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The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Spanking Down the Highway Vole 1


Title: Spanking Down the Highway Vol 1


Produced By: Raven Hill Studio’s

Distributed by: Spanking VOD

Runtime: 1:29 48.04

Price: $7.95 for a 5 day rental (Download available for $4.95 (7 days), or $9.95 (30 days).  Protected WMV Format

Raven Hill back in the days of old Dear Reader was a spanking force to contend with.  I am assuming they are still out there producing spanking content since they still have a website but somehow their translation to the modern internet was lost.  It is simply a vlcsnap-887556shame since these guys produced some of the hardest most unique spanking content of the time.   Back when King George took power and his singing law breaking Attorney General decided he wanted to stomp out Internet Porn many fine spanking houses got scared out of the business.  It was indeed a shame.

But Regardless the reason Dear Reader they have left behind some of the finest spanking content produced.  Now one of my favorite theme’s From Raven Hill was there “Amateur” Spanking Series.  The basic theme was a couple of guys go out on location and try to get girls to take a spanking for money.  Now was this truly spur of the moment?  Who knows Dear Reader but I loved the idea.  I believe Spanking Down the Highway was one of their first in this theme.  And while Beach Bunny Spankings were my favorite this will have to due for now.

vlcsnap-891647 Our Spanking Odyssey begins with our hero’s leaving from St Petersburg Florida in a beat-up old RV.  We have the Driver, The Spanker and a cameraman on the trip.  The Spanker though I was never able to get his name starred in many of Raven Hill’s productions of the time.  First stop in the search for a naughty girl Macon Georgia where our spanking hero happens across a young bar waitress by the name of Erin.  Now while the initial contact looks a bit staged Dear Reader one can hardly expect one to shove a camera in a girls face and ask her if she wants to be spanked for money.  So that is forgivable.  Interestingly enough however Erin appears to be the real thing asking questions as any young lady would about why in the name of god would people pay good money to spank another.

After some tense moments Erin, A girl next door type in her early 20’s decides yes indeed she would like to make some extra money after her shift was over.  The guys look honestly surprised when she show up at theirvlcsnap-899118 hotel room at 1 in the morning to fulfill her spanking obligation.  Even once our spanker is convinced that she was ditching them when she told them she had to go out to her car.  But alas the lure of money got the best of poor Erin and she agrees to her 3 five minute spankings with a implement chosen by a particularly diabolical game!.  But first what is a good spanking without a good old fashion Bare Bottom OTK.  In spite of “librarian” kind  of looks (though she is attractive)  Erin has a great ass for spanning.  5 minutes on the bare leaves her in tears.  But she needs to get though the other two to get that monetary prize.    The game is seriously messed up.  In a regular spanking movie this just wouldn’t work but for girls getting their first real spanking its really evil.  Now this girl has been reduced to tears by a mere hard handspanking.  But if she chooses the right puck.  she gets paid and no more spankings!  If she picks any of the others she gets a 5 minute spanking with the implement listed on the back.  Terrible, just Terrible Dear Readers, and of course irresistible.

This girl can’t catch a break.  Actually quite honestly after seeing the waterworks after the handspanking I am surprised she decided to continue, but I guess the free pass was too much of a draw.  She of course picks the cane.  Now the Caning she gets is hard but not brutal,  not hard enough to end up leaving bloody welts but you can tell the 25 strokes hurt like hell.  After her second stroke she starts with crying again.  And Dear Reader these are not Alligator tears.  But yet again she stubbornly continues on.  Besides what could be worst then the cane.


vlcsnap-925517While escape also eludes her she does catch a break on the third selection.  She selects the “Central” which is a thin wooden school paddle.  Possibly made of 1/4 to 1/2 inch particle board.  Painful but nothing like the solid wood paddles that some girls get.  She once again Erin tough’s it out to show us what a girl can do when she puts her mind to it.  This time she keeps the crying to a minimum.  Its amazing how tough a chick can be when there is money involved :).  A really excellent spanking scene Dear Readers.  one of my perhaps favorites.

Our poor Erin,  while she can barely sit down for the next couple of days ends up no more worse for the wear;.  So its time for the Spanking Team to move on.    Our next stop is a rest area in Tennessee.  Now Dear Reader I have actually been to Tennessee.  But never to a rest stop.  But Our team of professional spankers pretty much embody what I have always dreamed what it would be like to meet two girls at a Tennessee truck stop who agreed to get spanked.  Actually the conversation leading up to a spanking in the Read Rear RV is quite amusing.  This time our merry Band of spankers convince our way too stoned girls that getting spanked for dollars is a good thing.  Our attractive blonde Rachel is the first to go over the knee.  A nice bouncy bottom that resonates quite nicely when spanked properly.  She has quite a mouth when she is spanked properly.  Definitely a great watch.  but its time for her wise ass punk friend Tina.  Now Tina’s wise ass comments stops quite abruptly when our dark haired Punk wannabe gets the first spanking since Junior High.  And guess what?  It hurts like hell!  Just like she remembered it.  I do find it amazingly interesting that the spankings hurt more then her piercings.

But that’s not only what these girls are in for.  Tears have not been shed yet and there is some severe spanking to come!.
vlcsnap-931733 vlcsnap-932893 vlcsnap-936754 vlcsnap-944085 vlcsnap-944316

So I guess the ultimate question is if I liked it.  Well Dear Readers I can tell you without a doubt that this series is on of my all time favorites.  I actually wish someone would follow the same format that Raven Hill since its not only brilliant but very very interesting.

The Video on Demand is pretty good quality considering the age.  The price is fair  though this is a “premium” title which means you use up 1.5 minutes for every minute you buy.  Not the end of the world but I guess websites need to recoup their investment.  All and all an title I will watch for quite some time

You can find it at Spanking VOD.


5 comments to The Spanking Spot Movie Review: Spanking Down the Highway Vole 1

  • Redchief

    Consumer Warning: Confirm on any spanking message board that Raven Hill is silent because of poor business practices. If there was a better business bureau for spankos, they would be at the bottom of the list. Yes, their stuff was good, if you could get it without an injunction. But your satisfaction with this company is as guaranteed as a million dollars waiting for you in Nigeria.

  • I believe this company is long since defunct….never was much impressed it by, except a short lively cheerleader scene I recall, and also a sizzling strapping scene, both titles of which I have since forgotten the names of, however…


  • Mark

    The spanker's name is Tierre Ainise (or something close) and he owns (owned?) the company. Although there was a lot of concern about their business practices, I was happy with all of the videos that I got from them. The 2nd in the Spanking Down the Highway series was also good, with the unusual aspect of an 18 yo old girl actually getting a bare bottom spanking from her mother.


  • Max

    Still going 'strong' but I too have found them highly frustrating. Their 'Resolved by Corporal Punishment' series is genius, and much neglected because RHS have essentially been ostracised by the spanking community

  • Raven X

    I won't give the details of my connection with Raven Hill Studios, but let's just say I've been there.

    All of the women and men that have been in the RHS movies are actresses(if you wanna call them that).

    Trust me. One of their "recruiters" used to go to the local methadone clinic and get people to be in the RHS movies. The rate was about $500/movie. But over the past 5 years, RHS has only been able to afford $200-$300/per movie. Yes, this includes ALL of the psuedo-reality features such as RESOLVED, HIGHWAY SPANKINGS, BEACH, etc, etc. Actually, I think they've only made one Resolved over the past couple of years.

    They really screwed themselves financially. The owner is a lush and a total flake. On the RHS website, they would charge their customers' credit cards a month(or 2) in advance without telling them, just so they could buy more blank DVD's to burn more copies of the movies to send to other customers who should have received their movies months prior!!

    The company went broke many times. When this happened, the owner, Terence M. Smith,("Tierre" was his stage name) would either refinance the business's building or even his own home. But I guess he did this too many times and really dug his own hole.

    Actually, about two years ago, the business's building in St. Petersburg, Florida burned down. The fire was classified as "Suspicious". Hmmmm… sounds like he torched it himself. If you knew Terry, you would understand completely. He screwed his customers and he even treated his employees like garbage. he deserves whatever he gets.

    I even remember seeing on the film set, in between scenes, some of the girls creating fake laceration marks on asses with lipstick! This wasn't always the case, but I have seen it. Don't get me wrong, not everything was fake. The actual beatings in RESOLVED were kinda real. The girls were payed as actresses. They yelled "CUT" all of the time, and somtimes every few swats of the cane. But you won't hear it because they were cut out. That will explain all of the different camera angles and sudden audio changes.
    Yeah, the tears were real. I'll give that to them.

    But as for this movie I am commenting on, "…Highway Vol. 1", it was totally staged. The introductions are loosely scripted. Trust me. I know this for a fact.
    If you've seen this movie, do you remember the "hidden cam" that he talks about? At least in the earlier version of this he explained it. The hidden cam was supposed to be this tiny little object, the size of a thumb. The girls supposedly didn't see it. But if you look at the pictures shown above: Look at the camcorder on the tripod next to t he bed in the hotel room. THAT's THE "HIDDEN CAM"!! Just watch the footage and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. At least in the older versions of this flick. This movie has taken on several titles in the past. "Spankings on the Highway", "Highway Spankings", etc, etc.

    What's really funny.. If you watched this movie, remember the "bar" that Terry supposedly met this hotel girl in? The bar was fake, too! He shot that scene in his house. He used his own bar table, and all of his(and Richard Lewis's) bottles. The background "bar-noise" was added in later.

    I'm telling you all… the Raven Hill "reality" movies are NOT REAL. The actual spankings were usually real… but not the scenario. Sorry to ruin it for you. If it's total reality you seek, KEEP LOOKING.

    If you still insist on watching Raven Hill movies, make sure you do it through a 3rd party Company. Because Raven Hill will steal your money. They could care less about their customers/viewers. Trust me. This company really shot themselves in the foot.

    I'll end this rant now. Trust me, this guy has so many enemies. Steer clear of this company.

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