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The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Shadowlane's When Spanking was in Fashion



Title: When Spanking Was In Fashion

Starring: Vivian Sweet and Keith Jones

Written and Directed By: Eve Howard

Distributed by: Shadowlane

Runtime: 59:00

Price: $29.95


My house  sits well below the road that runs by my house and my driveway is a quite a steep angle.  Well Dear Readers on a snowy day in February I trudged up the driveway of death, risking life and limb and grabbing every handhold dearly lest I slide back down to where I began from the ice that had formed from the storm.  Triumphantly reaching the pinnacle I briefly grabbed for the mail as gravity once again took over as Your Humble Narrator ended up once again on his ass sliding down toward my house at vlcsnap-28671a rather unnatural speed.  Surviving this ordeal I started sorting though the mail.  Tossing the junk mail over my shoulder I came upon a non-descript box with a postmark from Sunny Las Vegas, and friends in it was stored a little bit of Nevada's sunshine.  Stored in it Dear Reader was Eve Howard and the folks at Shadowlane's latest Spanking Movie When spanking Was In fashion. 

Opening up on Valentine's day this is indeed a movie for lovers. It appears that Keith Jones has acquired two tickets to a rather fancy french restaurant.  He warns his lovely wife (Vivian Sweet) to be back on time because it took quite a bit of time and money to get her this wonderful dinner.  This is the first time Dear Readers that I have seen Vivian Sweet.  She is one of those girls that could be 20 or 40 and you don't really care which.  A lovely woman with a very pleasing voice and can dress to kill. 

Being that his wife has had a history of tardiness he wisely decides to demonstrate exactly what would happen should she lose track of time.  Dressed for work he puts her over his knee and offers a short firm spanking to drive home his point.  Not enough to ruin Valentine's day or make her squirm sitting in her office chair mind you but firm non the less.

Apparently Vivian is not a connoisseur of fine French cuisine because we come to find out that she was indeed late (despite the reminder)  making them of course miss the reservations.  Much to Keith's irritation we come to find out when Vivian arrives home she was out lingerie shopping for the obligatory post dinner Valentine's Day romp in the hey.  Now Dear Readers,  a woman buying Lingerie to wear for you is never bad (other then then fact they didn't let you pick it).  But to go to all that trouble to provide a decent meal to the one you love won't kill the moment but will irritate us immensely. 

vlcsnap-33057 vlcsnap-45020  vlcsnap-45968 vlcsnap-49619 vlcsnap-71105

vlcsnap-71616 I'm not exactly sure that Your Humble Narrator would think of this (but I wish I would).  Keith decides that he had wasted enough money on the reservations so he had might as well put all the lingerie she bought to good use.  Demanding as only a husband can when the wife knows she is in real trouble, he tells her to show him what she bought.  And friends now it gets interesting

First outfit barefoot and tight white micro-skirt, she unsuccessfully tries to get him to forget about all this punishment nonsense.  Now faced with the same dilemma Dear Friends I might opt for the unthinkable when faced with this brunette beauty.  But alas our huffy husband resists and once and for all teach his wife a lesson.

It doesn't take long for the skirt to come up exposing a rather reddened rear.  The first spanking is quite hard though I think Lance Spanked a bit harder on Sting Operation.  Personally I thought it was rather good,  with Vivian making it obvious that her wonderful rear does indeed hurt. Our next outfit is a sexy little red silk number.  Again Vivian looks absolutely stunning in it.  Back over the knee the hand spanking continues.  Her veryvlcsnap-77473 nice ass turning deep red.  Vivian stays a trooper but Keith begins to leave some very nice handprints on her now on fire fanny.  

Then Dear Reader we have a tight purple provocative piece which doesn't even hide that glowing buttock of hers.  The one thing I really did enjoy,  is before spanking her in every outfit the very first thing he asks is "how much did you spend".  Personally for the the married man I think that this simple phrase should be tattooed on our foreheads to avoid us from losing our voice from saying it over and over again.  but I digress.  Vivian is visibly unhappy about going over Keith's knee this third time.  So after lecturing her some more decides to use something more "substantial".  Grabbing a small leather strap he bends her over the table to continue her punishment. 

Sent back to her room to change once again she returns in a nice red flowing type of thing.  A little too conservative for my tastes but Keith is waiting patently with Yours Truly's namesake.  Like all naughty girls should,  she began to panic seeing the hairbrush from hell,  trying to desperately ensure that the back of it never comes in contact with her butt.  Once again over his knee with her panties down around her knee's Keith delivers a rather painful hairbrush spanking to Vivian's bare ass.  As a viewer once can tell this by hearing that pleasant voice go up an octave every time the Hairbrush hits home.   

Further to expand this wonderful spanking,  He decides to use Your Humble Narrator's namesake to decide if she really wanted to keep this select piece of clothing.  She apparently spent $120 (20 cents in euro's) for which she will recieve a spank for each and every dollar.  Now Dear Reader I have never seen a actress use the safe word/movement/leg slap in a spanking movie before but she indeed used it a little bit halfway though such a horrendous spanking.  But Dear Readers,  with a little break she manages to take all 120 spanks.  (She must have wanted that outfit alot).

vlcsnap-83228 She must have shopped quite a bit for we learn that there are indeed another outfit left.  The next one being well… Hard to describe.  She again looks fantastic in it, and if I could find it I would probably buy it for my significant other just to be amused by the pokadots.  But again a excellent outfit for spanking.  Keith takes the large leather to her bare behind this time around.  Dear Reader I might be able to describe her face during this spanking but words would not do it justice.  Particularly when he uses the cane. 

So Dear Reader,  did I like it?  Well let me say this,  I usually find the "couples" type of movies kind of boring.  While loving spankings does have its place,  Spankings in my humble opinion should be hard. Watching this movie I have come to the conclusion that  Eve and her crew can write and film spanking movies that will appeal to both sexes and can keep our element of single guys all very happy.  A very hard thing to do. 

You can find it here at Shadowlane




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  • Reggie

    I just love your website. It gives me pleasure to introduce your website to my Mistress and her teenage daughter, and it's so much fun.

  • Brushstrokes


    I rarely comment on someone else's kink. But in your case please do not show this site to anyone underage. That is simply NOT COOL. and quite honestly if underage is your thing then I would prefer if you weren't a Reader

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