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The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Red-Assed Lap dancing 20

Title:Red-Assed Lap Dancing #20
Starring: TMS, Kristin, Nina, Ivy
Producer: TMS
Distributor: BunBeatingFun.Com
Runtime: 55:28

I must admit dear readers these have been sitting in my drawer for some time. Not of course for the lack of interest. I just have about a dozen movies to review and unfortunately with my schedule rarely do I get to just sit back and enjoy a spanking video without having to write something about it.

Our favorite mystery spanker is back (TMS)! Filming pretty but obnoxious models in his favorite flea bitten Spankingmotel off the Jersey Turnpike (Are there any other type of motels in Jersey?). The one thing I really love about these series is that while the scene's and plot are pretty much the same. The girls are mainstream and porn models and really not used to be spanked.

As the trademark funky music begins we are first introduced to Kristin. One hell of a cutie with a lanky body and a babyface to die for. She first treats us to a very nice strip tease to help us familiar ourselves with her almost perfect body. Now I'm not sure I have told you this dear readers but I am a complete Hotpantssucker for hot pants. Kristin fills her out perfectly.

She initially treats our hero to a nice little lap dance with some nice leg dry humping in those little shorts. TMS must be on some heavy med's with some unfortunate side effects because the minute this girl touched me (spanking or otherwise) it would be all over for yours truly.

The lap dance disappointedly lasts for only maybe 30 seconds, probably because TMS couldn't wait to get his Spankinghands on that luscious ass. Life must be tough for TMS, Spanking all those ladies for our benefit. So without further ado over the knee she goes

Along with that body she has what sounds like a cutie little whiny Queens accent (could be Jersey who knows). And alas she threatens our hero with all kind of horrible retribution. But unfazed our TMS continues what looks like a quite hard spanking (harder then most). The hotpants eventually come down to reveal that wonderful ass of hers.

The spanking gets its fair share of listeners, a number people stopping by to listen to the music behind the red Spankingdoor. Taking her close off and offering our hero some sexual favors. But TMS resists! (fool!) and the naked spanking continues.

Some nice things to note, I must say this girl's buttocks bruises in the most uniform manner I have ever seen. Its like a radial all the way around. Quite impressive. I also love the accent "It huwts it weally huwts".

Well beaten and clearly in pain our striped striper is dumped on the floor unceremoniously. From her bruised bottom it is clear she earned the money TMS awards her. Spanking

Next up is Nina, a cute little child who looks as if she has some latino in her. Clearly unamused by the conditions for her important modeling shoot she immediately gives our long suffering spanker some lip. Not as attractive as Kristen (Her breasts are a bit droopy).

She does do some interesting things with a bandanna though nothing to get hot and bothered about. I think the Spankingstraw that broke the proverbial camel's back when TMS asks her to insert the banana in something other then her mouth. Outraged by this request the poor girl gives our friend lip which plants the seed for the rest of the movie.

Using the classic ear pull Nina goes over the knee. It takes seconds to lift up that little skirt that gave minimal protection. She doesn't say much this one, too busy taking the blows upon her butt.

But despite her please of mercy TMS goes on with the hopes his actions will teach this little sow a lesson. Unlike BunBeatingFunsome of the other models the clothes come off slowly eventually leading to a pretty much naked spanking.

I will say this girl is either a great actress of this spanking hurt alot! Not much bruising but the Nina looks like she has a hearty ass. Personally I think this brat simply had a low pain threshold. Probably never got spanked a growing up. (But from her attitude she should have).

Bun Beating Fun Finally this brings us to Ivy. A very very attractive 20 something platinum blonde with somewhat of a pan face and chews gum like a cow. Slightly meaty you can imagine the look of shock on the face of our hero when she refuses to put out her cigarette in spite of his allergies.

Of course over the knee she goes, her supple ass about to get a beating of a life time with her southern drawl shouting protests. Lots of feet kicking and holding the arms behind the back. (why don't spankee's ever learn).

Though she screams like she is being murdered I assure you that the only thing Ivy was getting was a good old fashion bare bottom spanking. But the people passing by this unfortunate girls room are shocked at what they Spanking hear.

A short spanking compared to the other two girls, I hope our hero didn't spend too much spanking her. Plus not as hard either. Her ass does start to glow a deep shade of red.

The mascara running is a nice touch, though by the end she no longer looks like her delectable self but rather like a pathetic racoon. After watching this video, I never realized how dangerous it is to be a spankee. She almost does a face plant a couple of times trying to squirm away from the hand that tortures her reddened rear.

Her ass slightly bruised she again is unceremoniously dumped on the floor by our hero. Still blubbering like a 10 year old. I'm not really sure if this was scripted but it seems Ivy was pissed beyond belief after her Spanking humiliation. But after throwing a shoe at TMS and yelling at him a couple of times. It leaves you to wonder, was she really that pissed?

So did I like it? well I love this guys work, I just wish he would put out more of it. I know some of you may not like this type of thing, but I guess you always love the person you busted you cherry on. (yea yea laugh it up). His was some of the first spanking video's I ever saw.

See it here at BunBeatingFun


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