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The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Beach Girls Spanking 3


Title: Beach Girls Spanking 3

Starring: Girls in teeny Bikini’s

Produced By:  Raven Hill Studios


Distributed by: Video Spanking


Runtime:  1:21:01


Price:  7 day rental $5.99 Lifetime: $14.99


I know Raven Hill Video is a controversial topic among the spanking community.  Namely for their somewhat spotty history with receiving orders and never actually delivering the merchandise.  This is vlcsnap-10826391 indeed unfortunate since if you were lucky enough to get them to deliver they make some damn nice spanking video’s  But due to their reputation this is indeed why you rarely see them on The Spanking Spot. 


But I love their spankings!  oh the conundrum Dear Reader.  Well fortunately for your Humble Narrator, Video Spanking has been updating with a number of their video’s and since its On Demand spankings one will never ever have to worry about getting ripped off again.  Thus I can review the spankings they produced guilt free.  A win win for all! 


vlcsnap-10844946 Now if you have been reading The Spanking Spot for any length of time,  you will indeed know my position on girls in bikini’s getting spanked.  There simply aren’t enough of them!  I mean the bikini is a piece of clothing made to be spanked in!  And of course the type of girls that can wear bikini’s are ones we of course want to spank.  So the once again I ask why indeed is there a shortage of such?


Well Beach Girls Spanking 3 aims to put an end to such an abhorrent void besides where indeed is there a better place to find girls in skimpy swimwear than at the beach!  The plot is indeed deceptively simple.  Go to the beach,  find girls willing to be spanked (probably for money of course) and then work very hard to get them to regret their decision! 


Our tale begins with our hero Terry (or Jerry it was hard to hear him over the crashing surf, but for now vlcsnap-10846550 we will call him Terry).  Scouring  a oddly unpopulated beach for girls willing to be spanked.  He of course scores with the first girls he finds as these video’s tend to do (warning do not try this at home at risk of being slapped in the face and spending a night in jail!) . 


Our hero happens upon a pair of girls 18 and 19.  Now I know many of you might say this has got to be set up, and it may well be!  but if it is it is one of the better acting by both the girls and our friend Terry since he seems genuinely surprised that these girls would agree to such a thing for money.  On the girls side they also seem rather amazed at the money they can make for simply allowing a stranger to smack them on the butt vlcsnap-10848874 and asking intelligent questions such as how hard, how long, who will see it, etc. One (the 18 year old blonde) even figures since her father spanked her with a school paddle regularly this would indeed be a cake walk.   Regardless if these girls were simply approached or hired I can tell you Dear Reader that the fantasy is indeed convincing.  And our soon to be spanked girls accompany our hero to the nearby beach house for what they will be probably regretting rather shortly. 


After being shown around the place,  they meet the sands of time, which of course is a rather large vlcsnap-10849197 hourglass which when turned over they will be spanked for the duration.  After their OTK hand spanking they will be required to pick from a device to determine what implements they would be spanked with for another two rounds. 


After the flip of the coin it is determined our little blonde 18 year old will indeed feel the sting of spanking first while her friend awaits her fate.  With her swimsuit bottoms down the 5 minute spanking begins moderately hard on her rather tight buttocks.   As the grains of sand filter though the tempo and the firmness increase exponentially.  Soon our young ward is holding on for dear life as the blows continue upon her bottom.  In a apparent goof since they tried to  bleep out the apparent vlcsnap-10854489 compensation  we also learn these ladies are getting $500 apiece for the privilege of not being able to sit down for a few days.  Our young girl looks intently at  the sands of time gritting her teeth in good humor as the spanking continues and only after her spanking is done she revels in the bright red stinging thing that is apparently attached to her body. 


Her 19 year old redheaded friend as she observes this is next up and like her friend before her shiny bikini bottoms are pulled down and she is soon across the knee.  The OTK Spanking proceeds much like her friends other than her not stating like her friend that our hero spanks harder than her father.  Quite enthused about her payday she endures this punishment with minimal fuss and some humor.  As the spanking gets harder the jokes stop as she concentrates.   Once again we are left with her getting up and holding her bottom with a little post spanking jumping.vlcsnap-10854752


The girls are made to pick their next spanking from this odd contraption which includes the possibility of not getting spanked again.  Our young blonde picks poorly and selects the flogger which is a small leather whip with many tassels.  Bend over the chair she seems to take her punishment with good humor and a sore bottom.  Meanwhile her friend has selected the strap  and like the blonde she is bent over the chair and takes a surprisingly hard strapping on her bare bottom.  The amusing thing is she keeps pulling up her bathing suit out of modesty but honestly faced with such a strapping modesty would indeed be the furthest thing from ones vlcsnap-10856182 mind. 


Our last round with these girls,  the blonde selects the red paddle for her last 5 minutes of spanking.  The paddle which looks to be made of wood gets applied to our bent over girl.  The amusing thing is these friends encourage our spanker to spank the other harder!  It indeed seems self defeating since they in turn will feel the sting in their behind. but it of course a turn on.  Our young blonde immediately knows that this indeed is a mistake since our spanker manages to break the paddle on the poor girls bottom. 


Her friend manages to select Your Humble Narrators namesake and while she probably should have been put across the knee she asks to be spanked kneeling down since she is a rather tall yet beautiful girl.  In the understatement of the year she proclaims the brush hurts!  The girls gleefully after they managed to get though their bottom punishment celebrate with a high five and the fact they won’t be wearing bikini bottoms for a while.


vlcsnap-10863023 vlcsnap-10864892 vlcsnap-10873512 vlcsnap-10879672


The next girl our spanker manages to convince is a loner on the beach.  A hard bodied brunette whovlcsnap-10882783 seems to be quite hesitant about having her bare bottom beaten.  But lured by the money she agrees to at least check it out to make sure these guys are on the level and of course to get back at her ex boyfriend who apparently never spanked her.  


But convinced when she indeed checks out the house she agrees to get her naughty bottom spanked.  Now while not as jovial as the other two she is without a doubt incredibly hot Dear Readers.  With vlcsnap-10886403 an incredible spankable bubble butt the otk spanking starts as we are used to with slow rhythmic strikes.  it is apparent that this girl does not have the pain tolerance of the other girls since she is protesting from the first time hand meets her unbelievable bottom.  Letting out a little squeak and of course the gritting of teeth our girl takes her first spanking well. 


She pick and to her dismay it is the strap! Bent over the couch our Hero wastes no tome in upping the spanking ante with each stroke harder than the next.  Now although it was a wide strap I will have to say that this is one of the hardest bare bottom strapping's that I have seen.  I wouldn’t Dear Reader say that it is brutal but it offers a nice alternative where the strapping is hard and painful yet it offers no marks to the unfortunate girls bare bottom. 


vlcsnap-10890103 vlcsnap-10891936 vlcsnap-10891205 vlcsnap-10892052


Finally she select the school paddle which injects fear into her eyes since she since she has felt the sting of the paddle in school by her principle while growing up.   Once again bent over with her swimsuit off she gets an incredibly hard paddling on her wonderful bottom.  In pain yet stoic this is one of the hottest paddlings that I have seen.

vlcsnap-10898207 vlcsnap-10899527 vlcsnap-10904742 vlcsnap-10906789


So did I like it?  I know Dear Reader that I will indeed get criticized about this since its Raven Hill but yes.  Its an incredible spanking video.  Believe me or not.  While I do care about my reputation I cannot lie about a great spanking video.  Coupled with the fact that another site with commitment to customer service is offering such an amazing spanking video I really cannot complain.  So should you enjoy this type of spanking review I have the pleasure to present you with one hell of a spanking video


Once again its from Video Spanking



1 comment to The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Beach Girls Spanking 3

  • Bart

    I realize that I am getting in on the reply a little late (almost a year and half after the original post), but I remember the strapping of the last girl, the brunette. It was one of the best strappings I have ever seen. The angle she held her ass, the intensity of it and her reactions. I actually own this on VHS. I did not much care for the other two girls, but that girl was awesome, with the strapping being the best part. Highly recommend.

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