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The Spanking Model (And Spanker) Spotlight: Sierra Salem and Dallas!

Sierra Salem
Age: 20
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 111
Hair color : Brown
Eye color: Blue
Birthday: January 1986
Hometown: Southern California

Age: 49
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 180
Hair color: DRK Brown
Eye color : Brown
Birthday: December 18th
Hometown: Honolulu/ LA

Well today is usually Women who Desperately need a spanking day, However, instead of listening to me drivel on about someone who should have a spanking. I figured all of you would rather read about a lovely brat who gets them HARD! And of course her partner with the iron hand.

I can remember when I first saw the grainy clips of Nu-West Video’s traded across the internet oh so many years ago, One of the first I ever saw was a rather rough looking gentleman literally spanking the living crap out of two very pretty girls. From that day on, I have never seen anyone give a harder spanking then our next guest.

The other half of this couple, is a sultry bottom who with her perfect rear and flawless pout is one of the top spanking models in the two short years she has hit the scene

Boys and Girls please Welcome Sierra Salem and Dallas!

Dallas, you have been a premier spanker for as long as I can remember. Tell me the story on how you got into the business?
I was contacted by Ed Lee of NU-West after sending pictures of my wife and I. He offered film work to us… We did 4 titles for him. He named me "Dallas" asking me if I had a name ( scene) yet. He looked around the room…saw something and said " You're Dallas" It was very " The Usual Suspects".

Sierra How about you?
Well I googled spanking one day and was absolutely amazed at how many people there were out there just like me. I saw Shadow Lane and knew I wanted to do videos. Lots of videos! I contacted Eve Howard about wanting to do a video and the rest is history! I was 18 at the time.

Now you two are a couple can you share with us how you met?
Dallas: I hired her on "Lone Tower and the Prank" David Pierson of Punished Brats contacted me…then Samantha Woodley called me. The two of them were friends. I hired her and spanked, strapped, and paddled the brat out of her on our first shoot. We started spending time together…one thing led to another. Now we have a house, puppy and are in love.

Sierra: Dallas said it perfectly!

Are wedding bells on the horizon?
Dallas: Maybe…. Not for awhile. That can steal the romance. We are happy as we are for now.
Sierra: My lips are sealed on this one!

Sierra you tell me about your first spanking scene, who was it for, how old were you, had you ever been spanked before?
Well, my first scene was with Shadow Lane, as I stated before. It was my first public spanking, my first spanking given by another true spanko… I know for certain that I will never forget the
experience! It was very liberating.

Dallas, I've seen some of your videos, needless to say you spank HARD, possibly the hardest spanker out there. Has there ever been a time where you had to stop the shooting because the model couldn't take it any more? All the time.. that is what editing is for. I do have a group of models I released on the site called "When they can't" Under Gabby's profile.

Sierra you're the expert on this, are Dallas's spankings as painful as they look? You have also done quite a few shoots other than Dallas Spanks Hard. Has anyone ever spanked you even close to as hard as Dallas? No one spanks as hard as Dallas, no one! But, being Dallas' girlfriend, I do experience "good girl" spankings from time to time, and the spankings he gives me on a day to day basis are not always as hard as the spankings he gives on his site… it just depends on the spanking, if it's a punishment spanking, a maintenance spanking, etc…

Ok you two, this is a question I've never asked and probably never will again but I have to. Tell the truth, Sierra have you ever spanked Dallas, even once?
Sierra: I can honestly say I've never spanked Dallas, and I never ever will! He is 100% "Top" and I am 100% submissive! Especially when it comes to Dallas. I will also add that although I may play with girls for fun, I will never and have never spanked a guy…

Sierra is there any one movie or scene you are particularly proud of?
Well, my work with Dallas of course, anything I've done with Steve Fuller, some of my scenes with Samantha… some scenes I didn't like how I look or the people I worked for, but I won't mention the bad here. Don't want to give them any publicity, lol! But, most all the people I've worked with have been absolutely awesome. Deciding to do spanking videos as changed my life, opened a whole new world to me… I am very grateful that I found the guts and the courage to step into this "scene" at such a young age. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I am exactly where I want to be in life right now, and each day just gets better and better. Dallas is a big part of my feeling that way, of course!

Dallas, Is there one you can think of?
Dallas: I would say " Lone Tower & the Prank, "Wet" "Schoolgirl Blazer" Hot Bottomed Hotties 2"

Sierra, What is your favorite implement?
Sierra: OTK with the hand, without a doubt! It's just always been my favorite…

Dallas, you’re favorite?
Hand & The Razor Strap.. followed by the wooden paddle or bath brush

Sierra, here is an interesting question, Is there any implement that Dallas uses that you absolutely hate?
Oh yes! The thick razor strap… oh I hate it with a passion!!!

Sierra Other then Dallas, Who is your favorite Spanker ? Are there any that hit harder then others?
Sierra: Other than Dallas… hmmm… probably Steve Fuller!

Dallas, correct me if I am wrong I suspect your favorite spanking position is OTK, Sierra What is your favorite spanking position and least if you have one.
Dallas: Actually I use the position for different reasons…each has a
special meaning to me.
Sierra: My favorite is without a doubt OTK!

Believe it or not I do have some female readers, Can you give any advice to any women thinking about getting into the industry?
Dallas: Yea, work for me. If you have, all other companies know you have what it takes…lol.
Sierra: If it's something you really want to do, go for it and never look back! It will open up new worlds to you.

Do you two have any special projects in the works?
Dallas: Too many to count! I have the product for another 10 DVD's or more…just comes down to what I want to do next. Got some great titles already…won't mention them yet.
Sierra: Dallas and Sierra: Real Life Domestic Discipline Series on, also Samantha Woodley and I have two new DVD's to sell for our Discipline Dolls Project… both will be available to buy on Dallas' site SOON, probably by the end of this week!

Do either of you watch any other spanking models? Do you admire one in particular?
Dallas: I love Sierra of course. We love Samantha Woodley. She is a good friend. I am going to do some work again with" Austin" also loved the work I did with "Raven" and " Tanya Hyde". Tiki is still fun to watch although retired.
Sierra: Samantha is the most fun to watch as far as girls go! I also LOVE to watch D. doin' his thing!

Most people in the business say that their interest in spankingstarted at a very early age. Is this true for both of you as well?
Dallas: I had to apologize to a neighbors parents for spanking their daughter at age 4….what you think?
Sierra: I've been into spanking for as long as I can remember!

So when you two are not running your website and two of the most well known people in the spanking industry what to you like to do?
Dallas: Surfing, karaoke (real hams) floating in the pool, playing with the puppy, Disneyland ( sometimes you never grow up that much) water parks, Hawaiian VACATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
Sierra: Enjoying life and love!

So what's in the future for Dallas and Sierra?
Dallas: Uh…Spanking? Life is the unknown..that makes it interesting.
Sierra: The future… yes unknown, but one thing I know, Dallas and I are in for the long haul. When I envision my future, it's never just my future… it's OUR future… :-)

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?
Sierra: Thank you guys, we love you!

I do want to say this before I sign out for the night, These two are some of the most honest decent people I have ever had the pleasure to interview. They took time out from their shoot to provide answer my questions. I wish them luck in Life and love

See them here at Dallas Spanks Hard

Sierra's Punishment Blog


14 comments to The Spanking Model (And Spanker) Spotlight: Sierra Salem and Dallas!

  • Sierra Salem

    Thank you so much Brushstrokes! Dallas and I love the interview! The pics are nice too! We love how it turned out!

    Hugs and cheers to you, friend! :-)

  • Sierra Salem

    P.S. – Dallas picked out those pics all on his own… I was feelin' lazy today! Anyway, Dallas, good job baby… !

  • Anonymous

    great interview/thanks !! !!


  • Walter Neff

    I have enjoyed masturbating while watching several of Dallas' videos, especially the one with Samantha Woodley as a lifeguard and a blonde cutie named Baily who kept on crying "ouchie" as her spanking progessed. I have not seen any of the videos of Dallas spanking Sierra but have watched her in a set where she and Samantha are spanked by Chelsea, which I thought were very hot.

    I must say I have been impressed with the wit and itelligence of all the women that have been interviewed to date. Do you have any plans to interview Samantha Woodley? I have watched some "outtakes" of her on Firm Hand videos and she comes across as a funny and charming little minx. Right now she is my all-time favorite video spankee.

    All the women that I enjoy watching being spanked seem to have a high tolerance for pain, although I have detected Samantha wiping away a tear or two while being spanked by Ralph Marvel, who I understand is her boyfriend.

    On her Yahoo site Nicky Flynn has written that none of her spankings are pleasurable and that the endorphines don't kick in until afterwards. How about you Sierra? I haven't watched anyone administer a harder hand spanking than Dallas. Is any part of being over his knee pleasurable or does the "good part" only come afterwards?

  • BrushStrokes

    We have Niki on deck in a couple of weeks. I am still trying for Samantha.

  • Ruby Redd

    Okay, there is no way Dallas is really 49. I mean, I realize it's a possibility, but he doesn't LOOK 49. Insanity!

  • Katie_Spades

    That was an awesome interview! I've been meaning to read it for some time and I am sorry I waiting. Great stuff!

    I absolutely love you too.


  • bigspike808

    Your an inspiration. I really like what you said about doing something and not looking back. I wish I had started sooner. Also, I don't want to sound to pervy. Your butt is awesome. Even if I wasn't into spanking I would think your butt was the lighthouse, it totally lights my LOVE LOVE LOVE the tan lines on the butt. It's kinda old school and I don't see it a whole lot. I wish I did though cause it's hot.

  • Michael Gray

    Are you really going to Brazil? I just read that on another website. Boy, I sure hope so. I left an interesting fact on the other site. Did you know that there is a city the size of NYC in the middle of the Amazon. It's called Manus and has two million people. Like I said in the last post about how I like what you said about doing some thing and not looking back. Well now you have a dream-don't look back Sierra. I seriously want to hear about the trip when you get back. All I can really say about the whole thing is that when people have dreams there happy. When your happy in your vids you seem horny. When your horny in your vids you seem to get spanked and that makes me happy. Then when I'am happy, well you know. So make me happy and go to Brazil.

  • Michael Gray

    Michael Gray is Bigspike808
    Bigspike808 is Michael Gray

  • Michael Gray

    Elton John sings a song " Good Bye Yellow Brick Road" I think the line goes like
    " Maybe I'll get a replacement, there's plenty like me to be found, mongrolls who aint got penny, sniffin for tickets like me on the ground."
    Don't look back.
    Don't look down.
    Keep your eyes on the prize.
    Walter Neff's entry scares me.

  • Michael Gray

    I think Dallas is a stud. He use to have a site "Dallas spanks Tiki" that turned in to the current site. Right? Anyways he has got a whole cavilcade of stars. He could be so much bigger. I like it that he keeps it personal. Holy-cow he spanks hard Batman.
    Certainly, Sierria, you must relize that your a big star. Maybe not by Hollywood standards. But have you ever hear of Debbie from Nuwest. You'll shine like she has shined. Your product is something special. Would like to see you sue for the master tapes and the rights to them. Belive me when I tell you people will make money from those tapes for several decades to come. alot of money
    I'am not talking about what you and Dallas have. From what I've seen Dallas loves you. It's plain to see to an outsider.Dallas would probably be your biggest supporter in getting your tapes and rights. I'am almost 100% sure on that one.
    At least renogiate for some of the backend (no pun intended). A big pecentage of backend. They call them entertainment lawyers, contract lawyers, you get the drift.

  • E.

    helle US friends.

    Thanks to Brushstroke, I translate a few days ago all his interview in french, for my blog audience interested in spanking all over the World.

    You can see it on "au fil des jours" as well.

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