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The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Chelsea Spanks: Kailee and Berlin

CS_Chelsea Spanks


Chelsea Spanks: Kailee and Berlin
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Kailee, Berlin
Produced by: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Distributed by: Good Spanking
Price: $29.99
Runtime: 60 minutes




Your Humble Narrator has not done a movie review for a while Dear Reader.  While it gives me an excuse to sit down and watch some great spanking material,  all of the news in the past couple of weeks in the spanking world has prohibited me from Chelsea Pfeiffer and Kalieeengaging my passion.  Ms Pfeiffer was kind enough to send me a few of her newer video's to review since I got though the last box she sent me.  And what a pleasant surprise for in her latest video she turns her attention to the wonderful behind's of Berlin, a stunning Redhead and of course one of my favorites the gorgeous and rather naughty Kailee.  

CS-15 as its coded in Chelsea's catalog starts off with our lovely Kailee,  The prelude to her going over Chelsea's knee is short and sweet, never really giving a reason for a spanking, but then again does one ever need a excuse to spank that fine rear of hers.  The spanking kicks off with Kailee over the knee with some rather loose jeans and a pretty green top.  Personally I like tighter jeans on girls but that is a simple preference.  Of course Kailee's reputation for taking rather hard, painful and difficult spankings precedes her allowing Ms Pfeiffer so show off the harder part of her spanking skills.  Chelsea asks her the meaning of her Chinese symbols of her tramp stamp, which she tells us means elegance and delicate.  While Yours truly would agree with the former,  the latter is slightly an oxymoron considering the spankings we have seen her take over the years.  The spanking continues over the Jeans,  Chelsea getting a surprising resonance out of Kailee's clothed rump and Kailee offering a few winces despite Chelsea's efforts.  (Hey what do you expect,  she has taken some of the hardest spankings I have ever seen). 

CS_ Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanking Upon the removal of her jeans we are treated to very unique panties.  While leaving something to the imagination they are split in the back, held together only by little ties.  Should I ever be fortunate to be in the same situation as Chelsea I can only hope that Kailee would wear the same panties for Yours Truly.  In any case the hand spanking continues with the panties offering little protection.  We get a few more winces out of poor Kailee but could  a mere mortal's hand could never damage the tush of Teflon.  Something stronger is in order. 

The panties come down to reveal the rear that sunk 1000 ships.  And while we have all seen Kailee get spankings from just about every conceivable site I still am in awe when the panties come down.  Her ass glowing aCS_Spanked with a Hairbrush dull red one can almost see the heat coming off it.  Chelsea's hand meanwhile  is surprisingly tough I must admit.  At the rate and severity she is delivering the spanking one would expect for her hand to wear out by now.  But our heroine stands tough delivering a scathing bare bottom spanking.  Seeing it lasts for over 11 minutes she gives her hand a well deserved break and reaches for the leather paddle.  Interestingly Ms Pfeiffer tells us that everyone picks that paddle thinking its not going to hurt all that much.  Note to any future spanking models that are planning a visit to Chelsea.  It hurts.

Next up is Your Humble Narrator's namesake and favorite.  it appears that this hairbrush is made out of hollow plastic rather then wood or silver as it should be.  But regardless of the implement's shortcomings Chelsea puts it to good use.  Now I must point out rarely during spankings you see a hairbrush used to its full strength.  There are a number of reasons for that,  but mainly proper hairbrushes are weighty,  hard and deliver its payload to a small concentrated area.  While less concentrate then something like the cane one can do real damage to bone if improperly used.  I mention this only because Chelsea the expert spanker she is delivers this hairbrush with precision and at or close to full strength, much to the now obviously now in pain Kailee's chagrin. 

CS Bare Bottom Spanking Finished with the hairbrush Kalee takes the standing position and her rear begins to get tormented by the leather strap.  Just on a side note,  we have seen the inside of Chelsea's home quite often.  I could be wrong however it looks as if her humble abode is either an apartment or a condo.  The point being if indeed it is not a stand alone house I would LOVE to hear what her neighbors complain about.  But I digress.  Chelsea's next choice of implement is an old favorite, the wooden paddle that Kailee's now bright read rear is familiar with during her Real Spanking days.  Obviously as painful as she remembers it.

We finish up with another one of my favorites.  While I am at a loss for the proper name of it,  its a twisted piece of hard wood or bamboo that is looped on one end.  The resulting is an implement that delivers a sting like a cane but small enough one can use it at close quarters or over the knee.  Standing Kailee takes some pretty hard smacks with this fine spanking tool.  Kailee knowing she will probably be sitting in an ice bath for a couple of days shows us her now well spanked bare bottom.  Luckily she took a day or two off work to nurse her beaten bottom. 



CS_2 Spanking We now go on to Berlin.  A beautiful redhead with tight ripped jeans.  Even non-spanked and clothed she is a site to see.  With her red hair, very cute face, expressions that a spanker would die for and what appear to be large but rarely seen real, breasts.  She is indeed late for her appointment which will earn her a spanking,  Making it sure to to be CS2 Spanked over the worse,  Ms Pfeiffer finds a lighter in her back pocket and discovers that she is a smoker.  Of course being from California, she shares the same delusions as my brethren on the left coast that smokers are somehow is worse then Smog, Driveby's, Compton, and Paris Hilton. possibly on par with child rape, but slightly worse.  But once again I digress.

The pants come down to reveal some generally generic white cotton panties and a rather large and painful looking tattoo taking up her right hip.  While quite red it appears that she was naughty sometime in the near past since her bottom has some quite dark older bruises.  While I think she has worked for Clare Fonda in the past, Perhaps she has a boyfriend that puts her over his knee as well.  While we never know where the mystery bruises came from she does admit she needs to be regularly beaten.  This woman is my kind of gal. 

Chelsea eases off a bit on what she can deliver,  But then again this is the first meeting between her hand and Berlin's Bottom and it is only polite not to beat the living daylights out of a model the first time you meet them.   Berlin to her credit takes a pretty good spanking.  She must work out because her rear is as shapely as one could hope for and the lack of a extended jiggle as the hand strikes her bottom tells me it is quite tight.  Once the lack of panties becomes evident Berlin is visually less then thrilled with her predicament. 

CS2_wooden paddle spanking We don't get a glimpse of her choices of implements.  But the first one is the paddle I referenced before hand.  Like Kailee, Berlin realizes that this thing is considerably more painful then it appears.  Stunning her for a second when it makes contact with her buttocks,  The Hairbrush comes out next and while not as hard as Kailee's date with it,  Our lovely Berlin's reaction to it is quite striking,  showing us her beautiful behind is a mite bit more sensitive then her movie mate. 

The Strap is next,  I would suggest that Chelsea reserve this for the standing position, since its a bit unwieldy with a struggling girl over your knee.  But she makes decent use of it.  Berlin's shirt is pulled up at this point giving us a better view of those amazing set of naturals.  Berlin selects a smaller wooden paddle that can be used over the knee.  Finally she selects the same cane thing that Kailee did.  bent over the couch Chelsea's Finale is impressive since this is the first time Berlin visits her. 

So did I like it.  A resounding yes.  This is going to be in my often played pile of spanking video's.  I think anyone who enjoy's F/f, Kailee or pretty women getting spanked would be very pleased with their purchase of this title. 

If you want to see it,  You can find it here at Good Spanking.


2 comments to The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Chelsea Spanks: Kailee and Berlin

  • Tripleheater

    Kalee's bottom is quite a dark shade of red. What do you suppose she's thinking as she's bent over the sofa waiting for the next stroke?

  • Thanks, again, Brushstrokes, for reviewing another of my films. I always appreciate that you take the time to write them. One tiny side-note, the hairbrush is real wood and not hollow. It's an older one that I found (I had hidden it in my closet to keep from embarrassing the cleaning lady before she admitted to knowing what we're about in our household). But, I do need some new hairbrushes and other implements, I admit. ;-)

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