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The Spanking Spot Movie Review: A Brothers Advice




Title: A Brothers Advice

Starring:Angie Sunshine, Gino Colletti, Tricia Morrow, Harrison Dell

Produced By: Tony Elka

Written and Directed By: Eve Howard

Distributed by: Video Spanking (formerly VOD Spanking)

Runtime: 42:49

Price: $7.95 for a 5 day rental,  Protected WMV Format





I once had a teacher Dear Reader that told us “Marry an ugly woman she will love you for the rest of your life”.  I incidentally had his wife as a teacher as well and rest assured that he took his own advice quite seriously.  Now believe it or not Dear Readervlcsnap-1070206 despite my fascination with 95 pound knockout 20 something's I do detest suggesting that anyone is indeed ugly.  We all have our own tastes dear reader and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.  Simply because your idea of attraction does not indeed conform to mine does not mean that either of us are wrong.  I mention this Dear Reader in juxtaposition to the dilemma our hero on the next movie review A Brothers Advice.  Gino’s new girlfriend Angie is quite the attractive one by conventional standards. Unfortunately for those of us dating a creature of that nature one must put up with alot more with a female that sees herself as desirable.  Yes Dear Reader we are talking high maintenance.  And while they are fun to show off and have your friends ooh and aah they can indeed be a pain.  Angie fits this description perfectly throwing fits whenever she doesn’t get her way.  Lets see how Gino decides to deal with such a problem. 

The movie opens up with our Hero having a casual beer with his girlfriends older brother.  The subject comes up of course about Angie’s bratty behavior whenever she doesn’t get her way or perceives a slight.  Her brother knows full well what our poor Gino is going though for growing up with her was no picnic either.  Apparently she has always acted this way!  While her parents obviously fell down on the job Gino is determined to get the object of his love in line.  Her wise brother suggests that a spanking might work!

Angie and her sister in law Tricia return from shopping.  Angie dressed impeccably in a black turtleneck and a short plaid skirt.  Gino is of course visibly annoyed that they returned so late.  But rather then make a fuss he decides to blow off her transgression and wait for something more substantial.  His opportunity comes a short while later while the couple is playing trivial pursuit with Angie’s brother Harrison and his wife.  Boys vs. girls.  It seems that Gino is somewhat of a Trivial Pursuit guru since Angie is none too happy when the guys crush their opponents and proceeds to throw a hissy fit like a little girl. 

vlcsnap-1070691 vlcsnap-1071185 vlcsnap-1071555vlcsnap-1071852 vlcsnap-1072130 

vlcsnap-1073057 vlcsnap-1072249 vlcsnap-1073458 vlcsnap-1073360 vlcsnap-1073406

vlcsnap-1083086 Our Hero Gino has had enough.  And so apparently has her brother and sister in-law who gleefully move the coffee table out of the way when Gino puts Angie over his knee.  Angie horrified at what is happening to her kicks and yells while her sibling and wife look on with well deserved smiles.  The spanking is not overly hard but respectable starting on her short skirt and shortly progressing to her rather sexy black panties and finally her bare bottom. I am going to at this point introduce a new term Dear Reader.  Something I call Ass Viscosity.  There are some bottoms Dear Reader that when spanked is like smacking a piece of concrete.  No movement whatsoever.  There are others however that are like smacking a bowl of Jell-O.  Both of course are enjoyable to spank and Angie’s bottom in particular is rather nice to look at and if I would have to pick both Angie’s fine bottom and my personal preference is of the former.  A quite low ass viscosity. 

Angie’s spanking takes quite a bit of time,  leaving her bottom nice and red.  Finally with her bottom stinging and quite humiliated our hero lets her up and makes her apologize for her behavior.  Something indeed tells me that she will think twice before acting like a child again. 

Once the couple leaves Tricia mentions to her husband that little act was quite a turn on to her.  Harrison both intrigued and surprised decides to grant his wife’s curiosity with yet another OTK spanking.  Starting off slow and light he gives her a decent spanking over her short tight skirt.  The tempo and the strength increases before too long.  Now Your Humble Narrator typically enjoys punishment spankings over erotic ones but Eve Howard is the master at making hard and sexy erotic spankings and this one is no different.  Once the handspanking over the stockings and some on the bare is done Harrison decides to up the anti with the good old fashion wooden hairbrush.  He doesn’t go brutal on her but there is obviously alot of discomfort for our curious Tricia and the hairbrush is welded with firm strong strokes as hairbrush spanking should be given.  Slightly older then our 24 year old brat Angie, Tricia is most attractive with a rear that any spanko would kill to spank.  Her husband Harrison is indeed a lucky man.

vlcsnap-1083403  vlcsnap-1083709 vlcsnap-1084775 vlcsnap-1085478 vlcsnap-1085759

Even after the hairbrush spanking our (at this point) red bottomed Tricia is still not satisfied.  With his arm aching and running out of household instruments to spank her with, Our second hero Harrison improvises and decides to give her the strap in the form of his belt.  Laying over the bed with that wonderful rear of hers propped up ever so slightly Harrison give her a expertly applied belting.  Tricia not crying out in pain like her over indulged sister in law but gritting her teeth as the belt slaps across her ass. 

Finally having enough the couple snuggles for presumably a little post spanking hanky panky between the sheets.  Also a favorite activity of mine. 

So Dear Reader did I like the movie?  I loved it.  The acting was excellent,  production values were quite good.  The quality was decent but average.  That Dear Reader was only due to the video on demand delivery mechanism.  (If you want DVD quality buy the DVD,  streaming  a full movie in DVD quality or HD is simply not here yet, VOD however is cheaper and easier so its a tradeoff).  Honestly I don’t think I would be steering any spanko wrong if he or she enjoyed the review.  Its a solid good spanking movie. 

If your interested you can find it here at Video Spanking


1 comment to The Spanking Spot Movie Review: A Brothers Advice

  • Raymond

    I've had this DVD for a few years and love it. It was Angie's perfectly shaped rear in the ads that got me to buy it. I hope you will review some of the other older Shadow Lane movies like Party Brats or Rescue Me. I am trying to get all of the movies starring Bobbie Tawse, Erica Scott and Amanda Morrison. I already have all of their Eve Howard movies, but I think they have since pulled them off the market.

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