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Ten Gets her Mouth Washed Out with Soap and Pixie’s Posterior Meets the Wooden Spoon

Our newest tween sensation on the internet is a rather unassuming girl thrust into the spotlight with her hit single “Friday” is indeed the 13 year old Rebecca Black.  In this song we learn among other things that Saturday comes after Friday and people tend to enjoy “pardin”.  Who knew!  Of course the sensation of her song was more about how bad it actually was than for its worth.  But Dear Reader I must admire this girls actions in her 15 minutes of fame.  Given to her as a gift by her father they employed a vanity record label to write and produce a music video for his precious snowflake.  While some would argue $2000 is a bit much to spend on such a whimsical teen fantasy I could indeed see its use for teaching the girl that “teen pop idol” is not the best career path.

But alas such lessons were unlearned and the joke is indeed on us.  Apparently we enjoy bad music.  But happily this girl is indeed making a boatload of cash since her father had the forethought to keep the rights to the song.  More than enough to put her though her college years with some estimates topping $1 Million (though there is some question to this number).  Regardless she is indeed not in need of a Spanking since she was simply following a girls dream.  The only one who needs to be Spanked Dear Reader is the person who wrote that song.

But enough of my whimsical comments on a girl enjoying her 15 minutes of Fame Dear Reader for it is a day before Friday thus making it Thursday which of course means its time to start the Spanking Updates of the Week!

Lets begin with a girl who gets a Spanking any day of the week.  Our own beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford!  Now as I said before Amelia together with Dr Zaegler have been conducting groundbreaking studies on the act of Spanking.  They have come up with some amazing finds.  For example Spanking hurts,  its best done on the bare bottom and bottoms tend to turn a nice shade of red when Spanked enough.  Amazing!  Surely his government grant has been put to good use!  Studies on Spanking are far more interesting than the mating habits of the bottle nosed wombat!  From Firm Hand Spanking
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It seems that for our strangely named Ten going to visit her cousin wasn’t exactly a carefree experience.  Unbeknownst to her,  her aunt is rather strict with her own daughter and has no qualms about putting a naughty girl over her knee when she needs a Spanking.  Particularly when it comes to foul language!  Unfortunately washing her mouth out with soap is not the only punishment she got.  From Girl Spanks Girl or the better valued 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
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One of the secrets of being a successful Spanking has always been positioning.  You see Dear Reader Spanking our naughty girls is indeed hard work.  If one is is not careful one could seriously hurt him or herself and then where would you be!  Thus it is very important to sit in a straight back sturdy chare to protect ones back.  You have to consider the weight of the Naughty Girl over your knee  the amount of effort one has to put in to keep said girl in position as she struggles as you Spank her ass and of course the Spanking itself!  Our Veronica from Punished Brats shows us how it is done,  though I would hazard a guess that Pixie wishes otherwise.  From Punished Brats
IMG_1755 IMG_1754 IMG_1748 IMG_1726 IMG_1733 IMG_1734

Unlike today’s male youths who have a myriad of Disney manufactured maidens to lust over my generation had two.  Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.  Oh thank you for the choice.  But being the multicolored hair punk I was I felt both of those girls probably could indeed use a Spanking.    That became a distinct possibility not too soon after since one of them was seriously considering the college that I attended!  But alas it is not to be and instead of being properly punished she now stars in ridiculously bad monster movies.  Well our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian of Real Life Spanking Fame will not let this fate of the bare bottomed Denise!  A proper Spanking on her well proportioned bottom will do this girl good!
denise_spanked_late_work_P1010067 denise_spanked_late_work_P1010071 denise_spanked_late_work_P1010077 denise_spanked_late_work_P1010081 denise_spanked_late_work_P1010083 denise_spanked_late_work_P1010066

Perhaps it is indeed the fact that I am old but I haven’t enjoyed any new music for perhaps the last 10 years.  In my day Musicians sang about injustice and revolution.  (not to mention sex and drugs).  But now we are reduced to Melodies about the days of the week.  Personally I thought that music was considerably better Dear Reader when everyone was on drugs and self destructing lifestyles.  Perhaps we should indeed force everyone who wants to have a recording contract a diet of heroin and cocaine so they can get back to making music that matters! They should also simply explode at 40!  We can even give them a steady supply of hotels to trash!  This way the Caning that Betty Blaze is getting while little Monica awaits her turn would not all be for not, when they sneak out of the house to go to a concert!  From Real Spanking Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
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Unlike our Rough and Tumble childhood the nanny state is indeed alive and well.  Yet another “safety commission” wisely concluded in a study that in no way was funded by the makers of car seats.  That we should keep our children in them until they are more or less ready to drive to keep them “safe”.  I do wish indeed that we would stop studying children’s safety.  One of my greatest triumphs in my childhood was getting my father to allow me to sit in the front seat at the tender age of 7. Now they suggest everyone sit in the back seat until adulthood!  The next generation will be so adverse to getting hurt it they might refuse to Spank each other!  From English Spankers
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Now our southern friends do a fair amount of Spanking in the US.  When a girl was sent home from school for wearing ripped Jeans what indeed is one to do!  School rules are quite well spelled out thus one can only conclude that she refused to follow them.  A lesson of course Dear Reader must be given.  And what better way that a few whacks of a belt to her bottom than to teach this girl a lesson.  From Marked Butts
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And Finally for today it has been reported that the radiation levels in Tokyo’s water are elevated.  This of course it will inevitably mean that it will slowly percolate though the ground eventually waking up Godzilla and the destruction of the city for the 9th time.  But while we wait for that why not enjoy a few schoolgirls getting a bare bottom spanking by their teacher.  From Handspanking
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