f Spankings from our friends in the Pacific but alas that is not to be.  So we will have to suffice Dear Reader with F/f Spankings from the land of the Rising Sun. 
HS_Japanese Girl about to get a spanking HS_Japanese teen getting a spanking from her mother HS_Sailor Suit Spanking HS_Spanked in her panties HS_This hurts you more then it does me

For tonight


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